Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

Every fall we’re up at my mom’s cottage for a few weekends to help out with the chores to close it up for the winter. We usually bring home a load of mixed firewood each time. On some of the birch there were some loose pieces of bark that I was able to easily remove. (Never remove birch bark from a live tree because it can cause serious harm to the tree.)

So here’s my birch bark Christmas ornament.


Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

I started with a styrofoam ball that I got in a $1 box full of craft odds and ends at an auction.


Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

Here’s my pile of birch bark.


Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

I cut it into strips with scissors.


Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

I used my glue gun to apply the birch bark strips all the way around.


Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

After I had it covered with the strips I cut circles for the top and bottom and glued them on also, just to clean it up.


Birch Bark Christmas Ornament
Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

Then I glued an eye hook into the top and bottom. I added a large faux pearl to the bottom and some white trim to hang the ornament, both from my stash. Then I added some pretty pearl and white rose self-adhesive dollar store decals. Simple as that!


Birch Bark Christmas Ornament

I thought about giving it a paint white wash because not all birch bark is crispy white, but I decided to leave it natural.

This is my first Christmas project of the season, but there are many more to come. I just love decorating for Christmas!


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  1. How creative! Your birch bark looks really awesome! It's so nice to be able to use natural items we have readily available. It makes the crafts so much more precious and sentimental.

    1. I was thinking birch bark ornament looks really awesome, but I didn't type it that way. Super cute!!!

    2. Thanks so much Gail! I love using natural items in crafting when I can, and I love birch bark. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

    1. Thanks Tara! I love working with birch bark. It's rustic and lovely at the same time. Thanks so much for stopping by and following.

  2. What a cute ornament. I love how you used the natural color of the bark to create the striped effect. Thanks so much for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you next week.

  3. Tuula, Thanks so much for sharing this creative birch bark ornament on Simple & Sweet Fridays. I love this idea! And thanks for always stopping by with your wonderful comments!


  4. Oh wow. That is beautiful. I would have never thought of using birch bark. Really beautiful, especially with the additions of the pearls.

  5. this is beautiful and so crafty! thank you for linking up at Glued To My Crafts

  6. This ornament is lovely and a great use of dead, natural materials! I've done tons of birch projects too. Ever since we purchased a log cabin 7 years ago. I kinda went nuts to be honest. Boxes, picture frames, you name it. Even taught a workshop on it! My recent 'piano' post actually shows a picture framed with birch on the wall that I did. Stop by if you get a moment. I love working with the bright white birch, but it's not as easy to find it like that on the ground already dead. Now…are you going to make about another 50 more for your entire tree this year ;). (Stopping by from LOLSD).

    1. Thanks so much Doreen! I love working with birch bark too, but you're right it's hard to find a lot of the good white bark. If I had enough I might be just crazy enough to make 50 more! lol.

    1. Thanks Sharon! Birch trees are one of my favourite trees, so I thought I'd like something with birch bark on the Christmas tree this year. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Sorrry for the word. I mean very creative.

  8. Lovely ornament! I love the texture and design of birch bark. Perfect for Christmas!

    1. Thanks Kathie! I really love birch bark too. It'll add such a nice natural element to the Christmas tree this year.

  9. So creative and beautiful! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent!!

  10. Love the contrasting combination of elegant pearls and rustic bark!I'm inspired.

    1. Thanks Rolande! I do enjoy using natural elements in my Christmas decorating. I'm so glad my project has inspired you. Thanks so much for stopping by!