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After the Rain … The Beauty and the Beast

Here’s the beauty.





June was a very rainy and cooler than normal month here, and while the gardens loved it… so did the weeds.


Especially this little beast.


I spent many hours this weekend sitting on my behind while I waged war against this pesky little weed.Here are some befores and afters.It’s everywhere… It’s everywhere.


♪ But I would pull five hundred weeds   ♪


♪ But I would pull five hundred more   ♪



♪ Just to be the girl who pulled a thousand weeds  ♪




♪ Until her back was so – or – ore   ♪


I think I might have preferred to walk a thousand miles. lol.

I just realized that if you don’t know that song this probably makes absolutely no sense to you.
Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of being nonsensical. lol.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

Think Pink!


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  1. I too fight that pesky weed. However, it does have many redeeming qualities about it; I believe that is chickweed. Chickweed is edible and medicinal. I make chickweed salve. Chickweed salve is good for many skin issues; including poison ivy rash, dry skin, bug bites, etc. It is also a great deterrent of insects and helps protect other plants from insects. Given that, it has a tendency to take over and isn't something that I wish to maintain in my garden.

    1. Me either Sheila! But I'm glad to know that chickweed is good for something. It sounds pretty amazing actually, but I still don't want it in my garden. lol.

  2. Your garden is beautiful! I know how hard you worked to clean out all those weeds. Great job!

  3. I feel you. Weeding is a never ending process. With big perennial gardens surrounding most of my yard it seems by the time I weed around it's time to start from the beginning again.

    Your path looks so beautiful now, what an accomplishment.

    1. Thanks Maria! I know exactly how you feel. We have several other gardens that also need weeding. It's a never ending process, but it is nice to be outside enjoying the warm weather. I always try to remember that because our cold winter will be back before we know it.

  4. Good job! Your Hostas are gorgeous! How pretty it must be when they are all in bloom. I do not have that weed in my yard, just pesky things that pop up everywhere, like lemon balm and garlic and something that has a heart shaped leaf. There must be miles of them underground!

  5. Everything looks so pretty. Worth all your hard work. Looks beautiful. Happy new week.

  6. Wow Tuula! Your back must be screaming…lol! But, your gardens are absolutley gorgoeus! I love the pathways…so pretty! Rest that back this week!

  7. Tuula nothing worse than pulling invasive weeds. It's a project that never seems to end. Rest up


  8. Pretty photos Tuula! Ugh, weeding……I keep picking those little maple tree weeds out from everywhere! They're driving me crazy!

    1. Oh, I can so relate Kelly. It's a constant battle. When chickweed is done, then it's creepy charlie (that's what we call it anyway) That's a vine with pretty white flowers that will take over everything if we let it. Thank goodness that like chickweed it's pretty easy to pull.

  9. It looks so pretty Tuula and you worked so hard pulling those weeds! Take care and have a good week!

  10. First of all, the 'beauty' photos are gorgeous! And then 'the beast,' I am familiar with. Not that variety, necessarily, but we have a weird little weed that's easy to pull, but is everywhere. So annoying. Your 'after' photos are lovely. Love that beautiful garden walkway! Yea to you for the hard work! 🙂

  11. I sang along with you! I wish I had blooms like those beauties. I have chickweed in spring , but once the heat hits it disappears.

  12. Such a beautiful garden! Loved your "beauty" shots. Since I am not a green thumb, I can't say I do much weeding, planting, or gardening… but I love flowers! 🙂 Thanks for joining in with "Let's Talk Vintage!"

  13. Oh Tuula, what beauty and charm! This post was so refreshing and brought a smile to my face. Thank you, dear one, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  14. Your yard looks a lot like ours, with all the rain we have had the weeds are so hard to keep up with, love the pics with the rain drops on the flowers!

  15. I just love 'after rain' garden pics!
    On another note I hate 'after rain' slugs, but that's the whole different story haha.
    Wow, you did a terrific job with weeding. And what a lovely garden you have!
    I live in Scotland,so I know the song, it's treated like an anthem here lol
    Also, I would like to invite you to share your pics with our party Idea Box:

    1. Thanks so much Mila! We don't have a slug issue here, but we have had a lot of rain lately. I love that song. It's one of my favourites. Thanks for the invite to the party!

  16. We have after-the-rain mosquitoes, ugh!! LOL, but I can't help it, I love a good rain or even more, a good thunderstorm. It's such a gift when you see how your plants and flowers say "Thank you" afterwards. Your yard is sooo pretty. I love your stone path. Inspired for sure!!