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DIY Spring Flowers from Upcycled Easter Eggs

How to create fun and easy DIY Spring flowers from upcycled Easter eggs

Both spring and Easter are coming soon and for me that means it’s time to start thinking about the colors of Easter and the flowers of spring, which go together so well that I just had to come up with a project that combined them both. These colorful DIY spring flowers are easy to create with inexpensive upcycled Easter eggs.

How to make DIY spring flowers from upcycled Easter eggs

I always enjoy the challenge of creating DIY flowers from unusual items, and these Easter egg flowers were so much fun to make. These are not meant to even attempt to be exact copies of the flowers. The fun part of creating is to interpret things in your own way, and this project is my upcycled interpretation of flowers that I love.

Easter eggs are so much fun to craft with and you can do so many things with them like my easy Easter egg wreath, and my decoupaged Easter eggs. And the flowers that I’m sharing with you today.

Creating DIY spring flowers from upcycled Easter eggs

Styrofoam and plastic Easter egg in a variety of colors

This idea came to me when I was looking into my Easter crafting stash and saw all the pretty colors of the Easter Eggs. I immediately thought of flowers, and the project just blossomed from there.

To create my DIY spring flowers I’m using the tops of 3″ plastic Easter eggs and 1″ styrofoam Easter eggs. These are all from my stash and were found at my local thrift stores. This time of year the thrift stores are full of these and they are very inexpensive. I replenish my stock each season because this is the only time you’ll see them. You can also find them at the dollar stores this time of year.

Supplies needed for this project

  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • small styrofoam Easter eggs
  • misc faux flowers
  • milkshake straws
  • scissors
  • pliers (if necessary)
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • peanut butter jar
  • clothesline rope
  • jute twine, and decorative ribbon
  • flat glass marbles

leftover flower stems used to create upcycled flowers

I’m creating three different flowers and I’m using these leftover faux floral stems for parts for all three. I’ll be reusing the little white flowers, the stems, and the bracts.

I don’t even remember what flowers were on these stems because I’ve had them for so long. All my faux florals are found at thrift stores. I just buy them when I see them because you just don’t know when you’ll see them again. Always keep the bits and pieces of florals because you never know when you might be able to reuse them in a different way.

Creating Tulips from plastic Easter eggs

cutting triangles into plastic Easter egg edges

Creating tulips from plastic Easter eggs is super easy. All you need is a pair of scissors. I’m just using craft scissors and they worked just fine. Always use the tops of the eggs because they’re more flexible than the bottoms. You want to cut little triangles around the edge of the egg, spaced apart somewhat evenly. But it doesn’t have to be perfect.

To make sure the plastic egg top is a good candidate for cutting into, squeeze it in your hand to see how flexible it is. If it squeezes easily that means it’s a soft plastic and it should be easy to cut into. If it’s not flexible don’t even try to cut into it. I tried just to see what would happen and I had some just crack and break into pieces.

cutting plastic Easter eggs into tulip shapes

Once you have all your little triangles cut into the edges, use your scissors to round the edges to look like tulips. Truly, this really can’t be any easier.

gluing faux flower greens onto bottom of plastic Easter egg tulips

I then used some of the bracts from the floral stems and glued them onto the bottoms.

DIY tulips created from plastic upcycled Easter eggs

And here are my finished upcycled Easter egg tulips with the stems glued into the bracts. I chose from the colors I had in my stash.

Creating DIY Snowdrop flowers from Easter eggs

DIY blue snowdrop flowers made from upcycled Easter eggs

I’m calling these little flowers snowdrops, like those pretty little blue flowers you see in spring. I glued the bracts to the bottoms of the eggs, and then glued the stems into the bracts. Then I bent the stems of the bracts with pliers to face down. Easy peasy and super cute.

Creating DIY Lupins from upcycled Easter eggs

package of colorful milkshake straws

To create lupins from Easter eggs you need something to glue the eggs onto. I’m using some thrifted milkshake straws, which are wider than regular straws. You could also use wooden dowels. They just need to be about 1 1/2″ in diameter so you can get the eggs glued around them. I used these same milkshake straws when I made these easy DIY felt hyacinths.

purple styrofoam Easter eggs and purple plastic straw

For each of my lupin flowers I’m using a milkshake straw and some styrofoam Easter eggs. I’m making one flower each in purple, pink, and yellow.

hanging flowers up while glue is drying

I worked on all three flowers at the same time, hanging them up as I did each level so the glue would dry. Basically, you just glue one at the very top, and then glue around the straw as you do down. I got five eggs around at each level.

applying hot glue to hold around straw to secure Easter eggs

Once the five eggs of each level are glued in place you add a bit of glue around the straw to give extra stability to the eggs. Then you hang this one up and work on one of the other flowers. And so one until you’re done.

