Paper Doily Decorative Border

I recently shared my craft room makeover reveal, and in that post I promised to show you how I made my craft room border.
When I decided to go with the green and pink colour scheme I knew I was going to need something to act as a separator between the green walls and my fabulously delicious pink ceiling. (Can you tell I still love it? lol.)
Paper Doily Decorative Border

This idea came to me when I was browsing in the dollar store looking for something for another project. My mind was wandering (as it usually does in the dollar store) and I came face to face with my idea.
There they were… large 12″ white paper doilies in packages of 10 for $1. I needed just two packages to do my entire room. They came flat packed and very pressed together, so I carefully separated them. I tried to anyway.
Paper Doily Decorative Border

This was the only real challenge of this project… pulling the paper doilies apart without causing any damage to the decorative lacy parts. I just had to take my time. Even so, I did manage to wreck two. So I went back to the dollar store and got another package.


After I had all the doilies I needed I cut them in half with scissors to make my 6″ deep border. Could it be any easier?
Paper Doily Decorative Border

I sprayed stencil adhesive on the backs of the half-doilies. When working with spray adhesive (or any glues for that matter) I always use store flyers underneath. That way I can spray or spread, and then just turn the pages and spray or spread on clean paper each time. It’s makes the job go very fast.


Paper Doily Decorative Border

As I sprayed I simply put them in place a couple at a time. I was careful to press lightly so I didn’t damage the lacy parts, and they went up like a dream. I started in the corner that’s directly opposite the door because that’s the most seen area. I wanted to have a full half doily going both ways. I didn’t worry about the other corners.

Here are a few more pics of my paper doily border.


Paper Doily Decorative Border
Paper Doily Decorative Border

This doily border is subtle (I guess something in this room had to be, lol), but it does its job. It’s more white than it looks in the photos, so it ties in nicely with the white used in the rest of the room.

I think this is a fun border for a craft room, and it would be great in a little girl’s room. I still can’t believe that I did a border for this whole room (8 1/2′ x 11′) for only $3. If I didn’t wreck any doilies it would have been $2. Could I be any more cheap thrifty? lol.

Thanks so much for reading!


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