Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath

It’s Friday!! Whoo hoo! The weekend is almost here!

It’s no secret that I love pink. I also love to make wreaths and it’s been a while since my last one so this week I made this… my burlap fringed flower wreath.

Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath

Here’s my inspiration for this project. These lovely burlap fringed flowers that Gail over at Purple Hues & Me made. Aren’t they fabulous?


I admired Gail’s flowers so much that I left her a comment asking if she knew if they made burlap in pink, and I believe I mentioned that I lived quite far away from any real craft store. (I thrift most of my craft supplies.)

Honestly, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as coloured burlap until I saw Gail’s gorgeous flowers.

A couple of weeks later a package of pink burlap arrived in my mail box… from Gail. How wonderful is that!! I was so excited to receive it. I couldn’t wait to get started!

Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath

I knew I was going to put my burlap flowers on a wreath, but I wasn’t sure exactly how. I started with this thrifted $1 straw wreath.


Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath
I covered the wreath with some thrifted rectangular doilies ($1 for 3). I just used my glue gun to secure them.
Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath

Here are my three finished flowers. Gail has a wonderful tutorial here if you’d like to make some yourself.

I hot glued some thrifted earrings for the centres.


Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath

Then I went through my Christmas stash for this pearly garland and just draped it here and there on the wreath, securing the ends with hot glue.


Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath
Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath
Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath


Burlap Fringed Flower Wreath

And that’s it!!

These burlap flowers were so much fun to make, and I have enough pink burlap for a few more projects. I’ve been working on another one that isn’t quite ready yet.

Thanks so much to Gail!! Whose thoughtfulness reinforced my belief that this blogging community is filled with such wonderful people.

If you don’t know Gail pop over to Purple Hues & Me for a visit. She’s so creative and talented, and I guarantee she’ll inspire you with her projects.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a beautiful day!


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  1. Tuula, that is the cutest wreath…love those little flowers, wish I were crafty!

  2. I loved the flowers in yellow on Gail's post and I really love them in pink. The wreath looks very spring-y! Great idea with the added element of the pearls.

  3. So very pretty! I had no idea there were more colors in burlap than brown and perhaps white! Beautiful job Tuula!

  4. Oh, these are wonderful! I felt like a spoiled child when I read your post. I have Michael's, JoAnn's AND Hobby Lobby all within a few blocks of me. And I just saw the colored burlap at JoAnn's the other day, thought "wow, cool, but what would I do with it?" Well, now I know! Thanks! Dona

  5. Thanks so much Tuula for the shout out! Your pink burlap flowers look amazing and the way you decorated your wreath with them is adorable. You did a fabulous job making them and they look more polished than mine. Using earrings in the center is a very creative idea! Goes to show how different hands result in different looks. I just know you had a wonderful feeling once they were made. I still can't get over how they look! Great job and fantastic!

  6. Your wreath is lovely! I am definitely going to have to order some colored burlap! I must make some of these…:) They would be pretty on so many things…:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  7. Well she's baaaacccckkkk – the Queen of Wreaths is at is again!!!!!
    Loving this Tuula – and loving the pink burlap! Perfect for spring 🙂
    ( is all the snow gone now lol ? )

  8. Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  9. Following from Social Sunday from Call Me PMc thanks for linking with us!

  10. Love your wreath! So vintagey. Those flowers are awesome! Enjoy your lovely creation and thanks for sharing it with us! Blessings!

  11. Your wreath is gorgeous! I love that pink burlap!! Your flowers look so pretty. Just pinned another one. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. 🙂


  12. Stopping by from It's a Steal! This is really pretty, I love the textures and the color – pinned:)

  13. Gorgeous Tuula – this turned out so pretty! I need those flowers!!! I have to make some! Thanks for linking up to Its a Steal xx Nat