DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

I’m so excited to share with you how I made my silver goblet wind chimes.

When I found a set of six small silver goblets back at the end of May I didn’t know what I was going to do with them at first, but I grabbed them because they were marked down at the thrift store from $12 to $1 for all six.

When I was carrying them to my car they were banging against each other in the bag so I took two out of the bag, held them upside down by their bottoms, and lightly touched them against each other… and they sounded just heavenly.

I knew right then and there that I had to somehow make them into wind chimes.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes


So I started looking for other pieces that would work for this project, and I finally had all the pieces to make my wind chimes this past week. Total cost of the silver pieces below was $6.50. The crystals were left over from my Garden Candelier project.

Now that I had all the pieces I needed all I had to do was figure out how I was going to put them together.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

So I gave this a lot of thought while sitting on the back deck on a very hot and humid day having a rum cooler in my favourite pink flamingo glass.

Plan A: I tried to drill a hole into one of the goblets because my plan was to screw in eye hooks to hang the goblets. Wrong!!! This totally didn’t work, and I ended up breaking a drill bit.

Plan B: Marine Goop to the rescue again. I love this stuff! I found some small washers and glued them to the bottoms of the six small goblets and the one larger centre goblet. Then I let the glue cure for 24 hours.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

This gave me time to think about how I was going to hang the goblets.

Metal ball chain? Maybe… but how would I secure it to the washers?

Fishing line? It could work, but how would I get them to hang like I wanted… all at the same length? Sounded like a nightmare to me.

I went to my old tackle box (I used to be a fisher-person years ago) to get some fishing line and there it was… a fishing leader. And suddenly I could hear my wind chimes… ding ding ding ding!!!

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

So I went to Canadian Tire and bought the leaders that I needed. I used some saved up Canadian Tire money instead of real cash so I saved $14.00. (Here in Canada Canadian Tire gives customers Canadian Tire money for a small percentage of every purchase.)

I hooked the leaders on to the washers on the bottoms of the goblets.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Easy peasy!

I used seven 6″ silver fishing leaders. After I attached the leaders I noticed that three of the smaller goblets were going to hang slightly longer than the other three.

A happy accident! I actually liked the look.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

I used a roofing nail to hammer a hole into the centre of the silver platter. This is where the large goblet would hang.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Then I did a dry run by hanging the goblets. I had planned on hanging the small goblets from the holes along the outside of the platter, but that didn’t work because they were too far from the centre goblet and would take way too big a wind to chime.

John came up with this hanging contraption out of an old wire frame and some chain so I could put this wind chime together.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

So back to the drawing board.

I removed all the goblets and hammered six holes into the silver platter, , evenly spaced and closer to the middle, and secured the loops at the tops of the leaders with straightened out heavy duty staples from my staple gun.

Once I was sure they were where I wanted them I added a dab of Marine Goop at each hole to secure in place. The holes in the punched out pattern in the platter will be used to hang some chandelier crystals.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Now it was time to put the top piece together.

I glued the bottom of the silver vase to the top side of the platter, and the final piece, a silver cat, was glued to the bottom of the platter, which is actually the very top of the wind chime. Huh?

Well that was about as clear as mud. It’ll make sense when you see the finished wind chimes… I hope.

The silver cat is in homage to our feline friends who share our house and our lives… and think they rescued us. lol. They may be right!

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Then I hammered 3 holes, evenly spaced, for the 9″ leaders that would hang at the top and basically carry the whole wind chime. These leaders are used to dealing with fighting fish, so they’re totally strong enough to carry the weight.

I bent a heavy duty staple from my staple gun into a V, Put the leader top loop on it and put it through the hole from the top down. Then I bent the two ends of the staple on the underside of the platter. Once all three leaders were in place I gave the staple ends a dab of Marine Goop to secure.

This is the underside of the top platter.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Then I got a small finishing nail and hammered in holes to add the chandelier crystals. I just stuck the wire up through one small hole and then down the other.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Then I glued this top section onto the platter, temporarily securing it with duct tape. It was supposed to rain over night (and it did) so I hung the whole contraption in the shed to cure for 24 hours.


DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Here are some close ups.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

Do you see me in the above photo? I didn’t… until I uploaded it.

