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Birdcage Makeover and Old Books

I don’t know about you, but for me February is a good month.
I start coming out of my January slow down, which I really enjoyed this year, and I can see spring coming. No matter how far away it still may be… I can see the light at the end of the winter tunnel.

Painted Birdcage Makeover

So it’s time for me to spread a little more pink prettiness in my world.

It is Think Pink Monday after all.


Birdcage MakeoverA while back I showed you this bird cage that I thrifted.

It’s metal and a sort of charcoal black.

The two birds are metal as well.

I really wanted to lighten it up.


Spray painted Birdcage Makeover

This was an easy birdcage makeover.

I gave it a couple of light coats of a lovely white paint and primer combo spray paint.

Then it sat for a few weeks while I thought about what to do with it.

I was looking through my old book collection, and I found a few small books in tones of red and burgundy.
Vintage Birdcage Makeover

Both John and I are big readers, and we love books… and we love, love, love old books. We never met a used book store that we didn’t love. I started thrifting old books from garage sales and thrift stores way back in my 20s.

From left to right, in the above photo, the books I chose for this project are:

Birdcage Makeover

Romeo and Juliet

It was published in London, England, and has a publication date of MCMIII, 1903

It has a very fine ribbon attached at the top of the spine that acts as a bookmark.

Birdcage Makeover

I love finding books that someone has signed, especially if it’s a long time ago.

It’s fun to imagine who they were, and what travels this book may have taken to get here.


Birdcage Makeover

This book is part of a series and covers the letters F-H, by author.

It’s dated 1905, and all of the included works are by men including Benjamin Franklin and Nathaniel Hawthorne, just to name a few.

I find it interesting that it was edited by a woman… Jeannette L. Gilder. Was that unusual for that time? I don’t really know.

Birdcage Makeover
Then there is the Complete Works of William Shakespears Vol, 5.

This book is part of a nine volume set, but sadly this is the only one I have found.

It’s dated 1911.

Birdcage Makeover

And the last of the four is Treasure Island.

Another obviously very old book, but it’s undated.

Vintage floral handmake crocheted doily

I recently found this absolutely gorgeous handmade doily with large 3D pink roses.

The price? 25 cents!!! There was no way it was not coming home with me.

I’m always a little saddened that someone’s beautiful work can be worth so little.

But if someone else loves it, like me, then it’s worth so much more than just money don’t you think?


Painted upcycled bird cage Makeover

So here it is on my bedroom dresser, surrounding my newly painted bird cage.

Repurposed birdcage storage

I added my books.

That’s Treasure Island standing up at the back.It was a little too long to lie down, but it turns out I really like it standing up like that.
Repurposed birdcage makeover for book display

I added my one and only Willowtree figure, Angel of Wishes. It was a gift years ago.

To wish is to dream, and books help to keep me dreaming.
Painted Birdcage Makeover

Then I went into my stash to see what else I could find

I added the bottom of a glass heart box and, as a nod to both Valentine’s Day and my love for books, a pink rhinestone heart-shaped brooch is placed inside the box to add some sparkle.

Then I scattered a few bone china roses that somehow survived in tact when their base was broken.

Painted metal Birdcage Makeover

I love the fullness of the roses, and that you can peek into the birdcage and see what’s inside from different angles.


Vintage Birdcage Makeover


What is this angel wishing for?
Birdcage Makeover


To feel spring in the air… to hear robins sing… to smell flowers in the garden… to feel the green grass beneath her feet and between her toes… and to be reading a great book with the warmth of the sun on her skin.

This rebel is wishing for the very same things.

In the meantime I’m enjoying the beauty that winter has to offer…

Bridcage Makeover

through pink coloured glasses. lol.

I hope February is treating you well, and until next time… Think Pink!

Thanks so much for reading!

Keep on keepin’ on!

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  1. I think you and Donna are starting to think way too much a like. She posted old books today too! LOL! Your bird cage is lovely and perfect for Valentines Day. We had temps in the 70's this weekend and even had a picnic. Of course, the cold is returning this week, but it was a lovely weekend!

  2. Beautiful birdcage in true Tuula style. I love collecting books, too. We are looking forward to 77 degrees today…come on over and put your pink toes in the grass. I'd like to spend a day in your snowy wonderland. 🙂

  3. Agreed! on the sadness of someone's skillful craftwork being sold cheaply, however also agree that as long as it goes to the grateful parties then all is well.
    My weather is more like yours, not like Danni's & Tina's who are flaunting their 70°.
    Your display looks lovely, your books are real treasures.

  4. Your books are divine, Tuula! I, too love old books and they add such sweet charm to the home.

    Love your birdcage! It looks perfect with the pretty doily you found. Happy Monday to you! Hugs!

  5. I absolutely love this makeover and old books are a passion of mine also! The oldest are a partial set, I'm missing three, dated 1898. I bought them at GW when I was a teenager for 10 cents each. Yep a whopping 90 cents for these beauties! Thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration. Love ya' Patricia B

    1. Thanks Patricia! Wow, what a great deal on those books. There's nothing like a good book, and an old book is even more precious. I can't even imagine a life without them. I can tell you can't either. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. You will not believe this, but as well as posting about old books we love on the same day, I have a partial set of the little red Shakespeare books. Last year I had a display of my tiny books in a chicken cage. Lovely addition to this edition of Think Pink! (Danni is just jealous!)

  7. Hi Tuula … love how you restyled your birdcage … and oh my, that little handmade doily is so beautiful. I have never seen one with the roses done like that. Just perfect for your birdcage.
    Audrey Z.

  8. So pretty Tuula! I love the birdcage makeover. Your outdoor photo is just gorgeous.Isn't the snow just so beautiful. I do love winter….not so much the cold.

  9. The new color for your bird cage is just right and it matches with the white snow. I'm impressed with your book collection, love that they're all shades of pink and I, too find it so intriguing to open up one of those old books and see markings from the previous or even original owners of the book. How cool would it be to be able to see their life through the pages of the book. Thanks for the Think Pink Monday share ~ Amy

  10. What a pretty bird cage and done in just the right color. Love your collection of old books.

  11. Love your bird cage, like the books inside.. I am glad to see someone enjoying others creations, makes me wonder if some day someone will buy something I made

  12. I love your bird cage too and the books are wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend!

  13. The birdcage is so much prettier white and I love the vignette. I love old books, too! Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. I've been gone for a couple weeks and look what I come home to! A wonderful pink post from you! Love what you did with that birdcage….the white seems to bring out all the detail so much better than the dark! You are one talented lady! Thanks for sharing! Dona

  15. Tuula, no winter here, although we need it. We have had record warm temps for weeks now. As much as I am loving it, I know how badly we need snow to get us through the summer. Love the redo on the birdcage! My friend just gave me one as a gift and I want to paint it white. Going to ask if she cares first. lol! I have a similar doily with smaller flowers and think they are so sweet. Love, love the books! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Aww, the birdcage is so sweet Tuula! With the books especially. I too, love old books, and the doily is just gorgeous! You & I are on the same page that way! I have an old autograph book belonging to my grandmother with dates in it from 1905. I treasure it & have it on display.
    I love your snow too. Down here in the Deep South we seldom ever see it, which is why everybody gets so excited about it. You are lucky!

    1. Old books are a favourite thing of mine. Your grandmother’s autograph book sounds wonderful. A real treasure! I don’t always feel so lucky in the middle of winter Florence, lol, but it can be really pretty… even if it is so cold.