A Plea to You…Mother Nature

I swear every fall it’s the old same thing… Old Man Winter begins to play his seasonal game of seduction with you, and you try with all your Mother Naturely might to resist his dazzling charms… and sometimes you succeed… but, unfortunately, sometimes you fail…. miserably.

That’s right! MISERABLY!!!!!!!!!

In your defence I have to say that you resisted beautifully the last two winters because we only had to snow shovel a couple of times and the temperatures were quite seasonal and bearable. I thought maybe you were finally over him… for good, and that I could count on you to make him behave.

But…. N-O-O-O-O!!!


Did he mesmerize you with his magical snowflakes?

Did his shimmering white smile leave you weak in the knees?

Please tell me!!! WHAT WAS IT?

When I think of you I think of animals frolicking in lush green forests, and meandering rivers with soothing waterfalls. I think of blooming flowers, and leafy trees, and warm-to-the-skin days of sun.

The only sun we’ve seen for months is when it’s 30 below. OR WORSE!!

Old Man Winter must have had a few special tricks hidden up his frosted sleeves because you obviously fell head over heels and right into his snow-filled arms… and you’ve let him have his way with you… and us… ever since.


It was the first week of November my memory recalls… when we received our first of many, many, many, many, many snowfalls.

I say it’s high time you dig your way out girl, and put an end to this ridiculous polar vortex (politically correct speak for one icy affair).

From past experience you know there’s no future in it… and if you’re just having fun… well… at our expense? Comon!!!

Some of us have rooms to redecorate, furniture to paint, and wind chimes to make.


I’m tired of you putting your own needs ahead of the needs of us mere mortals who are shivering and shovelling.

Honestly…I’m tired of being tired of being cold.

I’m not asking for a miracle… or anything unreasonable… just temperatures that don’t make my nostrils freeze… or my fingers ache… or my breath hang in the air like a cartoon bubble when I speak.


I think not!

If you won’t do it for my poor bank account that’s being drained by insane propane bills… do it for the poor Robin that showed up in my mother’s backyard a week ago. What was it thinking?




Stay warm everyone!


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  1. I think Mother got tired of hearing about the new kid on the block, Global Warming!

  2. Tuula, I am right there with you on this one. Mother Nature is not playing fair this year at all. It is a nightmare that keeps going everyday. My poor pups are so tired of cold paws. Mt boy as resorted to lifting his back left paw off the cold ground now while he does his business. Mt girl hate have to pee. Hard on doxies. Not to mention the building of house. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!


  3. Take that Mother Nature! You made me smile with the story but I know it's not really funny when you're going through it. Even in my part of Texas it's been an extreme winter, I can only imagine (and sympathize) how brutal it has been for so you and so many others. Hang in there!

  4. lol the games they play, that's a lot of snow. We had an odd Summer here it started late and seems to have ended early BUT for 6 weeks straight the heat was just unbearable. It's cooled enough that I had a long sleeve tee on yesterday. As much as I hate the extreme heat I dont think I would cope with snow it's 17 degrees celsius here today and my feet are cold, cant imagine what -30 would feel like!

  5. You know I love snow…but finally..even I am done with winter. And we have a major winter storm coming in this weekend. Snow, sleet and ice. Ugh!

  6. This is the weekend when we usually pack away our winter clothes and pull out the shorts, capris, and light-weight sweaters. Today I was wrapped in heavy socks, sweatshirt, tee shirt, polar fleece jacket and jeans. Now I will admit to being a wimp – the high was almost 50F but I am tired of being stuck inside. I fear a backlash is coming with a super-hot summer like Australia had.