10 DIY Repurposed Garden Planters

10 Repurposed Garden Planters

I’m always looking for interesting things at thrift stores and garage sales to repurpose as planters, and these 10 repurposed garden planters are just a few ideas that I’ve shared over the years.

Tucking unique planter surprises here and there will add some fun to your gardens and outdoor spaces.

To check out any of these planter projects just click on the pink link below each photo.

Repurposed Metal Chair Garden Planter

metal chair garden planter with wire teapot and cup planters

Garden Cafe Chair Planter and Wire Teapot and Teacup Planters

Metal chairs that have removeable seats make excellent planters for garden vignettes.  I created this garden cafe with a thrifted metal chair, a little side table, a garage sale lamp, and a sweet mesh teapot planters and two metal tea cup and saucer planters. I spray painted them all in bright colors to add some fun to my shady hosta garden.

Green tea anyone?

You can’t see it in this picture but there’s a lamp in this vignette too the lamp has a funky lampshade.

Repurposed Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

repurposed wooden wheelbarrow planter

Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

I have a thing for wheelbarrows, and this wooden one that John found for me a few years ago got an easy makeover before being planted.

Repurposed Sink Planters

repurposed vintage white cast iron sink garden planter

Vintage White Cast Iron Sink Planters

Vintage sinks are a great idea when it comes to planters. but there are a few steps to planting in them successfully… so they don’t get waterlogged from lack of drainage.

In this post I share those steps, and 2 other sinks that I also planted.

Framing a Wall Planter

wall planter and yellow spray painted frame

Framed Wall Planter

Framing a wall planter is a fun idea and turns any planter into a work or art. This idea adds some interest to a boring wall or fence.

Upcycled Purse Planters

repurpsoed summer purse garden planter

Repurposed Purse Planter

Although it doesn’t last as long as some other repurposed planters a purse is a fun way to show off some pretty flowers. There are a few steps to doing this successfully, which I share in this post. 

repurposed tote bag purse planter

Repurposed Tote Bag/Purse Planter

And larger tote bag type purses work great too.

These purse planters may only last a couple of seasons, or maybe even just one if they’re exposed to a lot of weather, but it you find the purses for a dollar or two it’s well worth it.

Repurposed Magazine Rack Garden Planter

repurposed magazine rack garden planter with pink mums

Repurposed Vintage Magazine Rack Planter

There are many different kinds of magazine racks and many of them could easily be made into planters like this one.

Keep an eye out at your local thrift stores and see what you can find.

Repurposed Doll Carriage Garden Planter

upcycled doll carriage garden planter

Repurposed Doll Carriage Planter

I rescued this doll carriage from the dump a few years ago and have used it as a planter ever since.

It looks awesome when the plants spill over the sides.

Repurposed Watering Can & Strainer Planters

metal strainer and watering can garden planters

Repurposed Strainer and Measuring Can Planters

Strainers make excellent planters because they come with built in drainage, and metal watering cans are a great option too.

Repurposed Strainer into Planter Wind Chime

repurposed strainer planter and measuring spoon wind chimes

Repurposed Strainer Planter Wind Chime

A few years ago I repurposed another strainer into a planter and wind chime combo. The flowers are pretty, and the measuring spoons tinkle beautifully in the summer breezes.

These are just a few ideas for things that can be repurposed as planters.

The list goes on and on and on. Basically, pretty much anything you can fit a plant into, large or small, can become a fun and unique planter.

What cool thing have you repurppsed as a planter?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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10 Fun DIY repurposed garden planters
10 DIY Repurposed Garden Planters

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  1. Mary Boger says:

    Love them all! It’s always been my secret desire to have a bathtub and iron bed in my
    garden, full of flowers of course! Lovely to
    start the day with all this eye candy!! You rock!

    1. Laura Crumm says:

      I do this, too. Fun projects.

    2. Thanks Mary! I’d love to have both of those as planters too. They would be amazing!

  2. Years ago I had a refrigerator that quit working. I took out all the motor and refrigerant parts and drug it out to the yard. I painted it a glorious turquoise (at least I thought it was glorious!) and turned it into a planter/compost keeper! I filled the refrigerator part with dirt and planted a ton of bulbs. I used the freezer part to make compost! Wire over the whole thing to keep the cats out, but I “hinged” it so I could raise it to weed and stir the compost. I loved it! Unfortunately, my family hated it so I can’t repeat it here in AZ. Sigh. So I live vicariously through all your beautiful planters! Amazing! Dona

    1. Wow! That fridge idea sounds so cool. I totally love that you did that Dona!

  3. Love them all but my favorite is the baby carriage! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Susan! That baby carriage is still in my front yard garden and will be planted again this year.

  4. Oh how cool you what you made planters out of! I’m gonna have to try a few of these. Thank you for sharing these! Amy

    1. You’re very welcome Amy! I’m glad some of my planter projects have inspired you.

  5. Love the uniqueness of all the planters. My favorite was the sink. The white against a rainbow of color was beautiful.

  6. Debra Hubbs says:

    Great ideas! Love the sink and the purses and the magazine rack. I have an old cast iron tub and it is so tempting to use it as a huge planter. Maybe for veggies since the moles and rabbits have stopped us from planting anything but tomatoes. Happy Spring!