Easy DIY Candle Holder Birdfeeders

Here are two DIY birdfeeders made from wrought iron candle holders.

 How to make repurposed candale holder bird feeders

This was a quick and easy project. It was just a matter of waiting until I had thrifted what I needed to put them together.


Here’s what they looked like when they came home with me. They cost $1 each



I thrifted these great serving dishes for $2 each. I love that they have the centre handles on them.



I flattened the points, which are meant to hold candles in place, with a hammer so the dishes could sit nicely on top.

Then I spray painted the candle holders with a lovely red, and a fabulous pink.



I glued the serving dishes on with Marine GOOP adhesive.



And that’s it! Here they are, all ready for the garden. I love that they can be carried by their handles. It makes them very easy to move around.

Anyone can do this. It’s easy peasy!


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How to make repurposed candale holder bird feeders

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  1. Those are so cute Tuula! I'm going to have to try this – thanks for sharing!

  2. Wish I had seen these a little earlier, because we are quickly moving into fall…Actually it even tried to snow last night, but it was more of a slush…(Frightening). Anyhow I too, am a garage saling,thrift shop & consignment junkie.What I have discovered in your site was inspiration for several projects and excitting gifting ideas… Thank-you!!!! from Shar in Kalamazoo!

    1. Thanks Shar! Wow… it's too early for me to even think about snow, but it's going to come eventually. It has been cooler here lately, but after the summer we had…I welcome it. But snow… that's another thing entirely. I'm so glad you found some inspiration on my blog. Nothing pleases me more. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    2. I love this!! Thank you so much! Am not very creative I am so glad I found your page:) and I can't wait to try the purse planter!! Can't wait till spring!!