Another Giveaway Win and a Project

I wish I knew what I’ve done to deserve such good luck lately.If I did I would bottle some in prettied-up mason jars to give as gifts so I could share some good luck with everyone.

The Thrifty Rebel at www,thriftyrebel.com

A while back I won a giveaway at Distressed Donna Down Home and Donna sent me a box full of fabulous Christmas sheet music.
Then in yesterday’s post here I shared how I thrifted the perfectly-already-done settee and ottoman on the weekend for my master bedroom makeover.
But I also won another giveaway a little while ago.
Yes, it’s true… and Tina from What We Keep put together a package of pink prettiness for me.


The Thrifty Rebel at www,thriftyrebel.com

There are some pinktastic napkins and place mats, some fun and funky ribbon in pinks and greens, and a lovely vintage pink apron. Love!!

The Thrifty Rebel at www,thriftyrebel.com

There’s a sweet little tea towel in a lovely shade of green with a bird with a pink wing. So pretty! And Tina embroidered the Spoonfuls of Whimsy tea towel with the name of one of my Etsy shops. How awesome!!

I can’t use either of these. They are way too nice!!!

The Thrifty Rebel at www,thriftyrebel.com

And last but not least was a fabulous vintage chenille remnant. I have a secret love for chenille. I can only assume that it comes from my childhood, but sadly I don’t see many pieces around here.

When I found my settee set this past weekend it immediately helped me decide on what to do with the chenille remnant, so I went to work on Sunday and made it into a decorative pillow.
Now believe me when I tell you that I am no seamstress and this project was a first for me, but that’s never stopped me before.
How hard could it be?
DIY Chenille Pillow
I had a pillow that I wasn’t using anymore so I removed the cover and reused the 18″ white pillow form. Then I had to decide what to use for the backing. Since I wanted the chenille to be the star of the show I really wanted to use white, but I didn’t have any white fabric.
And for the first time ever… uh huh… a crazy idea popped into my head.
What about a scarf? Yes,.. I said to myself. Why not?
So I went into my stash of crafting scarves (the only scarf I wear is one that I bought in Paris) and found a white one that was knitted-in-the-round. I could put my hands inside it and stretch it quite a bit.
DIY Chenille Pillow
I cut my chenille remnant so it was about 19″ x 19″, so it left about 1/2″ extra on all four sides. Plenty of room for this novice pillow maker to play with.
DIY Chenille Pillow
Then I stretched the scarf so I could get an idea of how long I needed to cut it so that it would be tight across the back.  I just did this by eye. I had the rest of the scarf to use if I made a mistake.
I didn’t cut the scarf open because the knit is rather wide and I wanted both layers to be the back of the pillow.
DIY Chenille Pillow
Then I simply turned the right side of the chenille into the scarf and pinned around the bottom and the 2 sides, stretching the scarf along as I was pinning.
DIY Chenille Pillow
So I don’t have any trouble threading a needle I wrap the end with a teeny piece of painter’s tape and it goes through the needle easy peasy.
DIY Chenille Pillow
Because the scarf is a very open knit I decided to hand sew it with white knitting yarn from my craft stash. This went fairly quickly while I was watching television.
DIY Chenille Pillow
Here’s what the front looked like when the three sides were sewn.
And here’s the back.
DIY Chenille Pillow
I turned it right sides out and inserted my pillow form.
DIY Chenille Pillow
Now that back looked kinda scary.
DIY Chenille Pillow
But no worries, the stretchiness of the scarf worked great. All I had to do was pull it up as I stitched the top closed with a blind stitch. (Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?) My mom was a sewer in her younger days so that helps me sometimes.
DIY Chenille Pillow
And here’s my finished pillow on my settee.
Not perfectly perfect, but I love it so much… and almost perfect is perfect enough for me.
Before I say a huge thanks to Tina I have to mention a piece of advice that she gave me a little while ago when I couldn’t decide between funky or traditional in my master bedroom makeover. Because I love elements of both I sometimes have trouble making up my mind.
I received this comment from Tina…
“Give your heart what it wants, and tell your head to be quiet.” 🙂
When I read that it reminded me that I’m happiest with the process and the outcome when I do just that… follow my heart. It knows me so much better than my brain.
So now when faced with indecision I simply repeat those words to myself. (Except I tell my head to shut up, lol.) And the choice becomes crystal clear. It’s like magic.
Thanks so much Tina! For the package of pretties, and the words of wisdom.
And I want to wish all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanks so much for reading! Enjoy!

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  1. Tuula your pillow is so cute! My mom had a chenille housecoat and loved it. Whenever I see chenille now, I think of her! The scarf on the back is perfect and a bit genius if I do say. I made a pillow out of a shirt that a friend gave me as it didn't fit her. I passed it on to my sister, who passed it back in a bag of clothes she didn't want. It was kinda glitzy and "Christmassy" but too big for me so I turned it into a pillow breaking five needles as I sewed. I figured the finished pillow was worth it though. LOVE all your beautiful linens from Tina! I see more pillows in your future….maybe for your bed?

  2. Congratulations on your win.
    Your pillow looks great and sits so pretty on your settee bench

  3. Tuula, it turned out so cute! Using a stretchy scarf was so smart. I'm glad that I could add to your pink kingdom and so happy that you are enjoying your loot. I imagine that you are the happiest girl in the world right now with your new settee…always tell your head to shut up, sweet friend. 😉

  4. So pretty!
    If I told my head to shut up my heart may get into some serious deep doo doo, but that's because MY heart is overly impulsive and prone to bad decisions.

  5. If I did not know better, I would think you had this all planned – how perfect is the chenille with the settee with the floral shade!?! Thanks for the nifty needle trick. I would like to know, however, just how many scarves do you have in your craft stash? In the late 1950's before Disney and Universal bought up most of Florida, it was a wild and wonderful place. We would drive down to Hollywood Beach from South Carolina. Along the highway were stands with clotheslines filled with multi-colored chenille bedspreads. I was thrilled the year I had saved enough to buy my very own.