I just finished this project yesterday, and it was so cool and windy that I was wearing long sleeves and a jacket. A sharp contrast to the blistering temps we had just last week.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

But I am not complaining… oh no… just saying.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

I hung the top leaders on the hook end of a broken belt, and then closed it with pliers.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

And here are my finished wind chimes.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

They measure about 30″ from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the centre silver goblet.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

The goblets are very reflective… and play with the light just as much as the chandelier crystals.

DIY Silver Goblet Wind Chimes

These wind chimes sound amazing… like sweet garden music to my ears. I wish I had a video camera so that you could hear them. On non-windy days I know I’ll be touching them every time I walk by… just so I can hear them play.


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How to make silver goblet wind chimes


Thanks so much for reading!

Have a great day!


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  1. That is just beautiful and so creative! I love it! I'll have to remember to keep my eye out for cheap silver pieces! Great job…thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. This is a masterpiece Tuula!!! So, so pretty! It looks like something pictured in a high class decor magazine!

  3. Oh my goodness Tuula!! You are amazing! I love this project and I just know these chimes sound incredible! Killer project and thank you for linking up to the Inspiration Cafe's Bloomin Marvelous party!

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  9. Tuula, how interesting and brilliant that you came up with that idea for a wind chime. Looks fun and great. I'm visiting from The Dedicated House and would love for you to visit me back.

    Thanks for the fun,

  10. Tuula, I love the way your mind works and how you see the world and things as well. This is GORGEOUS. I never would have thought to make this but now that I have seen it done, I can't help thinking what a brilliant idea it is.

  11. This piece is so stunning!! We have several wind chimes, but I would love to hear how yours sound and I would never have noticed you in the photo, but that sure if proof of just how brilliant the goblets are. Love it and pinned!

  12. Garden art! I love it! Wish I could hear the pretty sounds! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh my goodness, that is totally amazing. Wow, such sparkle and I am sure the sound is devine. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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  15. Hi Tuula! This is probably the most beautiful and creative wind chime in the whole world! Thanks for sharing how you made it with us. I like that you share that you sometimes have to go to "Plan B"…that happens to me a lot. I also am going to write down the quote on your sidebar about the birds that are not the best singers…isn't that the truth! I am following you now. I found your blog over at Marty's "A Stroll Thru Life" blog party.

  16. Love the upcycle! I adore making my own wind chimes, Have made similar silverplated ones in the past given as gifts.And made glass blooms as well… Stopped by via your gonna love it tuesdays, following you via bloglovin…

  17. I too used to make windchimes out of old silverplate and junk. I never made one out of goblets. I do in fact have goblets to do this with. I love how you used the bent staples to hold the line. I will borrow that idea if I get in the making mood again. I wish you had video of it, would love to hear it.

  18. Absolutely love this! Especially with the little kitty on top – cute! I am visiting from Elizabeth & Co link party. Now following you on GFC.

  19. Wow – that's like the chandelier of wind chimes!! What a huge job but did it ever turn out fabulously!!

    Great concept and beautifully executed, you're amazing!!

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    It must look and sound wonderful. Add some candles and you have
    a chic, over the top outdoor party show stopper! I love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  24. I am compelled to comment because this project is so darn adorable and unique too. Love the cat on top. I would love to make a chime of my own now that I have been inspired by your creativity. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. O.M.G. You've done it again Tuula – this is absolutely GORGEOUS – oh boy – I see a ton of features in your future again ( looking through my crystal ball as I type )
    This may be my favorite of your inventions yet ( and that's hard for me to say )
    It's beyond perfect – and must sound divine!!!

  26. I guess you know that thrift stores are going to have a run on any silver goblets now. I'm not much of a project person but this one makes me wish I were. Then, there's always my husband…

    Unbelievable! Very nice.

  27. Oh my goodness, what could be a better sound. I agree with Dewena that silver goblets will be disappearing from the shelves. I doubt it that we will find the price you did though.

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  36. Tuula, I just saw your windchimes on Pinterest and they are gorgeous! The details are great too. I've never heard of Marine goop before, sounds like I need to go get some tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful project. I'm definitely a new follower of your site!

  37. Wow ! I use the 6000 glue for all my DIY's. I just made the tea pot garden art and used 6000 and glued metal to ceramic. Thanks

  38. Tuula WOW how beautiful, you are an inspiration, bless you!!!!!! I am so impressed what an awesome wind chime wish I could hear it, I can only imagine what it sounds like.

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! The sound is quite beautiful.