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10 DIY Garden Flower Projects

Have you planted any flowers yet?

Here in midwestern Ontario we usually wait until June because we’ve been known to have late frosts here, and I’ve lost some early planted flowers in past years due to my eagerness to get into the gardening mode.

One thing that helps me delay a nursery visit is getting decor items into the garden, including some DIY repurposed flower projects.

Repurposed Spoon Flowers

Like these repurposed spoon flowers that I made a few years ago.


Repurposed Asian Ceramic Spoon Flower

And this Asian ceramic soup soon flower.


Repurposed Garden Plate Flower

Repurposed plate flowers are quite easy to make, and it’s fun to look for the pieces at thrift stores.


Repurposed Vintage Cocktail Fork Flowers

These vintage cocktail fork flowers look great in the garden and in a planter too.


DIY Garden Plate Flowers

These are the first garden plate flowers I made way back in 2012, before I started selling them. They’re still one of my most popular projects, and I just made them out of things I had in my stashes.


When June comes and it’s time to get into planting real flowers I love to do that in unusual ways.

Vintage Doll Carriage repurposes as a Planter

Like this vintage plastic baby carriage that I rescued from the dump and turned into a planter.


Repurposing Purses into Planters

And every year I make new purse planters using purses or totes that I find at the thrift stores for a dollar or two. This one is from a coupe of years ago. I’m still looking for one for this year.


Wooden wheelbarrow planter makeover

A couple of years ago I gave this wooden wheelbarrow that my hubby picked up for me a makeover using a very lazy, but effective, distressing technique.


Framing a Wall Flower Planter

This framed pink petunia planter was very easy to create with just a little spray paint and some thrifted pieces from my stashes.


Vintage porcelain sink repurposed as a planter

And one of my very best garage sale finds ever is this $10 vintage farmhouse porcelain sink, which overflows with flowers every season. It is truly one of my favourite things.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for how to use flowers, real or repurposed, to make your outside spaces more fun and colourful.


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10 DIY Flower Garden Projects / thriftyrebelvintage.com


Thanks so much to you for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. Truly inspiring, Tuula! I remember all of those wonderful lovelies! Planting has been delayed for many of us. It’s been raining so much here that I’ve been running outdoors inbetween the rains to get my planting in. The good news for you is that June is almost here! Yay!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! I follow your blog slavishly, and marvel at your makeovers of thrifty pieces you discover! Sadly I have no such luck in our charity shops…………..but that doesn’t stop me daydreaming after drooling over yours!

    How big is your garden, it looks HUGE!

  3. What a creative bunch of projects you have crafted! The greenhouses are starting to spring up at the local grocery and building supply stores.. I actually bought a few flowers already! Happy gardening to you!

  4. I love all of your garden art projects. Your vintage kitchen sink is like one my grandmother had at her house. She had a claw foot tub too. I remember how excited she was when she moved into a newer house with new kitchen and bath fixtures. Looking for a vintage sink now to use in a potting bench.

  5. You are a genius! Wow I love the carriage and the tote idea! So pretty. I haven’t planted anything yet either but did stick some old plates and teapots in the flower beds

  6. I love this post! I am right with you on the having to wait to plant flowers. Every year the tried and true rule is after Memorial Day. I have been putting my garden treasures out just to have something to look at. Yours are all so pretty……love the spoon flowers. Finally this week the weather is getting warm so I am breaking the rule a week early and planting some things. New for me this year is a sink with flowers and vintage plates. I LOVE your sink…what a find!

  7. These are all so pretty Tuula! I love the sink!


  8. Wow, what a collection of clever and fun repurposed garden treasures. Too hard to choose a favorite!

  9. I’m way late for this party! Been house/critter sitting again. You have such wonderful ideas! I’d love to fill my yard with each and every thing you’ve made! The one and only glass flower project I have is STILL sitting on the floor in my craft room! Must make that my priority this year! Oh, and the chairs I’m staining and making cushions for. And the quilt I have to have finished by August. And…………! Dona

  10. I love this post. So many great ideas.