12 DIY Window Treatments & Valances

DIY Window Treatments

Creating your own DIY window treatments can save you a ton of money, and the possibilities of what you can do are really endless.

​Windows are not just for looking out of, they’re also for looking at.

They’re a golden opportunity to show your personality, and to have some fun.

Her are a few examples of windows treatments that I’ve created for my own home.

Repurposed scarf no sew window curtains

Repurposed Scarf No Sew Curtains

Now I have to admit that I don’t have too many fabric curtains in my home.

Why? I’m not really sure.

It’s probably because I’m not a sewer and I just can’t bring myself to buy new.

These no sew scarf curtains that I made for my living room windows are a fun and inexpensive alternative to traditional curtains, and they’re pretty easy to make.

All it takes is some time and patience.

Oh yes, and a whole bunch of thrift store scarves too.


Mini blind makeover with spray paint and lace for living room windows

Mini Blind Makeover with Spray Paint and Lace

Spray painting ordinary vinyl mini blinds with a lace tablecloth or curtain can totally transform them from plain and boring to fun and funky.


DIY Faux tea towel vinyl shade makeover for kitchen window

DIY Faux Tea Towel Vinyl Shade Makeover

If you have vinyl roller shades in your kitchen like I do, you can transform them with a faux tea towel makeover.

My kitchen colors are aqua and red, but this treatment would look awesome in any color.


DIY Repurposed bamboo mat window blind

DIY Repurposed Bamboo Beach Mat Blind

For my guest room window I was lucky to find an inexpensive bamboo beach mat that fit perfectly.

Despite how light the blind is it really does help keep out the hot sun in the summer time.


DIY vinyl shade makeover with fabric

DIY Vinyl Shade Makeover with Fabric

Vinyl roller shades can be covered with fabric too, like I did here in my master bedroom windows.

This is a great way to customie them to match your color scheme and decor style.


No sew repurpoed table runner window valance

Repurposed Table Runner No Sew Window Valance

To top off my master bedroom window I found some fun table runners at the dollar store and created no sew windows valances.


DIY Repurposed Window Valances

Unique window valances are a fabulous way to add some personality to any window.

Valances are  my favorite window treatment to create because so many unusual things can be repurposed for your windows, which makes it a lot of fun.


Repurpsoed necklace craft room window valance

Repurposed Necklaces Window Valance

I collect costume necklaces to use when I create wind chimes.

I’ve hung them as a window valance in my craft room window so they’re easy to see and choose from when I want to use one.

It’s very easy to remove a necklace and also add new ones as I find them.


Repurpsoed silver tray window valance

Repurposed Silver Trays Window Valance

I also have a collection of silver trays that I keep on hand for projects as well, and I hang them as a valance in my other craft room window.


DIY Repurposed Kitchen Window Valances

All my kitchen windows have unique valances in them, made up of collections that I have and want to display.

Do you collect anything that can be displayed as a decorative window valance?


repurposed graters kitchen light

Repurposed Vintage Pot Lid Kitchen Window Valance

Like these lovely vintage pot lids. They go nicely with my repurposed grater light that lights up the sink area.

These old lids are so light and were easy to hang.


Repurposed metal grater kitchen wndow valance

Repurposed Metal Grater Kitchen Window Valance

I used to make grater owl wind chimes and sell them, and I kept my owls and graters at various stages of completion in this window.

Even though I’m no longer selling them I still keep them here because I love the way they look.


Repurposed vintage egg beater ktichen window valance

Repurposed Vintage Egg Beater Kitchen Window Valance

My collection of vintage egg beaters is one of my favorite things, and for years they were just kept in storage.

What’s the point of that?

We need to get the things that we love out where we can see and enjoy them every day. Whatever those things are.


Repurposed rolling pin kitchen window valance

Repurposed Rolling Pin Kitchen Window Valance

This sweet little original exterior window now looks into our family room, but I don’t need to see in there while I’m cooking or baking.

So I hung a few of my favorite kitchen tools, that I can also use, from a vintage wooden rolling pin.

I love seeing them all the time. The tea towel that I used in this window was the inspiration for the faux tea towel makeover on the vinyl blinds. It ties all the windows together nicely.

For me decorating your home is not about keeping up with trends, or what’s hot or what’s not.

It’s all about what you love, and what makes you smile.

If it makes you happy, that’s all that matters.

So, what cool diy window treatments have you tried? Or will try?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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12 DIY Window Treatments & Valances that anyone can create


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  1. Tuula,
    I don’t know how but I seem to have missed seeing some of these window treatments in the past so I really enjoyed looking through these. They all look fabulous and I am curious, do you have that many windows in your home or do you switch up your decor whenever the mood strikes?

    1. Thanks so much Pam! We live in a century home and have 13 large windows in the main part of the house that are pretty much the same size, and then a few in the family room. I don’t switch up my window decor, all of these window treatments have been in place since I created them.

  2. i absolutely love your beautiful use of color
    in your makeovers im so glad i found your blog

  3. Beatrice Washington says:

    this is some pretty cool stuff! Love your idea’s