A Questionnaire: Are You a Thrifter?

My name is Tuula and I am a thrifter.

My problem started at birth. My parents were thrifters when thrifting wasn’t cool (I should write a song or something), and I inherited the gene through no fault of my own.

I remember falling in love with my first thrifted item. It was way, way back in 1965 and I was just four years old… a babe really. She was a beautiful doll, almost as tall as me, with flowing blonde hair and a beautiful red velvet dress. She cost 50 cents, and I couldn’t leave the Salvation Army Store without her… and I didn’t.

I cried for her… and I mean cried… until my totally embarrassed mother bought her for me. So I was a brat rebel even then. Always testing my boundaries. What can I say? I was four!

I’m proud to say that I still have that doll. She’s the only toy I kept from my childhood. Here she is sitting on the settee in my bedroom. And no she doesn’t have a name… she’s an enigma.


What I didn’t know was that I was learning something. I was learning that I could love something that someone else didn’t, and that it was OK.

So… yes… I am a thrifter through and through. I can’t help it. It’s just a part of who I am. I would guess that easily 90% of everything that’s in our home is thrifted. Occasionally I thrift for clothing, but most of the time I’m looking for items I can use in home decor, craft, or garden projects.

Are you a thrifter? 

Take part in my questionnaire below to find out.

1) When you drive by a thrift store, flea market, junk shop, or garage sale are you magnetically pulled, against your will and sometimes better judgement, to check it out?

2) Have you ever thrifted something without a clue as to what you’ll do with it because you think someday you’ll come up with a brilliant idea that no one else on the planet has ever thought of?

3) Have you ever thought, however briefly, about tackling someone who picked up an item before you did?

4) Do you feel like you need to share how little you paid for something with anyone who will listen… even when you know they don’t care?

5) When your husband/wife is talking does your mind ever wander to thoughts of your favourite thrift store or thrifted item projects?

6) Has your heart ever fluttered like a school girl’s when you’ve discovered a treasure at a great price?

7) Have you ever suffered from thrifting withdrawal, and started eyeing things in other people’s houses?

8) Do you ever stash thrifted items that your husband doesn’t know about in secret hiding places?

9) Do you ever forget where those hiding places are?

10) Do you ever forget what thrifted items you’ve stashed?

So… are you a thrifter?

If you answered yes to 3 or less questions you are not a thrifter, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

If you answered yes to 4 or 5 questions you are a thrifter but, so far, you’re able to control yourself.

If you answered yes to 6 or 7 questions you are definitely a thrifter and you should proceed with caution, but you don’t need therapy just yet.

If you answered yes to 8 to 10 questions we should talk… because we may be related. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! Happy thrifting!


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  1. Tuula….we're related!!! I can't help myself either! I'm constantly buying thrift items thinking, "I can make something out of this!" I usually do…..but often MUCH later!! Fun post to read!!

  2. Haha, my aunt thrifts and her husband hates it, so she hides the stuff, lolol.

    Found your through Friday Chaos. It's great that you still have the doll!

  3. Yep! We are related! Just today I picked up this vintage pocketbook box at GW for $2.09 cents. I googled it while I was contemplating on buying it and I found it on Ebay for $75+ dollars… I wanted to do the HAPPY dance right there in the isle. I know I had a ridiculous smile on my face all day.
    So happy to have you follow me – I am your newest thrifting sister.

  4. Tuula, this cracked me up! You bet I'm a thrifter. And Y-E-S to all of the above, esp. #3 and #5… I'm currently going thru #7 because we're always broke after Christmas!

  5. Welcome to the family!!! LOL! Every stinkin' question I had to answer YES!!! Maybe we should start a support or intervention group or something!!! SMH!

  6. I am new to your blog so it must have been my thrifter sister radar that brought me because I answered yes to every one! The one that makes me laugh is the one where I tell everyone how little I paid for something even when I know they don't care – Oh yes, I annoy many people with that. As I sit here looking around my living room – I can't find anything except the TV that was purchased new in a retail store……..

  7. Anonymous says:

    We ALL have to be related somehow, right?! LOL I LOVE thrifting, finding awesome stuff makes me feel like Ive accomplished a mission that hour. >_< I enjoy bragging about how little I paid for an item that may have cost me more at a retail store!! Thanks to my mom who got me hooked on THRIFTING every Monday's sale. Enjoy your day!
    email follower: SARAI F.

  8. No, I am not a thrifter. I never had much when growing up and there were certainly no thrift stores. I have accumulated enough stuff over the years, I do not need anything else. Going to try to get rid of somethings.

  9. Looks like i am a thrifter too :-). Love your doll, she was a great investment after all! also love your blog post, interesting and funny and so well written.
    hugs dear Tuula

  10. I'm a definitely a thrifter and really enjoyed reading your personal thrifting roots. How special to still have the sweet doll! I wasn't as fond of thrifting as a girl, but I love it now. I'm with you in that I love to look for home decor and crafting items over clothing, but if something catches my eye, then I'm drawn in. #4 is so true – it's so much fun to share your good deal with others!

  11. Haa too funny! I answered yes to all of them. Cracking up at #3!

  12. Oh, I answer yes to every question! I have a closet full of "things" I'm going to do something with! LOL Love the great post. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. I love it. 🙂


  13. I am a thriftaholic! I answered yes to every question. Just met you on Wendy's hop. Zip over to mine and see my ootd and see what ya think.

  14. It is an overwhelming "Yes!" to every question for me. I am a thriftaholic and I refuse intervention. Though I will admit being called by my name at all the thrift stores in town is a bit much and having one hold stuff back because she knows I will buy it is scary. It is inherited from the past several generations.

  15. I have another question for you to add to your list!
    No. 11. Are you insanely jealous of your American friends because there is always a yard sale, garage sale, incredible thrift stores and the ability to get items for pence that cost pounds over here in the UK? My answer to that is Yes! It’s so unfair! Especially as I’m a late developer so didn’t get to stock piling things like that before every Tess, Di and Harriet jumped on the band wagon!!

    My score was about 8 but I don’t have a husband to hide things from! Hiding things in safe places and forgetting about them runs in the family and includes my dad’s will (which we still haven’t found 18 months after his death!)

    I love this post and your writing style! Very witty! I shall have to follow you now on every where and everything! Are you on Pinterest and Instagram? They’re my most common social media follows.

    1. Hi Teri, I had no idea thrift store prices in the UK are more than North America. I’m in Canada, and I hear from a lot of my American friends that my thrift store prices here are even cheaper than theirs. I do consider myself very lucky. I don’t do instagram, but I am on Pinterest. You can find the link to my pinterest account at the top right corner of my blog.