Curtain Ring Snowman Ornament

During last year’s Christmas season I did a couple of curtain ring projects.

Like this shower curtain ring Christmas tree here, and these curtain ring wreath ornaments here.

After these projects I still had a some curtain rings left over so I decided to make a snowman tree ornament.


Curtain Ring Showman Tree Ornament

I started with a shower curtain ring and a smaller regular curtain ring.

Before starting I made sure to close the shower curtain ring.

Curtain Ring Showman Tree Ornament
I spray painted the rings with Krylon Dual white.
Then I went through my thrifted Christmas craft stash and found these white/gold glittery pipe cleaners. I wrapped them around each ring until they were completely covered, securing the ends with a little glue.
Curtain Ring Showman Tree Ornament

Then I glued the rings together using my glue gun.

To decorate my snowman I poked a hole into a decorative present with scissors and glued it onto the hanger of the curtain ring, which I made sure was on the side when I glued the rings together.

Curtain Ring Showman Tree Ornament

Then I cut some small ribbon to look like a scarf and added a few other decorations to dress it up.

Curtain Ring Showman Tree Ornament
And here’s my snowman hanging on the tree.
I’m always finding curtain rings of all sorts at the thrift stores for $1 or under for a set… making this a very inexpensive project, and you could use yarn, rope, cording, ribbon… whatever you have on hand really.
This could be a quick and easy project to do with the kids, with supervision with the hot glue gun of course. Once the curtain rings were painted it took about 10 minutes to make the snowman.
Thanks so much for reading, and have a fabulously festive day! 🙂

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  1. If I owned a magazine. YOU might be in charge of crafts. YOU are so creative and produce the cutest things ever. LOVE LOVE and how simple . Now when I am out thrifting i will be buying these rings.. LOL love it

  2. This snowman is adorable and expensive looking. It's so unique with the pipe cleaners wrapped. Who would have thought the glitter markings would line up like that. You just never know how something turns out until you try it. Great job, Tuula!!!

  3. I love pipe cleaner projects and this snowman is so cute. His scarf is quite festive.

  4. So darned cute Tuula!! Funny thing; I was at the dollar store yesterday and saw a package of curtain rings and instantly thought of you!! Pinned this one to add to my list of craft projects for next years craft party!!

  5. How adorable. I love that all your projects start with a frugal find. Grace is all about crafting this holiday season. She would love to make these sweet curtain ring snowmen.