Decoupaged Pringles Can Makeover

Decoupaged Pringles Can

I’ve always had a hard time throwing useful things into the recycling bin, when all it takes is an inexpensive makeover to make something useful and pretty.

3 pringles cans and red polka dot wrapping paper

Like these Pringles cans, which are the perfect size for storing many things, and I plan to use them in my kitchen.

All I needed for this makeover are a few things I already had. A one dollar roll of red and white polka dot wrapping paper, some decoupage medium, and a foam brush.

I’m using the red and white polka dot wrapping paper to match my decoupaged garbage can, that is also in my kitchen. But any wrapping paper that matches your decor would work.

TIP: Before beginning this project I wiped out all the cans with a slightly damp paper towel, and then I let them sit open for a few days to get rid of the BBQ smell. Don’t wash the cans because they’re made of cardboard.

Measuring and cutting the wrapping paper

measuring pringles can before covering with wrapping paper

Using a sewing measuring tape I measured around the can, and the height as well.

piece of wrapping paper cut to size to cover pringles can

Then I cut the pieces that I needed.

Applying decoupage medium onto cans

applying decoupage medium onto pringles can for decoupaging wrapping paper

To apply the wrapping paper onto the cans I spread some decoupage medium from top to bottom for just a couple of inches.

Applying wrapping paper onto cans

continuing to smooth wrapping paper onto pringles can

I smoothed the wrapping paper onto the can with my fingers.

continuing to cover pringles can with decoupage medium and wrapping paper

Then I applied the decoupage medium for a couple of inches, and made my way around the can.

smoothing wrapping paper onto pringles can

Until I was done.

And here’s a friendly word of warning.

There will be wrinkles.

Wrapping paper is very thin, and it’s probably impossible to get all the wrinkles out. so embrace them.

Any imperfections add character. That’s my motto.

3 decoupaged pringles cans with red and white polka dot wrapping paper

When the wrapping paper is still wet it appears to be translucent, and you can see the Pringles can logo below.

how cans look once decoupage medium has dried on the wrapping paper

But once it’s dry it becomes opaque, and you can’t see through it.

applying decoupage medium onto wrapping paper covered pringles cans

To apply a couple coats of decoupage medium I placed my hand inside the can.

showing how cans look with decoupage medium applied

The decoupage medium will be very white when first applied but it will dry clear, like the can on the left.

Applying jute ribbon to dress up Pringles can makeover

applying decorative jute ribbon onto decoupaged pringle cans

After two coats on the cans, I decided to dress them up a bit, and I added some jute ribbon along the bottoms and the tops.

To do that you apply the decoupage medium onto the can, then apply the ribbon, pressing it into the medium.

This is also a good way to cover up the top and bottom edges if need be.

trimming can with jute ribbon using decoupape medium

Once the ribbon is in place you pounce the decoupage medium onto the ribbon all over, covering it well.

It will look very messy, but it will dry clear.

jute ribbon dried clear after being applied onto can with decoupage medium

Like this. The ribbon will be hard and scratchy to the touch.

sanding jute twine after it was decoupaged onto can

But if you give it a light sanding with a sanding block, it will feel nice and soft again.

trio of Pringles cans decoupaged with wrapping paper with jute ribbon trim and chalkboard labels

And here’s the after of my Pringles can makeover with chalkboard labels.

These cans fit tea bags perfectly, especially the round ones, which are the ones we tend to drink.

And once I finished these cans, I just couldn’t stop myself.

Hot chocolate powder cans decoupaged with wrapping paper

One of my biggest challenges in my vintage kitchen is storage, and I like to use the vertical space in cupboards that doesn’t always get used.

That vertical space is very valuable real estate.

I don’t particularly like stacking pasta packages on top of each other.

The mega size Pringles can above fits spaghetti perfectly, and the two hot chocolate powder cans are perfect for macaroni and rotini.

Large and small hot chocolate cans decoupaged with wrapping paper

And I just had to keep on going..

I did another large hot chocolate can for the chocolate chips and chocolate squares that I use for baking. I keep them in the packages inside the can.

And a small hot chocolate can for nuts, usually walnuts, also used in baking.

Pringles cans and small tea cans decoupaged with wrapping paper

And I did three more Pringles cans, and three little teabag cans. They’re just waiting to be put to good use like the others.

Group picture of Pringles cans, hot cholocate cans, tea cans, all decoupaged with wrapping paper

The roll of wrapping paper cost me a dollar at the dollar store, and I still have a lot left.

So the cost for this Pringles can makeover project, plus all the other cans, was next to nothing.

This is a great way to create easy and fun storage and depending on what wrapping paper you use, any look to go with any decor is totally possible.

Supplies needed for this Pringles Can Makeover

  • Pringles/Misc cans
  • wrapping paper
  • decoupage medium
  • foam brush
  • scissors
  • sewing measuring tape
  • decorative jute ribbons
  • sanding block
  • chalkboard labels

Please pin to your favorite board.

How to create some fabulous kitchen storage with an easy Pringles can makeover

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. They all look fabulous! I bet they look fantastic in your kitchen too! I know that Winter isn’t done with us yet but I hope you are experiencing some of the warm up we are getting here in the Niagara region. I have Spring perennials popping up and I can’t wait to get into making a bunch of your flower garden art and other outdoor decor. I have been checking out the second hand stores all fall and winter and I can’t wait to get started on all of your ideas! Thank you for another idea with this post.

    1. Thanks Pam! We’re finally getting a little of the white stuff melting here, but still have a lot. No spring flowers here yet, but I can’t wait until spring actually gets here. I’m looking forward to sharing more garden projects this year. 🙂

  2. Can you imagine how much this set would cost if you could buy it? A whole lot more than you paid!!! Great idea, girl! I’ve never thought of using cans like this in the kitchen!! Again, you kick my imagination into gear!!! I’ve got the same problem as you…..older house (mine isn’t near as old as yours, but would love it if it were!)……with limited cupboard space. Thanks again, my friend!!!!

    1. Thanks Dona! Yes, our cupboards are very old too and it can be a challenge to keep them organized. Using vertical storage helps alot. 🙂

  3. Great idea!Would it work to apply the decopauge to the paper? This woul be a great idea for children possibly. I love mixed nuts and those would be good choices as well. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks Charleen! That might work with regular paper, but wrapping paper generally isn’t thick enough to stay together once it’s wet with the decoupage medium. At least that’s been my experience.

  4. Rebecca Payne says:

    Very cute idea.

  5. I love creative ideas that save food containers from ending up in the landfill. Great repurpose that looks so pretty too. I bet they look fabulous in your kitchen!

    1. Thanks Marie! I try my best to put as little into our local landfill as possible. Helps to save the planet, and saves money when we can repurpose things like these cans.

  6. Debra Hubbs says:

    You are so clever and creative! What a great idea. They look so cute also. You could probably use fabric also? I always wanted to try doing decoupage. Spring is coming!! Pretty sure you are as anxious for that as I am.