DIY Tree Ornaments from Pencil Crayons

DIY Tree Ornaments from Pencil Crayons

This is a fun and easy way to create some diy tree ornaments. 
When I find something in bulk for a great price at a thrift store it pretty much always tempts me to buy whatever it is.

And this time was no exception.

Bulk buys like this always get my creative juices flowing, and almost anything that you can cut into random lengths can be made into a  tree of some kind.


large bag of thrifted pencil crayons

I found this large bag of pencil crayons recently for just $2. 

I’m always attracted by color, and I saw this bag a mile away.


pencils crayons of different colors

It pretty much contains every color under the sun, so I pulled a few colors that I thought would be fun.


cutting pencil crayons with miter box and saw for tree ornaments

I cut some tree trunk pieces from a brown pencil crayon using my miter box and saw.

I made them about 3/4″ long.

      pencil crayons and pencil sharpener for repurposed pencil crayon tree ornaments

Then I cut random lengths of colorful pencil crayons, and I grabbed a little plastic pencil sharpener from my desk.

  sharpening pencil crayons to different lenghts to create diy tree ornaments

I sharpened the ends to get different lengths.

You could do straight cuts, but I thought that sharpened ends added extra interest.

And, bonus, when you sharpen the ends you don’t have to worry if your cuts are messy or not.

  lining up pencil crayons of different lengths to create diy tree ornament

I just mixed up the colors in a way that I liked.

  sample fit of diy pencil crayon tree ornament

When I got to the really short pencil crayons I had to hold onto them with pliers and turn the sharpener instead of turning the pencil crayon.

 dulling the sharp tips of pencil crayons on pad of paper

Once I had all my pencil crayons sharpened I dulled the tips a bit on a pad of paper.

Some of the tips were super sharp.

  using popsicle stick as back of diy tree ornaments made from pencil crayons

I used my glue gun to attach two brown pieces for a tree trunk at the bottom of a popsicle stick.

  using glue gun to assemble diy tree ornamenrs made from pencil crayons

Then I glued my pencil crayons making my way up.

  three diy repurposed pencil crayon tree ornaments

Now I just needed to find something for the tops of the trees.


cutting tops of popsicle sticks off with scissors

I cut the tops off the popsicle sticks with scissors.

Also, I ran hot glue down each side of the popsicle sticks to give the trees more stability.


adding plastic light reflectors with faux pearls as pencil crayon tree toppers

Then I went into my stash of vintage plastic Christmas tree light reflectors and found these stars.

They were the perfect size.

I glued them on with my glue gun and added some faux pearls to the centers.


adding jute twine to pencil crayon tree ornaments for hanging on the tree

And I glued some jute twine on as hangers.

I love jute twine for any kind of ornament.

These are so colorful and fun. I think the star light reflectors give them a a retro vibe, which I love.

You could change the look by adding different toppers like buttons, bows, or whatever little doodads you have.


Save this project for later by pinning!

DIY Tree Ornaments made from repurposed pencil crayons

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Cindy Caretto says:

    Super cute and clever! I loves how you brain works! Just wish mine worked at all. Ha!

  2. These are adorable! I have been looking for inexpensive ideas to make ornaments for our tree. I definitely will be making these
    Thank you. ?

  3. so cute and very colourful! You must have blisters from all that sharpening lol! These ornaments are definitely worth it!

  4. I love reading about your creativeness! You always surprise me! Don’t stop creating!!! The trees turned out fantastic!

  5. Amy Davis says:

    Agreed! Too Cute! So Simple! Love This! My kind of crafting!

  6. vickie l obrien says:

    these are super cute!!! and I will definitely make some

  7. I am an artist & colored pencil is my favorite medium! These ornaments are clever! I use my colored pencils down to the nib & these will make me feel less guilty about tossing them out! ! I have been contemplating in my mind how to make a colored pencil wreath – I have the idea – just need to sit down and make it!

    1. Thanks Colleen! This would be a great way to use up odds and ends of used pencil crayons.

  8. Love these & I just got rid of the grandkids broken crayons. I could have done this for teacher gifts. Oh well next year ?

    1. Thanks Gloria! That is a fabulous idea? I didn’t think of that. These would make great teacher’s gifts. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh, yes! This is a keeper…….pinned! When I worked with Pre-k and Kindergarten kids, I looked for ANYTHING I could save in bulk. I didn’t need to get them all at once. Good example: I have a gallon jar filled with the little green sticks that Starbucks puts in your hot drinks to keep them warm. The plan? Make snowflakes and with them, then paint and glitter! I’ve made 1 (one) (uno). And I gave that one to the Starbucks that I frequent. But I DO intend to make more!!!

    1. Thanks for pinning Dona! Your snowflake idea sounds fabulous. I love that you’ve been saving those little sticks. I’d love to see your snowflakes if you make more. πŸ™‚

      1. Hello, my long distance friend that I’ve never met! Well it’s a year later and I’m sad to say that I’ve still done nothing with those little sticks. But, I will ………… someday……. I’m so glad I ran across this idea again!!!!! Crayons! Yes! I have those! I can do this!!! Thanks! Again!!!!!!!!!

        1. Hello Dona! Yes time does seem to pass quickly. I can’t believe these ornaments were form last year. There are always so many projects to do and not enough time. I think crayons would definitely work for these ornaments as long as they’re not to hard to cut.

  10. Tuula,

    I love, love, love your pencil Christmas trees! They are so cute. Thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town.

    I’m choosing you as next week’s feature.



  11. Gosh, I love your creativity, Tuula – these little trees are ADORABLE! Pinned πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing them at the Talk Of The Town Party, we were ALL chomping at the bit to feature them. LOL

  12. What great luck finding that huge bag of colored pencils. I love these ornaments! Very creative and original. Pinning πŸ™‚

  13. MaryEllen says:

    Oh! So cute! What a great way to repurpose old colored pencils and Christmas pins, etc. Thank you for this idea!
    And, Merry Christmas!