Christmas In July – Crafting in my “B” Suit

I don’t mean my birthday suit… although I was tempted, let me tell ya. I mean my bathing suit… and we don’t even have a pool!!!  I guarded the camera all day long so there wouldn’t be any pictures. Thank goodness! I don’t want to be anyone’s swimsuit model.

It was sooo hot and humid today that I almost didn’t do a Christmas in July project, and when I woke up this morning I had no idea what project I was going to try to do.

But I took one for the blog and sweated my way through it, figuratively and literally. We don’t have central air in this house. We are green nuts… but at times like these I think we’re just nuts.


Framing a Christman Ornament

I went through my stash for this project and I found this star shaped basket that I had been given a gift in years ago. Now I was onto something, and I grabbed some wooden cranberry bead garland, some glitter, green Beauti-tone spray paint, and the subject to be framed… a vintage glass blown snowman ornament.

Framing a Christman Ornament

Here’s a close up of the basket.


Framing a Christman Ornament

I removed the white beads from the curlicue thingies and spray painted it green and sprinkled it with green and gold glitter while it was still wet. The glitter gives a subtle blingy effect.

Framing a Christman Ornament

Then I replaced the white beads and added some of the red wooden cranberry beads… just wherever I thought they looked good.

Framing a Christman Ornament

After hanging my snowman ornament inside the basket I thought it needed something more.

I ventured up to my sauna-like craft room on the second floor of the house (every self-respecting Finn is supposed to have a sauna you know), and went through my Christmas craft supply stash and found this pretty little trio of crocheted bells hanging on their own little red velvet bow. They even had little metal bells inside. Perfect!!


Framing a Christman Ornament

It’s a good thing this vintage snowman ornament is made of glass or he’d definitely be a puddle right now. It’s 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and I feel like a puddle right now.

Because I already had everything for this project it cost me absolutely nothing, except maybe five pounds. lol. But that’s a price I will happily pay.

Framing a Christman Ornament

So now I can afford to have a delicious bowl of wonderful cold chocolate ice cream.

Check it out!!!

There is actually some ice cream under all those strawberries, bananas, walnuts, and the cocunut.

Yummmm!!!! Almost makes the heat bearable!!!  Almost!!!

Stay cool!



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  1. Ok Tuula – John's looking over my shoulder again and he says Oh she even made Christmas Pudding – is she normal??????????
    OMG – I'm in hysterics here –
    Your decoration is gorgeous – going to work on my post now…………
    He's never heard of Christmas in July- oh the Conversation going on right now!

  2. So darn cute and who would believe it was crafted on a day like today. Thanks for sweating it out so you could share your adorable repurposed basket. Love the way it turned out. Thanks for the dessert temptation:-)

  3. Green nuts, now that in itself could be a Christmas craft! Thanks for linking up.

  4. I love that you made this in your b…athing suit :). I admire your choice to remain AC-less. This project turned out adorable. Good thing that snowman didn't melt :)…or your icecream when you finished 🙂

  5. Love your Christmas Project! It turned out great.

    Thanks for linking up with Christmas and July at And Sew We Craft.

    Amy x

  6. You are soooo crafty and talented, that was something like being put together and created something awesome! i love the central point of the ornament, that Snowman gave the craft a vintage feel on it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!