Decoupage Plastic Easter Eggs with Postage Stamps

How to Decoupage Plastic Easter Eggs 

It’s easy to decoupage plastic Easter eggs to give them a fun new look with just a few supplies needed.

Like plastic Easter eggs that can be easily found this time of year.

I found a few bags at the thrift store a little while back that were very inexpensive.

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plastic Easter eggs used for stamp decoupage project

I love the colors already, but it’s easy to make them more fun and interesting.

These plastic eggs come apart because they’re meant for treats to be put inside. Make sure they’re closed tight before you start.

assorted postage stamps used for decoupaging Easter eggs

My latest crafting craze is with stamps as seen with this decoupaged living room side table, and these fun decoupaged bracelets.

I created both projects using postage stamps.

I am not a stamp collector and these postage stamps were purchased specifically for crafting purposes.

decoupage medium and foam brush for decoupaging

All I needed to decoupage my easter eggs was my DecoArt paper Decoupage medium, and a foam brush, and a fine grit sanding block.

This would probably work with regular Decoupage medium too, matte or gloss, depending on what you like.

Decoupaging Stamps onto the Plastic Eggs

adding postage stamps to plastic Easter egg with decoupage medium

To apply the stamps onto the plastic eggs you just need to apply a little of the decoupage medium onto the egg, and alot onto the back of the stamp.

decoupaging plastic Easter eggs with postage stamps

Not too much, a little goes a long way.

Make sure to press the stamps down as you go to get out any little wrinkles or bubbles.

letting decoupaged plastic  Easter eggs dry

Once I got them about half way done I let them dry so I could hang onto them to finish them up. 

colorful postage stamps decoupaged onto plastic Easter egg

Here’s my first decoupaged plastic Easter egg all done.

sanding Easter eggs decoupaged with postage stamps

After I gave it one light coat of the decoupage medium I gave it a light sanding with a fine grit sanding block.

Then three light coats, sanding lightly in between.

Colorful Easter eggs decoupaged with postage stamps

When decoupaging these plastic Easter eggs I used the stamps that matched the color of the egg.

Plastic Easter eggs decoupaged with postage stamps

That way if there are any tiny holes between stamps it’s not very noticeable.

DIY decoupaged Easter eggs with colorful postage stamps

I’m displaying my decoupaged eggs in an old copper bowl with a doily in it.

Once they’re done you really don’t know they’re not the real thing unless you pick them up.

These eggs are a lot of fun, and if you don’t have stamps you could use anything.

Book or magazine pages, maps, comic books, coloring books. Whatever you can rip up into small pieces you can use to decoupage plastic Easter eggs.

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How to give plastic Easter eggs a makeover with decoupaged postage stamps

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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