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Easy Bead Garland Heart Wreath

This Valentine’s Day heart wreath is very easy to make, using simple supplies that I had on hand.
Bead Garland Heart Wreath

In my last post I shared my pink and sparkly wreath that I also made from a heart shaped hanger. You can see that here.
Pink Scarf and Crystal Heart Wreath
I wanted to see what else I could come up with for the same wire heart shape so I raided my Christmas decorations and found a bunch of strands of red bead garland.
Bead Garland Heart Wreath

I spray painted the hanger red just in case it might be visible through the beads.

Then I simply wrapped the garland around the heart, keeping it tight as I went. I put a bit of hot glue at the beginning to hold the garland in place.

Bead Garland Heart Wreath

Here it is after one strand of nine foot garland. Again to hold the garland in place I put a dab of hot glue at the end.

Bead Garland Heart Wreath

And I just kept wrapping.

Here it is wrapped with two nine foot garlands.

Bead Garland Heart Wreath

I decided that I wanted to make it wider to match the top middle section so I wrapped it with another layer using one strand of twelve foot garland.


Bead Garland Heart Wreath

And it’s done.

You could leave it plain like this…

Bead Garland Heart Wreath
or add a simple lace bow.
Bead Garland Heart Wreath

It really couldn’t be easier.


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  1. Welcome back, Tuula! I missed you! This is so beautiful and unique! Without your instructions it looks very intricate and difficult to make. I like the added lace ribbon . . . makes it very romantic, too!

  2. That is gorgeous! Gotta love the red from Christmas….it just keeps on giving!

  3. Tuula I really love that and you could change that up for so many holidays with a few wire tools. I think I want to try an egg for easter.

  4. Well of course you came back from your cruise and made a fabulous wreath!! I love it and I think the bow sets it off! Now I want a cruise!

  5. Tuula, you're a Thrifty lady, just like me 😉 love the up cycle for the hanger bent into a heart. That's what I used for my pom pom heart wreath. Why buy when you can use what you already have 😉

  6. I thought at first you had strung all the beads on! Great idea using the garland beads. Hope the cruise was fun.

  7. Well you did it again Miss Tuula – LOVING it – ( might be my favorite yet ! )
    Our cruise got delayed till the fall – how was yours?