2013 Was A Very Good Year

I hope you had a fabulous New Year.

The last few days have been so freaking freezing here… I’m talking -25 to -30 with the wind chill friends… EEEEK!!!!!

My 2nd floor north-facing craft room/office is f-f-f-freezing because it doesn’t have a heat vent from the furnace, and the electric baseboard heater just isn’t up to heating a room with tall ceilings when it’s this c-c-c-cold. The only thing feeling the heat was the chandelier.

John was out at a meeting last night so I borrowed his office on the main floor to write this post… where it was nice and cozy, and afterwards I planned on keeping the cats company by the wood stove in the family room… but there was no room for me. lol. I did get a corner of the couch though.

With all that said I thought before moving forward into 2014 I would take a look back at some of the projects from 2013 which, in addition to being a good year, was a very busy year.

To check out any of these posts just click on the photo.


There were decor projects…
DIY Vintage Teacup Lampshade















The Story of the Sweet Little Stool


Vintage Floral Frame Makeover



DIY Built-In Bookcase

some crafts….
Jello Mold & Tart Tin Ornaments
                            Jello Mold & Tart Tin Ornaments                  


faux-pumpkin-seed-fall-wreathFaux Pumpkin Seed Fall Wreath

Copper Platter Chalkboard Door Chime
Copper Platter Chalkboard Door Chime
Nancy Drew Book Page Wreath

Nancy Drew Revolving Book Page Wreath

some garden art ….
DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes


Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon Flower
Asian Ceramic Soup Spoon Flower
How to Make Cutlery Flowers

How to Make Fresh Cut-lery Flowers

a guest room redo….
French Caribbean Guest Room Reveal
       Guest Room Reveal            


Decoupaged Photos on Canvas Frames

Decoupaged Photos on Canvas Frames




Easy DIY Beach Mat Blind

Easy DIY Beach Mat Blind

French Caribbean Mirror Makeover

French Caribbean Mirror Makeover


and some furniture transformations.

Homemade Chalk Paint Dresser

Homemade Chalk Painted Antique Dresser



Weather Beaten Dresser Makeover


Tweaking my Night Table

Night Table Redo Redo



Vanity and Mirror Makeover

Vanity and Mirror Makeover

And I turned the page into the 52nd chapter of my book of years, and for the most part I’m perfectly OK with it. There are days when I forget that I’m not in my thirties anymore and I love that, even if it means a few more aching muscles. Sometimes a bad memory comes in handy. lol.

My part-time job became full-time in February, and I opened an etsy shop.

All in all it wasn’t just a good year, it was a great year… and I’m so looking forward to all that 2014 has to offer. I’m so grateful that I have this wonderful world of bloglandia to share my projects with, and to gain inspiration from, so many fabulous like minded friends.

Thanks so much for reading!

It’s a new year and anything… and I mean anything… is possible!


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  1. I remember many of those projects! Love them all. I can't imagine how you live in that extreme cold….my cousin lives in Houston, B.C. and has posted on Facebook how cold it is there. I look forward to this new year blogging and keeping up with yours. Try to stay warm…..Vicky

  2. Love seeing a rerun of your fabulous creations, Tuula! 2014 was definitely a great year for you! I'm so looking forward to more innovative and warmhearted ideas from you. So adore your "wonderful world of bloglandia!"

    1. I'm so ahead of myself . . . you know I meant 2013 as a great year for you!

  3. You had a great creative year. Can't wait to see 2014!!


  4. It is so fun to look back to see what we accomplished. Blogging certainly makes it easy to look back.

    You have been BUSY. I can't believe you have a full time job, blog and run two Etsy shops.

    And, 52 is nothing. I hit my medicare years in November and I still run circles around some of the youngsters I know.

    I know with your attitude that 2014 will be fantastic.

  5. You are so incredibly talented, Tuula! I LOVE the tea cup lamp and would enjoy making something like that 🙂 How do you come up with so many creative ideas?! You are certainly an inspiration. Happy New Year to you, sweet lady!

  6. Just wait until you are sixty – you will almost be an adult! I love your garden art, but my favorite has to be the tea cup shade. While I do appreciate you sending me a little cold on Christmas for a fire, you can now take it all back – I am tired of it and want my shorts back!

  7. Happy new year Tuula I think my favourite project was that dresser, I don't know how you did all of that with a full time job!! Happy birthday 🙂

  8. I love all of your projects…so many I would like to do or similar to for my own home. They are so unique. I can't wait to see what you will do this next year.