Decorative Iron Planter Makeover

I love finding different containers to plants flowers in, and this planter makeover is quick and easy.

The summer months wouldn’t be the same without having fabulous planters filled with flowers on the back deck.

I found this decorative iron planter (at least that’s what I think it is) at a flea market a few years ago for $10.

I’ll paint almost anything and I think it’s time to give this baby a makeover.

Decorative iron planter found at thrift store

I gave it a light sanding to get rid of any rough spots and put part of a cardboard box behind it.

Placing iron planter into cardboard box for spray painting

Then I spray painted it with several light coats of a light green. Letting it dry in between coats for about 20 minutes as per directions on the can.

Spray painting metal garden planter

TIP: I always use a thick rubber sewing thimble on my spray finger. It makes the painting alot easier on my finger and if any paint leaks from the sprayer it gets on the thimble and not on my skin.

This planter makeover is a huge improvement.
I didn’t use a primer for this because I wanted a rustic look. Here it is all painted.
Giving iron planter makeover with green spray paint

I let it cure for about 24 hours before I get to the fun part. The planting.

I’ve had a thing for flowers since I was a little girl and as far as I’m concerned the more planters filled with flowers the better.

Garden Planter Makeover with spray paint and cocoa fibre

Before I add the plants I line the planter with some cocoa fibre from a hanging basket that I no longer use.

Garden Planter Makeover

Then I put a layer of plastic inside the cocoa fibre making sure to puncture a few holes in the bottom for drainage.

Then I fill it with potting soil (I use Miracle Grow) and then the best part – the flowers.

Decorative Garden Planter Makeover with spray paint

I used all sun loving annuals so they’ll be beautiful all summer long. The tall crimson flowers in the middle are called pinks and the purple flowers are a trailing verbena.

I also used some dusty miller, lime colored sweet potato vine; and tricolor sweet potato vine. What do you think?
Thanks so much for reading!



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  1. Hey Tuula! I am starting to plan my spring plantings….hoping to find some cool containers between now and then…but you mentioned putting plastic in this after the cocoa fiber, then the dirt. What kind of Plastic? Saran Wrap or heavier like a shower curtain? I have a similar container.. it is a metal magazine rack…looks alot like your basekt here only rectangle and your style here would be perfect for it! Also, got any ideas for hummingbird nests for this winter? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cheri! Any type of plastic that’s not too thick will do. It’s just meant to help keep some of the water in, but not all. Coccoa fibre alone leaks like a sieve and I don’t like to water constantly. Our hummingbirds leave every year for Mexico because our winters are way too brutal for them. Sorry, I can’t help with that one.