DIY Plastic Flowers from Repurposed Plastic Balls

How to Create DIY Plastic Flowers

There’s something about happy vibrant colors that I find so inspiring, especially at this time of the year, and these diy plastic flowers were so much fun to create.

With all the winter white that got dumped on us late last week, I found myself really needing to make something fun and colorful on the weekend.

repurposed colored plastic bouncy castle balls

Enter these colorful plastic balls that I shared in my Fabulous Finds Friday post last week.

I found a couple of bags of these for a dollar each, and I think they’re bouncy castle balls.

I’m usually easily enticed by colors like these, but especially so in February.

Cutting the plastic balls to create diy plastic flowers

making a slit at seam of plastic ball to start cutting

The first thing I did to create my diy plastic flowers was cut a small slit in the seam of the plastic ball.

I used an exacto knife because it seemed the easiest way to do this, but don’t cut the whole thing with the knife.

cutting plastic ball in half at seam with scissors

You can easily insert scissors and cut along the seam of the ball.

This is safer and more accurate than using the xacto knife to cut the whole thing.

red yellow and blue plastic balls cut in half

The edges don’t have to be perfect because these are going to be cut up to make flower petals.

Creating the petals of the diy plastic flowers

cutting slits into plastic balls halves with scissors

I put a piece of painter’s tape on my scissors so all my cuts into the plastic ball half would be a similar depth, about one inch.

These plastic balls were quite easy to cut into with ordinary every day scissors.

plastic ball half with slits cut into it

When done cutting my ball half looks like this.

pushed out plastic ball with the beginnings of petal cut outs

I pressed the bottom of the ball up in the center and it opened up the flower, making the petals easier to cut.

repurposed plastic ball made into flower with petal cut outs

 Here’s the complete flower after cutting the petal shapes.

You can keep it like this.

repurposed plastic ball made into flower with petal cut outs 2

Or, by pressing the center down it can look like this.

TIP: By trial and error I discovered that if you cut down too deep into the ball half when cutting in the petals you can’t manipulate the middle to create the two flower shapes. 

repurposed plastic ball made into flower

By making a lot of small narrow cuts you can have a fringed flower like this.

repurposed plastic ball made into flower 2

Or like this.

Gluing the DIY Plastic Flowers Together

finished diy plastic flowers created from plastic bouncy castle balls

With just little dabs of hot glue I put my flowers together. 

I mixed up the colors and flower shapes for interest, and added decorative buttons for the centers.

The finished flowers kind of remind of funky water lilies. They are super fun and colorful.

colorful diy flowers created from repurposed plastic balls

Once your flowers are done you can do with them what you want.

Glue skewers to their backs like I did with these repurposed plastic wheel garden flowers, or display as wall decor like these repurposed tin light reflector flowers.

Whatever you like really.

Using the plastic flowers on a wreath

gluing jute twine onto backs of repurposed flowers to attach to wreath

I decided to glue some jute twine to the backs of my plastic flowers so I can use them on a wreath without making them permanent.

diy repurposed flowers created from plastic balls on jute wreath

Then I simply tied the flowers around a jute wreath that I made by covering a styrofoam wreath form with jute rope.

Using the jute twine makes the ties disappear, and makes the flowers easily removable .

So I can use both them and the wreath again.

colorful diy plastic flowers created from repurposed plastic balls on jute wreath

You can add more flowers if you like, and use other colors too. Or create flowers that are all one color. Anything goes!

I love love love color, so these crazy color combos work for me.

And I like having just the three flowers. Not having too many, or anything else like a bow competing with them, really makes them pop.

But those are just personal preferences.

Creating is all about doing what works for each of us. Whatever you love is what works. 🙂

Save this project for later by pinning!

How to create diy plastic flowers from repurposed plastic balls

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. “Creating is all about doing what works for each of us. Whatever you love is what works. ?”
    Fortunately for me whatever you create works best for me too! I couldn’t wait to see what you were going to do with the plastic balls and I am not disappointed! I am so glad I found your blog because we have so much in common when it comes to crafting and decorating. I have never really had much of an imagination and it turns out that isn’t a problem any more. Thanks again for your wonderful creativity!

    1. Thanks very much Pam! I truly believe that creativity is something we all have inside of us. Sometimes it’s just about finding it so that we can express and represent ourselves. I’m so happy that you have found yours. 🙂

  2. Jeretta Bliss says:

    These look easy and fun. thank you for sharing.

  3. So cute! I’ve seen bags of those balls around for cheap. Next time I’ll grab ’em! I agree with Pam…..you can certainly help those of us who are slower to have great ideas! Keep going!