15 Minute Easy Wreath Ornaments from Clip Rings

Repurposed curtain clip rings into easy wreath ornaments

I love miniature ornaments, and I’ve been collecting them for quite some time so that one day I’ll have enough to fill a small 4 foot tree with mini ornaments of all kinds.

That day isn’t here yet, so these easy wreath ornaments are a fun way to show off a few mini ornaments on a regular size tree.

curtain clip rings, pipe cleaners, mini red bows, and mini snowman ornaments for wreath ornaments project

For my wreath ornaments I’m using some metal curtain clip rings, sparkly pipe cleaners, some mini red bows, and some mini ceramic snowman ornaments.

Everything I’m using in this project came from thrift stores.

close up of mini ceramic snowmen ornaments

The snowmen are so cute, and they fit perfectly in the curtain clip rings.

wrapping green pipe cleaner around curtain clip ring

This really couldn’t be easier. I just wrapped the pipe cleaners are the clip rings.

No glue required.

repurposed curtain clip rings wrapped with green, silver, and gold pipe cleaners

For the green wreath ornament I only had to use three pipe cleaners because they were nice and thick.

The silver and gold pipe cleaners were thinner, so I doubled them up when I wrapped them around the clip rings.

hanging snowman ornament from curtain clip rings

The snowmen ornaments came with their own gold string hangers, so I just wrapped them around the clip for them to hang.

If the strings are too long you have to tie them shorter, but mine were just the right length…which is another reason why I chose to use these cute little snowmen.

repurposed curtain clip ring wreath ornament with snowman hanging in middle and red bow

To finish off the wreath ornament, I attached a mini red bow with hot glue.

Easy peasy.

Done in five minutes.

Green, silver, and gold curtain clip ring wreath ornaments with snowmen dangles

So doing all three took about fifteen minutes.

Repurposed curtain clip ring green wreath ornament with snowman dangle

When I’m creating I love to leave a nod to the things that I repurposed, so I’m keeping the clips that lovely snowy white.

But you could totally paint the clips out if you don’t want to see them.

Repurposed curtain clip ring silver wreath ornament with snowman dangle

And you could use whatever mini ornaments you have.

Repurposed curtain clip ring gold wreath ornament with snowman dangle

Don’t you just hate those hot glue strands? lol. I didn’t even notice them on this ornament until I was writing this post.

But you know what? Hot glue strands are just a part of creating.

Quick & easy curtain clip ring wreath ornaments

We don’t have a tree up yet, so I’m hanging these easy wreath ornaments from a wreath.

How apropo is that?

Supplies needed for easy wreath ornaments

  • curtain clip rings
  • pipe cleaners
  • mini bows
  • mini snowman ornaments
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue stick

Wreath Christmas tree ornaments from repurposed curtain clip rings

This was such a fun and easy project, and so quick.

I hope my curtain clip ring wreath ornaments have inspired you to get out those mini ornaments and give them a lovely frame to hang inside.

If you enjoyed this project your might also enjoy this shower curtain ring tree, and this curtain ring snowman ornament.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

Easy 15 Minute DIY Wreath Ornaments from repurposed curtain clip rings

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Girl, you ARE amazing!!! These are adorable and so easy, even I could make them! I haven’t been to the Dollar Store in ages, but I see one in my future. Thanks so much for this idea! And just in time for me. I’m finally getting a crafting area fixed up here! Living with my grandson and his beautiful 18 month old boy and it’s taken me forever to come up with a good plan. I’ll be ready to start crafting by Monday! Woohoo!!! What would I do without you and your ideas?!

  2. So cute and so easy! I just love your imagination and creativity, especially when everything you come up with is thrifted. Thanks again for another fabulous craft project!

    1. Thanks very much Pam! It’s nice at this time of the year to have some easy projects to do.

  3. What a great curtain clip ring repurpose, Tuula, they are ADORABLE! I love that you kept the clips on them too. Pinned 🙂