Easy Dollar Store Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

I love the dollar store!
The one in the town where we do a lot of our shopping has aisles and aisles of great Christmas stuff. I could have spent the entire day there just imagining a million projects.
Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

But Mother Nature finally gave us some half decent weather to put some outside lights on the house so we wanted to get home. Yay!

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

I did grab a few of these clear plastic ornaments with this pretty raised snowy white swirly design.

The Thrifty Rebel at www.thriftyrebel.com

In a house of four cats, where one of them is a mischievous Miss Pixie, plastic is a very good idea. Though I have to admit she does make a pretty cute ornament herself.

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

When I saw these I immediately thought of filling them with the hot pink scarf from my stash of crafting scarves..

It is Think Pink Monday after all.

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

I cut the fluffy knitted hot pink scarf into three pieces about 20″ long each. I usually pick my crafting scarves up at thrift stores for 50 cents or $1.

There’s only two here because I stuffed one of the balls before I thought of taking a pic. I got a little ahead of myself.

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

Filling these ornaments is a piece of cake. They have a large 1″ hole for the cap, which is perfect.

Just remove the cap and start stuffing the scarf in using a pencil.

The scarf used has to be one of those loosely knitted super light silky & fluffy scarves.


Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

Even when it looks full… just keep on stuffing.

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

The 20″ scarf pieces filled these balls, which are 3″ across, perfectly

Easy peasy!

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

The swirly design is really pretty against the hot pink…

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

and the texture is sooo fun.

Clear Ball Scarf Ornaments

Any colour scarf would look fabulous in these balls…  blue, silver, purple, green, red, gold, black…even white work work if the colour of the pattern on the balls was a different colour.

Whatever your Christmas heart and decor desires really, and they can easily be changed from year to year by simply removing the scarves and changing to another colour.

I can’t wait to get my hot pink ones on my master bedroom Christmas tree, which will be making an appearance on a future Think Pink Monday.

Thanks so much for reading and until next time… Think Pink!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

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  1. These are really lovely, Tuula! I thought they were handpainted with a beautiful texture before I saw how you stuffed them with that pretty scarf. Very unique looking!

  2. Great idea! I love the white swirls against the hot pink! I can't wait to see your tree…:)

  3. That is probably the most clever idea I have seen done with an ornament! So cute. Thanks so much for sharing with the Dollar party. Merry Christmas! XO

  4. Well, lookie here! Another post I missed!! 2014 might be before I found you. If so I’m especially glad I did. Not only for these ornaments (which I’m gonna pin!) but for all your posts!! It’s that fabulous brain of yours! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! These dollar store fillable ornaments are a great starting point for so many Christmas ornament possibilities.