A Lucky Find

In the life of a thrifter timing is everything.

The best and reasonably priced things will be gone in the blink of an eye. I’ve even seen things sold as they were being put on the shelves!! What? Who me?

OK, guilty as charged.


There are those times when you come upon the perfect thing at just the right moment, and you just know that it was meant for you.



Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time.



And it’s just dumb luck that it happens to fit perfectly.



The only way it could be better was if there were two of them.What lucky finds have you thrifted lately?


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  1. What a perfect find!!!
    I haven't had to time to thrift – not a second – and too afraid to clutter up the house now that it's on the market lol
    So I'll have to live precariously through bloggers !!!

  2. Awesome find!!! One of our local thrift stores had all their clothing for $1.00 each, I got a brand new winter outfit. And I found some good books for 25c.

  3. Can't believe you got that wonderful rack for twenty-five cents. You are the best when it comes to thrift shopping! What a find!

  4. Wonderful find! 🙂 I haven't been able to thrift shop for home stuff lately, but I was able to go to a kids consignment sale and score a practically new baby bouncer seat for $5…it's $50 on Amazon so I figure it was a great deal.

  5. It was fate that brought you two together, not luck. Perfect for craft paint!

  6. Like your find and you found a great use for it. By us we have the worst and I mean WORST thrift shops. It is nothing but official junk. It is a shame.


  7. I found a cute polka dot bowl and mug last week. They are now in my bathroom holding mascara and lip balms. I spent whole dime on them.

  8. HI! New to your blog…..I saw your wind chime at Junk Chic cottage and I actually ooh and aahed out loud. That is so beautiful. You did an amazing job on it.

  9. Oh! Total Score!! I want one? or two!! You knew just what to do with it too! Way to go girl!