Decoupaged Peanut Butter Jars Makeover

Decoupaged peanut butter jars with fabric selvages

I’ve been on a quest lately to do projects using everyday things, and these decoupaged peanut butter jars are an easy way to create something pretty and useful out of a plastic jar that would normally be tossed in the recycle bin.

A while back I gave some pringles can a makeover, and now I’m tackling some plain old peanut butter jars

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empty peanut butter jars and fabric selvages

I love crunchy peanut butter and I enjoy it quite often, especially on toast. It’s so melty and yummy, and with banana and a glass of chocolate milk on the side it’s the perfect breakfast, or lunch, or snack.

Or even, dare I say it, dinner. lol.

So these two empty and well-cleaned plastic jars have the crunchy red lids, and I used those as my color cue for pulling fabric selvages from my stash.

variety of red and blue fabric selvages

Fabric selvages are so much fun to play with, but If you don’t have any, you could cut strips of fabric, or even use strips of paper. Just make sure whatever you use is not too thick.

My kitchen colors are aqua, red, and yellow, and I wasn’t exactly sure what fabric selvage pieces I was going to use so I just pulled a bunch.

supplies needed for peanut butter jar makeover with fabric selvages

Here are the supplies that are needed to create these decoupaged peanut butter jars.

Measuring the peanut butter jars

measuring around peanut butter jar

The first thing to do is to measure around the peanut butter jar. This is so the fabric selvages chosen will cover the whole jar.

Then you measure down the side of the jar and to the middle of the bottom.

There’s a tiny blip of a lip at the top of the side of the jar and that’s where you measure from. If you’re not sure, put the lid on and then measure.

measuring fabric selvage pieces to make sure they will fit around peanut butter jar

Then measure the fabric selvage pieces that you’ve chosen to make sure they will go all the way around the peanut butter jar.

cutting fabric selvage pieces to make sure they will fit height of peanut butter jars

Cut all the fabric selvage pieces to the measurement that you got from the side of the jar to the middle of the bottom.

Applying fabric selvages to peanut butter jars

applying decoupage medium to side of peanut butter jar

Using a foam brush add a generous amount of the decoupage medium to a section of the side and bottom area of the jar.

applying fabric selvage piece onto peanut butter jar with hand in plastic sandwich bag

Place a fabric selvage piece onto the decoupage medium and gently press it into place with your fingers.

Putting your hand inside a sandwich bag to do this keeps your fingers and the fabric piece nice and clean.

applying fabric selvage pieces onto side of peanut butter jar with one hand inside the jar

It’s easiest to do this with your other hand inside the peanut butter jar.

cut fabric selvage to give it a pointed end so it will lay nicely on the bottom of the peanut butter jar

When your fabric selvage piece is in place cut the excess at the bottom into a V shape.

fabric selvage piece on bottom of peanut butter jar after cutting end into a point

And press it into place on the bottom of the jar.

letting decoupage medium dry after applying one coat onto fabric selvages on peanut butter jars

After all the fabric selvage pieces are in place, give them all a coat of the decoupage medium and let dry for 24 hours.

It will look white, like in the picture above, but it will dry clear.

view of bottom of decoupaged peanut butter jars

Here’s a view of the bottoms of the jars. They don’t have to be perfect. This is just an easy way to limit the amount of excess fabric on the bottom of the jar.

When you’re all done you could add a piece of felt to the bottom, but I didn’t think that was necessary.

They sit quite nice and flat just the way they are.

using a sanding block to sand fabric between coats of decoupage medium

Once the first coat is dry, give it a light sanding with fine grit sanding block.Sanding smooths the surface so it feels nice to the touch.

Then apply two more light coats of the decoupage medium, letting it dry and then lightly sanding in between coats.

Adding trim to peanut butter jars

gluing ribbon at top edge of decoupaged peanut butter jars

When your three coats are done, it’s time to pretty up the top edge,

I went into my stash and found this pretty red and cream trim, and it’s perfect.

Because it’s not a solid ribbon I used the decoupage medium to attach it to the top lip, just under where the lids sits.

using decoupage medium to affix ribbon in place at top of peanut butter jars

Once it was all around the jar, I dabbed the decoupage medium over the trim with my foam brush to make sure it will be well attached.

Supplies needed for Decoupage Peanut Butter Jars Project

  • Empty plastic peanut butter jars
  • fabric selvage pieces (or strips of fabric)
  • ribbon/trim
  • decoupage medium
  • 1″ foam brush
  • ruler or sewing tape measure
  • scissors
  • sanding block
  • sandwich bag

decoupaged peanut butter jars with fabric selvages

And here are my decoupaged peanut butter jars all done.

I like that I kept the lids as is. When I’m repurposing or upcycling things I like to have a nod to what they were before.

You could spray paint the lids if you like, but I would not spray paint the inside just so it keeps your options open for what to store in them.

Upcycled peanut butter jars with decoupaged fabric selvages

I’m going to use mine to store cat tube treats. My cats love those, and it’ll be nice to have a pretty container in the kitchen to store them.

I hope this project has inspired you to create some pretty storage from plain old peanut butter jars, or whatever other jars you might have.

If you don’t have fabric selvages, you could cut fabric strips.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

DIY Upcycled decoupaged peanut butter jars with fabric selvages

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Can this be done on glass jars?

  2. Amy Davis says:

    Great idea. I love it!

  3. MaryEllen says:

    What a cool idea! I love the trim with the fabrics. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Alma K Croix says:

    Been wanting something to store doggie treats in. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. You make it look so simple!! And it turns out perfectly! Looking at my desk, I need to make some for myself. Hmmmm….what color to use? Oh! Purple will be perfect!!! Pinning, girl!