Adding filler flowers to lupins

cut small faux white flowers

To fill in the gaps between the eggs I cut little florets of the white flowers.

DIY lupin flowers with white flowers and without

Here you can see the purple with the white florets glued into the gaps, and the pink and yellow without them. This is just a personal choice, but for me the florets are necessary to give the flowers a finished look.

The fun thing about creating your own flowers is that you can do whatever you want. You can leave the florets out, or add whatever else you might have on hand that looks good to you.

DIY lupin flowers created from upcycled Easter eggs

Here are my three upcycled lupinesque flowers all done. I slipped some wooden dowels inside the straws so I could hold them for the pics, but then I decided to add on another straw to add some length to them. This made them nice and long for putting into my upcycled vase.

Creating a vase from a peanut butter jar

covering peanut butter jar with green and white paper twine

I love peanut butter jars for storing things like these decoupaged peanut butter jars. But they also make excellent vases, and they can easily be prettied up in so many different ways. I’m simply gluing on some pretty green and white plastic clothesline rope that I found at the dollar store a few years ago. I think it has a pretty spring look to it.

How to Clean out Peanut Butter Jars

I have cleaned out many a peanut butter jar, and I’ve found that the best way is to first fill it with hot water; put the lid on and let is sit overnight. Then pour out about half of the water, put the lid back on and shake, shake, shake. This will loosen a lot of the softened up peanut butter off of the sides of the jar. Then rinse well with hot water. Whatever peanut butter is left can be taken away by adding some hot water and a splash of dish soap into the jar and then scouring with a brush.

You basically want to get rid of all the oils in the jar. Once done let it sit upside down until dry. Then wipe the inside with a paper towel. I store my peanut butter jars without the lids for a few days until I’m sure the peanut butter smell is totally gone.

peanut butter covered with green and white paper twine

To create this vase I simply wrapped around, gluing as I went, as many times as I needed to get the whole thing covered from top to bottom. After I removed the glue strings, that you can see in the pic, it was time to fill my vase with my DIY spring flowers. So that my flower bouquet has some weight to it, I filled my jar with glass marble gems.

Creating a DIY spring bouquet

bunch of white faux flowers

For a filler I’m using this $1 bunch of thrifted white faux flowers from my stash.

DIY spring flower bouquet from upcycled Easter eggs

And I simply arranged my flowers in a way that looked good to me. To do this I put in all my created flowers first, and then I added the white filler flowers. Before putting in the tulips I glued a small styrofoam Easter egg inside each of them for some extra interest. They just seemed like they needed something.

DIY spring flower bouquet made from upcycled Easter eggs displayed in decorated peanut butter jar

To dress up the vase I added a bit of lace-edged jute ribbon and a pretty floral lace ribbon.

DIY spring flowers made from upcycled Easter eggs

You can better see how the white flowers fill in this spring bouquet with a dark background. My 1960s ceramic pink cat is enjoying the pretty flowers.

DIY spring floral bouquet made from upcycled Easter eggs

And here’s the back of the bouquet. I tried to glue the ribbons as best I could so it’s not to noticeable where they overlap at the back. This is so I can put them in the middle of a table if I like.

Creating these DIY spring flowers was so much fun, and a great way to upcycle some thrifted Easter eggs.

This spring floral bouquet was created using things that I already had, and I hope it has inspired you to look into your own stashes and see what you can create from them.

If you enjoyed this project please pin it, and share it with your friends.

Easy DIY spring flowers from upcycled Easter eggs

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Hi, I’m Barb from upstate New York! I just viewed this upcycled plastic Easter Egg project! This is so darn cute! It is simple, but so colorful for Spring! After a long winter here color is so welcome. Thank you for sharing this project. Question: how do you remove hot glue strings from wreath projects and others? So many to remove. The best I have found is a blow hair dryer, but what have you found that works good? Thank you!

    1. Thanks Barb! I’m in southern Ontario and I’m so looking forward to the colors of spring outside in the gardens but until then it’s so nice to bring those colors inside. When it comes to hot glue strings, I’ve found that a blow dryer works best as well. Honestly I’ve never tried anything else because that works so well.

  2. Another awesome DIY floral project from you Tuula. Such a great idea for those plastic easter eggs!