Change Can Be Scary

…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go ahead with it anyway because it can also be very exciting.

When I moved TRV, Thrifty Rebl Vintage, from Blogger to WordPress in August of 2015 I was absolutely terrified… to say the least. I thought that I might lose everything, and my blog would end up aimlessly floating out in the wilds of cyberspace… never to be seen again.

Thankfully that didn’t happen, and everything went smoothly.

Now I’ve moved again, and once I’m settled into my new home TRV will be getting a complete from-basement-to-attic makeover.

Some of these changes will be clearly visible, and some won’t be noticeable at all, but I really wanted to keep you in the the loop about what’s happening in case you notice some changes and wonder what’s going on.

After all… you guys are my TRV family, and it means so much that you’re on this blog journey with me.

Travelling down any road is always better with friends along. 🙂


Once I finally got up the nerve I rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath, and got started with preparing for the big move. Just like a real move I lightened the load by purging… deleting old emails and blog plugins that I wasn’t using. I only wanted to take what was absolutely necessary.

And then I took the jump… and I moved to a new hosting provider, and this time I was only a wee bit terrified. That’s progress. lol. I have to admit that a few chocolate fudge brownie ice cream cones helped.

This move should make my blog run much more efficiently.

I didn’t post any projects this week because I knew there was a possibility that I’d lose anything that I posted during the move, and I really didn’t want to face that headache.

Thankfully all I lost was a few of my comment responses from my last post, which I made while the move was actually happening. A move from one host to another can take anywhere from 24-72 hours for everything to make the transition. Even though my responses aren’t on the blog anymore they should have been received by the commenters. So that’s all good.

Also, since last November all new subscribers have been signing up through Mail Chimp. I wanted to see if I liked it before I decided to make a permanent move from feedburner, and I do.

So this past week I took the leap and moved all feedburner subscribers over to Mail Chimp. This should be the first post received by those of you who were getting them through feedburner. I think Mail Chimp has a much nicer look, and I’ll be working to make my emails even better in the future.

Now that the moving is done, now starts the reorganizing and redecorating.

For me this is where the fun starts.


It’s a good thing I love to organize stuff because I’ve really needed to do that here for some time.

I want TRV to be easy to navigate so searching for things is a breeze.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just repurpose some vintage bakeware, like I did in my craft studio, for organizing my topics and categories? 🙂

That’s probably not a good idea… some might get the idea that I’m a baking blog… which I’m sooo not. lol.


My favourite part!

I’m working on a new header for the blog, and for social media sites too so that TRV has the same look everywhere.

I’ll also be redesigning my project galleries. The setup that I have now came over with me from blogger, where it looked and worked fine, but since coming to WordPress it has never really looked as nice as I’d like.

There are so many options for this. I’ve been looking at them, and I’ll have to decide which way to go.

There might also be a few other design changes down the road. Who knows? Sometimes I get on a roll and I just keep going.


The reorganizing and redecorating won’t happen over night, but that’s perfectly ok with me. I’m patient.

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be working on it between projects, and hopefully when I’m done it will be all I ever dreamed it could be.

I’m taking an online blogging course that will hopefully help me make this happen, and I’ll be doing the majority of the work myself. I’m looking at this as a great learning experience.

It is possible to teach an old blogger new tricks. lol.

I really want TRV to be a place that inspires and encourages individual creativity. A place where it’s ok for me to be me and, more importantly, for you to be you.

Thank you so much for sticking with me while I try to make my blog the very best that I think it can be.

I’m in this thing for keeps, and I hope you are too. 🙂

As always,  thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Was wondering where you had been; down in the basement and making your way to the attic. :}
    Wishing you all the best that Everything goes smoothly in your move.
    Looking forward to the new changes in the upcoming future.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Oh yes, I’ve been stuck down in the blog basement, lol, making sure all the mechanicals are working right. Now that the move is done I’m looking forward to being above ground again and started to reorganize and redecorate the top floors. Thanks so much for neing along for the ride Colleen.:)

      1. Dorinda Brassell says:

        Hope you keep me on your email list. I llok forward to hearing from you with yoir wonderful ideas!

        1. Thank you so much Dorinda! Hopefully you got this post in your email ok today. If so, you’re still on my list. 🙂

  2. How exciting! It’s like having a friend move to a new home……only on my ‘puter!! I know if YOU have anything to do with it, it’s gonna be great! Dona

    1. Thanks a million Dona! I’m looking forward to the prettifying stuff. I still find techie stuff to be scary, even when I feel like I know what I’m doing, which isn’t often. lol.

    1. Thanks so much Gail! Now I’m going to be singing that song all day, but that’s ok. I love that song!

  3. Excited for you & your changes…good luck as you progress! Love that cute pic at the top!

    1. Thanks very much Florence! It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

  4. So happy for you Tuula. Changes can be challenging but in the end I think you are going to love it. Enjoy getting your new blog settled into its new home.
    Happy Friday.

    1. Thanks so much Kris! Happy weekend to you. 🙂

  5. I’m in for the long haul with you! I think you are super brave to do all the changes yourself, since all that you talked about doing went right over my head! Looking forward to what your creativity creates!

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! I’m not sure how brave I’d be if I had the money to hire out the techie stuff, lol, but I don’t so I’ll never know. Mind you I’m thrifty and I don’t like paying for things I think I can do myself. I blame my parents for that. lol. There’s an old saying, ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’. In my mind that means, ‘need something… no money… make it happen anyway’. 🙂

  6. It’s looking great Tuula! Glad WordPress is working out for you, I hated it and I’m staying with Blogger! I’m looking forward to seeing your blog evolve as you move through the class!


    1. Thanks Tania! WordPress for me was definitely not love at first sight. It was more like confusion at first sight. lol. It’s taken a while, but I’m feeling much happier here these days… and this course is really making me feel empowered.

      1. That’s awesome Tuula, keep up the good work!


  7. Good luck on the move

    I usually comment under The JR aka Ramona. I changed it to Broken Bit Mosaics

    Hope the move works out good for you. Heading to the biggest junkin’ event we attend all year tomorrow.

    Happy weekend.

    1. Thank you so much! Have a great time junkin. 🙂

  8. Good luck with all that is new. It can be scary but once thing get familiar you will stronger because of the change. The Best Is Yet To Be.


    1. Thanks Cindy!I couldn’t agree with you more. The best is yet to be. 🙂

  9. You are a brave soul lol. Looking forward to seeing the process take shape! I’ve toyed with taking some blogging courses but for now I can’t devote as much time to blogging so I’ll just pick up bus and pieces of advice and info.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I know what you mean about blogging courses. I almost took one last year, but couldn’t devote the time then. I’m so blessed to be in a position this year to be able to do that. It’s amazing how things can change in a year. 🙂

  10. Judy Bittner says:

    This is kind of like watching your kitchen makeover updates. Now I’ll be looking for your projects in your home and the blog site changes as well! Twice the excitement with each e-mail….never know what you will get when you click to open an e-mail from Tuula!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

    1. Thanks very much Judy! That is so sweet of you to say. 🙂 I’m happy you’ve been enjoying my kitchen makeover. There’s more to come on that soon.

  11. Good to know! I just moved my Vintage & Co. website to a new host with new email and it was pretty darn frightening, but I made it! LOL. I too would like to move my other blog, Bella Rosa Antiques to wordpress and I am not that brave yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Good for you Jill, on moving to a new host. It can be quite terrifying I know. I stayed with my old host months longer than I should have because I was afraid of moving. Now that I’ve done it it feels so good to be rid of that fear. 🙂