Decoupaged Quilt Block Pumpkin

How Decoupage a Quilt Block Pumpkin

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It’s always fun to create projects with stuff that you already have.

You know that stuff that you found at the thrift store or garage sale.

That stuff that you had to buy because it was a great deal and you just knew that someday you’d need it for something.

I have a lot of stuff like that. How about you?

Well today I’m using some of that great stuff to create a cute pumpkin project, just in the nick of time for Halloween.

But pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween decor. They’re for Thanksgiving and for fall too.

thrifted lot of quilting of 2 inch 3 inch and 4 inch squares

A while back I thrifted these three bags of quilt blocks.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

I’ve got to admit that there’s pretty much no chance of me sitting down and cutting all those fabric blocks.

From paper, maybe yes,

But fabric, absolutely no.

But to find them in pre-cut condition. That was just way too good to pass up.

So like any thrifter worth her thrifting metal, I snapped them up…and today some of them are being given a brand new life as a pumpkin.

wooden punpkin shape wall plaque and small fabric quilt blocks

I decided to use the small 2 inch quilt blocks for this pumpkin project.

I found the wooden pumpkin shape at the dollar store. It’s about 12 inches across and is made from a very light wood.

wooden punpkin shape wall plaque and small fabric quilt blocks 2

There were so many colors and patterns to choose from in this lot.

fall colors small fabric quilt block for pumpkin project

I concentrated on pulling blocks with pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, and light browns.

Arranging Quilt Blocks on wooden pumpkin shape

dry fit of fabric quilt squares on wooden pumpkim wall plaque

Once I had all my quilt blocks chosen I did a random pattern on the wooden pumpkin as a dry fit in a way that I liked.

fabric quilt squares design on wooden pumpkin wall plaque

Then I put them aside in that same pattern so they were easy to put in place.

fabric decoupage medium brush wooden pumpkim wall plawque and small quilt blocks

Supplies needed for this Quilt Block Pumpkin

  • fabric quilt blocks
  • DecoArt Fabric Decoupage Medium
  • craft brush
  • xacto knife (not in pic above)
  • wooden pumpkin wall plaque

Gluing Quilt Blocks onto wooden pumpkin shape

gluing middle quilt block onto wooden pumpkim with fabric decouapge medium

I found the center of my pumpkin and applied the decoupage medium onto the wooden pumpkin and the underside of the fabric square.

adding more fabric quilt blocks onto wooden pumpkim

Once I had my center it was easy to add the rest of squares, smoothing the blocks down with my fingers as I went.

continuing to add fabric quilt blocks onto wooden pumpkin

If I felt like changing the pattern of the squares along the way I did.

A pattern dry fit is always a good place to start, but that never means you can’t change things up as you go.

gluing fabric quilt blocks onto wooden pumpkin in a fun pattern

This is really a do it in a way that you like kind of project.

Anything goes!

applying top coat of fabric decoupage medium onto fabric quilt blocks

When all the blocks were in place I applied one coat of the decoupage medium right away, making sure all the blocks were down securely.

letting fabric dry in between coats of decoupag medium

In all I applied three coats to my quilt block pumpkin letting it dry for a good hour in between.

trimming excess fabric away from wooden pumpkim

Once it was all dry I trimmed off the excess fabric with an xacto knife.

It’s important to use a super sharp blade. A dull blade will pull on the fabric as you go.

gluing jute rope to frame quilt block pumpkin

To finish off my quilt block pumpkin I added some jute rope all along the edge with my glue gun.

Jute is one of my favorite things to work with because in my opinion it goes with every decor style.

diy quilt block pumpkin in traditional fall colors

And here’s my finished quilt block pumpkin in kind of traditional fall colors and patterns.

Around the stem I added a simple jute twine bow with a small faux pine cone glued in the middle.

I made the bow easily removable, and check out the next pic to see why.

diy quilt block pumpkin in fun colors

Because I did the other side of my pumpkin as well.

This time with fun and funky colors that are actually much more me, and just for fun I wanted to try a diagonal pattern.

I made the bow neutral on purpose so it matches both sides of the pumpkin. All I have to do is slip the bow off and move it to the other side.

So now I have a traditional pumpkin for the fall season, and the other pumpkin for any time of the year.

This is a really easy way to create a one of a kind fall decor piece, and it could easily be made with fun papers instead of fabric.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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Decoupaged Fabric Quilt Block Pumpkin

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  1. Judy Inukai says:

    What a fun project. I love how you did both sides to be used year round. I can’t see me cutting out all those little fabric squares either, but i have plenty of patterned paper that would work and could be die cut quickly. Thanks for the great inspiration.

    1. Thanks Judy! Patterned paper will work great, and is definitely the way I’d go if I had to cut these myself.

    1. Laura Crumm says:

      I LOVE this!! Such a great idea to do both sides that way.

      1. Thanks Laura! I just couldn’t leave the one side bare, so it made perfect sense to create a completely different pattern.

  2. Super cool idea. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Can’t decide which side I like best. Holiday decoration ideas are endless. A bell for Christmas or a heart for Valentine’s Day? Looks like you have enough squares left for lots of projects. You come up with the best ideas.

    1. Thanks Olivia! I definitely have a lot of square for a lot of projects, for every holiday really.

  4. That is very clever and cute, Tuula. Where did you display your pumpkin? Did you use it as a door decoration? I think it would be a fun project to do except, like you, I wouldn’t like cutting all those litttle squares! You sure were lucky to find them already cut.

    1. Thanks Naomi! It is hanging on the door in my kitchen right now, adding some fun.

  5. Love your style. It is so much fun & love your ideas.

  6. I have cut blocks like that, but doubt I ever will again! As a matter of fact, I got some blocks at a second hand store years ago, hauled them around for a while, then finally got rid of them. OH! How I regret that now! This project is perfect for them!!!!!! But I’d cut some if I can find a Christmas tree like that! I’m at the end of my packing for the move. We load the truck tomorrow. But I’ll be ready to go in time for Christmas!! Thanks so much for this GREAT idea!! Dona

    1. Good luck with the move Dona! I hope everything goes well. It’ll be nice to be settled in before Christmas. 🙂

  7. Your pumpkin is awesome! And very quilter i know would be drooling over your haul. LOL!

    1. Thanks very much Michelle! I’m not even a quilter and I was drooling over it. lol.

  8. Mickey Stovall says:

    Great idea and just tooo cute!! Any suggestions for a place to find other shapes? Like maybe a Christmas tree or a heart, or how about a house for a housewarming gift?

    1. Thanks Mickey! Something these things can be found at the dollar store or craft store.

  9. This email got lost amongst a bunch of unread stuff so I am late for Halloween but what a wonderful idea! Doing both sides is an excellent twist too! It turned out great and I can’t wait to make one for next year!

  10. HOLLEY DOWNS says:

    Oh my goodness, I love to decoupage…I have tons of fabric scraps as well as paper. I will give both a try to see which one I like the best, I really love your emails and blog posts. You truly inspire me!

  11. Love this idea, especially doing it on both sides. I have a lot of scrapbook paper that I can use. Thank you so much for showing us how you did it. I love yours. It is so pretty!❤️????

    1. Thanks so much Peggy! I’m so glad my project has inspired you. Scrapbook paper will work great!