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Book Wreath Made Of Vintage Mini Books

It’s Thrifty Chicks Monthly Project Challenge time! Yay!

I’ve been so looking forward to this month’s book challenge, but then as it was nearing I was having trouble narrowing down my ideas to one that I was really excited about.

I was all over the place, and I honestly had no idea what I was going to do until a few days ago.

Then it happened.

A rather novel idea (haha) actually hit me in a dream in the middle of the night… and it woke me up. Not sure where it came from, but I don’t question these things… I’m just grateful for them.

I guess since I don’t have to dream of a white Christmas, becaue we usually have those, I’ve been dreaming about this book project challenge instead.

Whatever works… right?

So, what was the idea?


repurposed vintage book wreath

A book wreath… not a book page wreath, but an honest-to-goodness book wreath using honest-to goodness-books.


Thrifty Chicks Project Challenge

On the second Wednesday of each month I join some very talented blogging friends for a project challenge, and with a different theme each time it’s really a lot of fun.

If you missed any of the past projects you can find them here.

I’m so excited to see what my blogging friends have come up with for this month’s book challenge.

There are links to their fabulous projects at the end of this post so be sure to check them out.


vintage and antique book collection for book wreath

So when this idea woke up up in the middle of the night I really wanted to get up and start on it right then and there.

I’ve never seen an actual book wreath before and I wanted to start combing through my antique and vintage book collection, that I keep in my repurposed bifold door shelving units, right away.  This is always the fun part of creating for me… figuring out the how of making an idea come to life.

But since I’m not the only one living in this house I decided I’d better wait until morning and, safe in the knowledge that I finally had my idea for this challenge, I drifted off back to sleep


vintage books and twine for book wreath

In the morning I very excitedly gathered my supplies and started to think about how to make the magic happen without harming my small vintage and antique books in any way.

Enter one of my favourite things…. jute twine/cord. As far as I’m concerned it goes with everything… doesn’t  matter your design style.

The 12″ wreath I’m using is from my stash. It has a plastic frame so using small light books was very important. If you start with a wire wreath frame you could wrap it with whatever you wanted before adding the books.


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dry fitting books on wreath for book wreath

I went through my mini hard cover books and chose the ones that I thought would fit together best. I like to do a dry fit of most projects when possible.

I have quite a few vintage soft leather covered books, but I didn’t want to use those for fear of damaging the covers.


tying vintage books onto wreath for Christmas book wreath

This step is important:

The jute cording should be wrapped under the top part of the frame. If it’s wrapped around the entire frame the books will sag down.


first layer of books attached on book wreath

Here’s my bottom layer done and standing up in my craft room.

The jute cord should be tied just tight enough to be snug, but not super tight. You don’t want to do any damage to the covers of the books.


top layer of vintage book on book wreath

When I added the top layer I tied the jute in simple bows.


repurposed vintage books wreath

Even though I’m using small books you can imagine this is a little heavy once they’re all added.

At this point I decided that it would be a good idea to join the books.


tying the books together for vintage book wreath

So I tied opposite books together with the jute and tied the knots in the centre.

I thought this jute star thingy looked  kinda cool, but kinda messy too.


foil light reflector start on repurposed book wreath

So to finish it off and Christmas it up I put together a few different light reflectors from my collection.


repurposed and upcycled book wreath

Then I glued a vintage mini ornament into the centre and glued the whole thing onto the twine.


repurposed vintage and antique mini book wreath

So here’s my finished book wreath… straight from the dream world into the real world.

And I’m very happy to say that none of my vintage books were harmed making this wreath. Newer small books could of course be used if you happen to find some.


mini book wreath hanging on door

I’m pretty sure I’ll be keeping it out all year long, but I’m thinking I might move it into the living room after I finish that room’s makeover… which I won’t even be starting until the new year.

Right now my book wreath is hanging on the door between the living room and my recently made over aqua and red kitchen.

I love how it pops against the white background.

John and I are both big readers and we love having books around as part of our decor as well. This is a fun way to display a few so we can enjoy seeing them in a different light.


Please pin and share it!

Make a conversation piece book wreath using small books, a dollar store wreath, and some jute twine.


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Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Love it! And I love how you tied the books together and added the little bit of glitz in the middle! Pinned!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much Lora! I love having an idea and making it come to life. These challenges are such fun!

  2. This is amazing. I am glad when you went back to sleep you didn’t forget the idea. I would have had to write it down, lol. And I would leave it up all year also especially if you are a book lover.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      lol. I can relate to that Debra. Strangely enough forgetting a middle of the night idea has happened to me before, but I never even thought of writing it down. Too sleepy I guess. lol.

  3. I’m so glad you figured out a way to make the wreathe without harming the books. I bet a good heavy sheet of cardboard inserted in your soft cover books would prevent damage to them. The thick jute was also a great idea; less liable to mark them. My house is littered with books and I wouldn’t have it any other way–take my TV, but don’t take my books! I saw a wreathe made with small wrapped boxes in blogland so I am now saving all small boxes–Jello, jewelry, soap, etc. for a next year’s wreathe and maybe one or two for the church bazaar!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Kathy! I know what you mean. I couldn’t imagine a home without books in every room. I made a Christmas presents tree a few years ago out of foil wrapped boxes. I think a wreath like that would look amazing!

  4. So perfect! One of the great things you do, which I love, is to use your “stuff” and it never loses it’s original look! Like the chimes. Know what I mean? This wreath really is wonderful. All those old books, loved and cherished, and put to a new use, but not destroyed. You. Are. Awesome. Yes. Dona

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thank you so much Dona! I know exactly what you mean. For me it’s important to reuse some things without losing what attracted me to them in the first place. 🙂

  5. LINDA N. SCHRADER says:

    I love old books…

  6. Very creative Tuula, and meant to be since it woke you up in the middle of the night! Love the bling in the middle…it just brings it all together. And I appreciate your concern for preserving the books too. Since y’all both like to read, it’s an appropriate wreath for you!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Florence! We can never have enough books around, and it’s nice to get them off the shelf in a fun way.

  7. Don’t you just love it when an idea comes in a dream – heaven sent, I say! This is a pretty clever idea too. I actually quite liked the simple and rustic jute star in the center.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks Marie! My dream ideas don’t always pan out in reality, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with this one. I like the jute too, but I couldn’t resist adding a little sparkle.

  8. Very creative and unique! I love the tying you did in the middle!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much AnnMarie! The tying thing was an afterthought, but it really helps keep the books just tight enough to stay put.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks so much Tania! I’m so glad my dreams helped me come up with something for this challenge. Sometimes ideas come from the unlikeliest of places.

  9. Tuula, this is so clever & creative! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much Cecilia!

  10. So unique and so incredibly creative Tuula. I abSooooooLutely love it.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      Thanks very much Michelle! I have to admit it’s one of my favourite things, but old books kinda do it for me.