A Rose is a Rose is a…

Because winter is still here, and shows no sign of leaving any time soon… I went on a mission to find something spring-ish that I could make into a wreath.
When I’m feeling creatively blah I don’t head to Pinterest because, quite frankly, I tend to find it very overwhelming when I’m struggling with inspiration.
So where do I go?
To my stash… to the thrift stores or, as in this case, to the dollar store.
How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

What did I find there?

How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

These fabulous two toned bath poufs in very spring-ish colours. They were $2 each because of their huge size.

As soon as I saw them I knew what I wanted to try to do with them… make them into one large rose.

Now whether or not it would work was another story.

How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

My first photo of the poufs somehow went poof… so I rewound all the kajillion yards of tube netting of each pouf for the above photo.

That was fun, let me tell ya. I had to hold one end of the cording in my teeth so I could tie them up.

Oh what I won’t do for a project. lol.

How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath
I loosely rolled up the first pouf with one colour on either side, securing at the end with safely pins.
How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath
Here’s what it looks like after rolling the one pouf.
I don’t think this project would work with the smaller skinnier bath poufs.The large 6″ width of the netting on these poufs gives the rose some substance.
How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

I attached the second pouf to the safety pins with the pink on the pink side and the green on the yellow side.The store I went to didn’t have another pink and yellow one so I had to improvise.

How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath
And I just continued to loosely roll.
When I was almost finished I twisted the netting so that some green went around the pink side to frame the rose.
The finished wreath is about 13″ across, and about 6″ deep.
How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

I pulled some of the yellow through the centre from the other side.

How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

Then I had to figure out how I would get the wreath to not sag when I hung it up.

So… wooden skewers to the rescue. They’re not just for BBQ shishkabob.


How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

I poked the skewers through pointy side first in three different spots, and this gave the wreath some much needed support.

I broke off the pointy ends of the skewers and pushed them back in a little so they’d be out of sight.

The centre one is what will hang on the nail.


How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath
And it worked. The wreath doesn’t sag at all. I just had to make sure that I used a long nail to reach the middle skewer.
This wreath is easily reversible, but I really made it just for the pink side.
Here’s what the yellow side looks like.
How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath

I added a few butterflies that I found in my stash.

Not really crazy about them though. I think it looks too busy.

I’ll be looking for one or two larger ones in pretty pastellic colours.


How to Make Bath Pouf Rose Wreath
But until then I’m happy with it just like this. It gives me hope.
When I need a change I’ll just take it apart and use the poufs for something else… maybe as actual bath poufs. What a thought! lol. But on second thought maybe not… that would mean I’d have to roll them back up again.
Been there… done that.. not doing it again. lol.
I cut a few leaves out of cardboard and spray painted them dark green just to give it that finishing touch. These bath poufs are inexpensive and really fun to work with, and I have more project ideas that I’ll be sharing in the future.

On another note, thanks for the suggestions for finishing off my project from last week here. I know what I want to do with it now and I just need to find a few items.

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a fabulous day!


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  1. I am LMBO picturing you winding up all of that netting stuff! But…the end result is beautiful and springy! I have never seen the two toned poufs. Fun project Tuula!

  2. I was so surprised to see that it was a bath pouf! Duh…. what a FANTASTIC idea! I'm with you when it comes to pinterest. It does seem overwhelming to me… I haven't done a craft since my December ornament… can you believe that?? I've been busy with other stuff, but I seriously need a craft day!

  3. Oh my goodness what a wonderful idea!! These are just adorable!

  4. This is adorable. I thought it was tissue paper at first and thought that the project was beyond me, but I could probably work with a bath pouf. I've got to remember this for later. Thanks!

  5. Major points for rewinding the poofs for a before pic – I would have just driven to buy two more! I love the result with the dark green leaves on the pink side. I bet you just stand in the dollar store to dream new projects.

  6. How did you make those look so good? Mine would look like poof-poo if I'd tried that. Lovely!!!


  7. Looks great Tuula … I would never have thought of doing that. You are just so creative.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. I'm sitting her picturing you with one end of the netting between your teeth LMHO – the things we do !!!
    It's beautiful Tuula – you have vision girlfriend – lots and lots of vision –
    I'd only see a pouf lol

  9. Such a great idea! Those turned out gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us on Twirl and Take a Bow! I hope you'll join us again! ~Tammy