DIY Christmas Trees from Repurposed Items

DIY Christmas Trees from repurposed items

For me, repurposing is all about creating one of a kind things out of unique items, and these two DIY Christmas trees are a perfect example of that. 

When I’m in creative mode, but I don’t have a specific idea in mind, I look at the things that I have in my stashes, and I try to think of ways to repurpose them.

I brainstorm, writing down every idea I can think of. Even the ideas that seem pretty wild and wacky.

And that’s when many of my project ideas are born. 

When I shared my Repurposed Christmas Tree a couple of days ago, I said that I created two companions to go with it.

These two tree ideas came out of a very recent brainstorming session.


collecion of conchos in 3 different sizes

I’m making the first Christmas tree from silver metal craft conchos.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a concho is, they’re used in crafting for making lariat-type necklaces.


How to Create a DIY Christmas Tree from conchos

gluing conchos to styrofoam cone starting at the bottom

For the concho tree I’m using a 9 inch styrofoam cone.

I sat it on a plastic container because I wanted the conchos to hang over the bottom of the cone.


pushing metal conchos into styrofoam cone when gluing them on

After putting a bit of hot glue on each concho, I pushed them into the cone a bit so I could angle them down.

TIP: The hot glue will melt the styrofoam just a bit, but you don’t need to use very much glue.


continuing to glue metal conchos up styrofoam cone

This really couldn’t be easier.

You just make your way up the cone, overlapping as you go.


Salty and diy repurposed Christmas tree from conchos

One of my feline helpers is always around to supervise, and that day it was Salty’s turn.

He thinks it looks like a pine cone, but people make pine cone trees so it’s all good.

I glued a glass candle holder onto the bottom of the tree as a trunk.


gluing glass candle holder as trunk of concho repurposed Christmas tree

For a topper for this repurposed Christmas tree I attached a vintage plastic and foil light reflector with just a dab of hot glue.

And now on to tree number two.

This is the tree I was really excited about because it’s so weird. lol.


How to Create a DIY Christmas Tree from keys

collection of keys to be repurposed as diy Christmas tree

The second Christmas tree is made from keys. A friend sent me these from her stash years ago. 


gluing keys onto bottom of 8 inch styrofoam cone

I started by hot gluing the keys on, overhanging them so the main body of the keys covered the bottom area of a 6 inch styrofoam cone.


gluing keys in overlapping rows up the styrofoam cone

Around the very bottom I used keys that were the same length.

They act like feet and the tree stands on them very nicely.


continuing to glue keys in overlapping rows up the styrofoam cone

I made my way up the tree, hot gluing the keys in an overlapped way that looked good to me.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this.

I just threw creative caution to the wind and went for it.


diy repurpsoed key Christmas tree almost finished

For the top I used a thingy, sorry but I don’t know what it is, that I found in with my keys.

It made a great place to attach a tree topper.


DIY Repurposed Christmas trees made from keys and conchos

I added a vintage green plastic and foil light reflector to the key tree as a tree topper.

To finish off both toppers I hot glued some faux pearls that were on some button into the centers.

TIP: When hot gluing cold metal things onto styrofoam cones they can become loosened if there’s too much pressure put on them. Especially the conchos because they’re sticking out from the cone. The good thing about this is that if I ever want to take these apart the hot glue will come off the keys and conchos, because they’re metal, rather easily. Also, if something comes loose it can just be glued back on again.


TRIO of Repurposed DIY Christmas Trees

Three DIY Repurposed Christmas trees from steamer parts, keys, and conchos

And here’s my trio of trees, on my decoupaged bedroom dresser.

The key tree really reminds me of a weeping spruce. 


DIY Christmas trees made from repurposed materials

I love that the steamer parts tree is still the star, but now it has some funky forest friends to keep it company.


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keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Amy Davis says:

    so cool! i love all 3 of them! thanks for sharing!

    1. Candy Cox says:

      What an idea, loved the creativity!!!

      1. Really a great idea, I love them all, I may try the strainer one as I have one of those. You have some really good ideas, will be watching for more.

  2. I could not pick a favorite! As you said, the steamer parts is the star of the show. She’s the “pretty one”. The one made with conchos is the “cute” sister and the one made with keys is the party girl! She’s all about having fun! What a wonderfu trio, girl!! Love them all!

    1. Thanks Dona! You just nailed the personalities of these three trees perfectly. I love it!

  3. These trees are really neat. Probably not this year but directions are tucked away until the next one. Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

  4. Really cute, cute ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us! Happy Holidays!

  5. Adorable especially as a group! You are always thinking outside the box and so very clever!

  6. Debra Hubbs says:

    All 3 are so cute and make such a great trio! Merry Christmas to you!

  7. So very cute! Great way to use odds and ends too! Love all 3 of them!

  8. These are awesome, Tuula! Love that you kept them metal, too; great variation of color.

    1. Thanks very much Lora! Sometimes you just have to let the material shine au natural.

  9. Your Christmas tree trio is just tremendous!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. These DIY trees are fantastic. I am definitely inspired. Merry Christmas.

  11. What a great idea ! I like the strainer the best and second Conchos then the keys outstanding trio.

  12. I love all these projects. Do you have any more ideas with keys, thinking for my garden? Thank you love what you do with unwanted things. Cece

    1. Thanks Cecilia! I have made wind chimes using keys. If you look into the wind chimes category under garden art in my header you’ll find my key wind chime project there.