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10 Repurposed Craft Room Storage Projects

This is the time of year when I always like to get things in my craft room reorganized.

What about you?

It’s weird how during the rest of the year the disorganization that becomes my craft room doesn’t bother me, but as soon as winter hits it’s a different story.

So during the winter months I’m always reevaluating my stuff.

I purge and donate what I’m not feeling anymore and don’t think I’ll be using, and I reorganize what I’m still loving and have high hopes for when it comes to a future project.

So here are 10 repurposed craft room storage projects that I hope will help you. Just click on the link below each photo to go to that project.

Repurposed baking pans used as craft room storage

Repurposed Bakeware Storage


repurposed wine rack and potato chip can craft room storage

Wine Rack Craft Room Storage


repurposed bundt cake pans tiered stand

Repurposed Bundt Cake Can Tiered Stand


repurposed tin ceiling tile magnetic storage

Repurposed Tin Ceiling Tile Magnetic Organizer


repurposed wooden shoes used as craft room storage

Repurposed Wooden Shoes Storage



quick and easy craft scissors storage

Easy Craft Scissors Storage


dollar stores boxes makeover for craft room storage

Dollar Store Boxes Makeover


diy wreath storage hanger

DIY Wreath Storage


pink spray painted metal strainer diy tiered stand filled with jute and twine

Repurposed Strainer Tiered Stand

Repurposed Muffin Pan Drawer Storage


I hope you found some organization inspiration. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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10 Fabulous Repurposed Craft Room Storage Projects

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  1. Mary Boger says:

    Love the bakeware storage! You have such a creative mind.

    1. Thanks Mary! I collect vintage bakeware, and I love using my collections in a practical way.

  2. Elaine Hopper says:

    I love the Pringles cans in the wine holder….very creative! I would probably use that idea for storing scrabble tiles or buttons as I have over 1,000 of each! But I would have to ask people for the Pringles cans as i don’t eat them.

    1. Thanks Elaine! Wow! That’s a lot of scrabble tiles and buttons. If I were to make this project again I would also have to find the cans somewhere because I don’t eat them anymore either. Maybe put out the word to family and friends.

      1. mary bernard says:

        You have some great ideas to get me thinking! We have a room above the garage that we never did anything with since we bought the house 4 years ago. Thanks for the inspiration!

        1. You’re so welcome Mary! I’m so glad my craft room projects have inspired you. 🙂

  3. Love the one with the wooden shoes & the bunt pan tiered storage! So cute!

    1. Thanks Florence! I was lucky to find those wooden shoes at a garage sale. I haven’t see another pair since then.

    1. Thanks very much Audra! The pair of wooden shoes are one of my favorite things. They’re just so cute. 🙂