Easy Outdoor Metal Table Makeover

Well I have to say that thanks to you guys I’m feeling re-inspired.

After reading all the summer comments left on my giveaway post on Monday I was in the mood to do a summery makeover right away… before it was too late!

Metal Garden Table Makeover

I think I’ll try and get a few more summery projects in before it’s officially over. Try is the operative word here. lol. You know how time can get away from us sometimes.

But right then I had my heart and mind set on doing one, so I took a look around to see what I could find that needed a little summery something.


Metal Garden Table Makeover

When I found this metal table a while back I fell in love with its curves and curlicues, but the black was kinda blah to me. I knew it would be getting a quick and easy makeover, but it’s been sitting and waiting ever since.

I shared it in my this Finds of the Week post.

It has a lot of lovely details and it was only $5. I can think of many ways to repurpose pieces of it, but for now  it’s staying a table.

Now I can’t promise it will stay that way forever. You know… a girl’s prerogative and all that jazz.


Metal Garden Table Makeover

For me quick and easy usually means applying some spray paint love, and when it comes to painting cut-work patterns like the one on this table I think spray paint is the only way to go.


I chose a lovely lime green spray paint. It’s such a fun, fresh, and summery colour… and it gives great coverage.

I never spray any paint without a handy dandy plastic thimble, which keeps my spray finger clean and dent-free. Have you ever had a spray finger dent? It isn’t pretty. lol.

It was a little breezy outside so I had to paint inside our portable garage, and even though I always leave the main door open I always wear a mask when spray painting inside.


Metal Garden Table Makeover


I always paint the underside of everything as well.


Because if I don’t it’ll stay unfinished in my brain, and my brain is way too cluttered already. lol.


Metal Garden Table Makeover

Here’s how it looked before on the deck with our swan planter, and the Eiffel Tower that we brought home from our trip to Paris in 2011.


Metal Garden Table Makeover

It never ceases to amaze me how a little spray paint can make a world of difference. This funky green makes my heart happy.

The bright colour makes all the curves and curlicues pop. Check out those sweet little feet! lol. They do make me smile, and the Eiffel Tower really stands out now. Don’t ya think?

What piece do you have hanging around that you think is kinda blah?

Just give it some quick and easy spray paint love in whatever colour makes you smile. I’m sure you’ll be happy you did, and if you decide you don’t like it… it’s so easy to try another colour.

Thanks so much for reading.

If you haven’t already entered my garden plate flower giveaway there’s still time. It’s open until midnight tomorrow.

Until next time…

keep on keepin’ on.


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  1. Cute table! I spray painted a little faded black metal table that same color green about a month ago. I had another white metal table that I spray painted yellow and my sister brought her white metal table over and we painted it a lovely lavender. I love that with just a can of spray paint, you can transform something so swiftly and easily.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I almost painted this table yellow, but the lime green won out this time. It’s one of my favourite colours. I can always paint it yellow next summer, and just might. That’s what so great about spray paint. It’s so easy to make a change.

    1. Thanks so much Kirby! Mine too!

  2. WOWZA!!! I agree, a little paint love goes a long way to make the heart happy.

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! And it’s so easy to do.

  3. That’s so cute!! Love the color!! I have 3 wicker tables in my garage waiting for me. But here, I have to wait for “winter” to paint! Summers are too hot to be outside, but winters are nice and mild! You’ve inspired me! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! It’s been such a yoyo summer here. During the days it was 16 celcius here for most of the last week. We actually had a couple of fires in the wood stoves because the evenings were so cool. This week with the humidity it’s 37. That’s 99 fahrenheit! Yikes! I managed to fit in a few projects on the in between day. Hope it cools down for both of us soon. I so envy your winters. I love spray painting wicker pieces.

    1. Thanks Kris! I love me a quick and easy project every once in a while.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love the transformation, Tuula! You are very brave to pick such a bold color, my friend, and it definitely paid off. Once again you have amazed and inspired me. Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I can’t be accused of being afraid of colour that’s for sure. lol.

  5. ColleenB. says:

    OOH, La, La; love that color and what a beautiful make-over just from a little spray paint.

    1. Thanks Colleen! That’s really all it has to take sometimes. And it’s pretty inexpensive too. I think I used about half a can… here that’s only about $3.

  6. Amazing what a simple coat of colorful paint can do to something! Totally change and transform it! Looks nice! Could even be a bench!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking Cheri! It would make a great bench, but it would have to have new legs. They’re really not strong enough to carry too much weight. Could be a repurpose project for next summer.

  7. I LOVE the Rustoleum paints that green is Elizabeth’s favorite. The table looks wonderful and summery hold on as long as you can before the cold sets in ?

    1. Tell Elizabeth I think she has good taste. I love this colour too. I’m trying to get all the spray painting in now before winter hits. Then it’s inside projects only. Ugh!!

  8. Never been to Paris :(…but got my Eiffel Tower at the local Goodwill Thrift Shop for $4.00 :)……love the day-glo green

    1. Thanks Nancy! I really want to paint the Eiffel Tower, but hubby isn’t convinced. I guess I’m not either or I would have just gone ahead and done it already. lol. Maybe some day.

  9. I love the green. So bright and fun Tuula! You do find the best stuff. Have you ever watched a show called Flea Market Finds? You should be a contestant on it as I know you would win hands down!

    1. Thanks Karen! If you mean Flea Market Flip it’s one of my favourite shows. I’d love to be a contestant some day. I think it would be such fun. Maybe if they get a copycat show here in Canada.

  10. Wow what a difference! From bla to aahhhh! Very pretty Tuula. I’ve painted a lot this summer… Nothing just for fun though. I think it might be time. Or maybe a day of nothing will happen… I’m glad to be back catching up with you. I need some inspiration too 🙂

  11. I use the cut end of a rubber glove for my painting finger – never thought of a thimble. The table is quit flirty in the lime color.

  12. Jann Olson says:

    The color is so cheery and just screams summer! Thanks for sharing with SYC.