Easy Paper Hearts Wall Hanging

These easy paper hearts are a quick DIY that will add some fun to your decor.

I have a thrifted collection of scrapbook papers that I love to leaf through every once in a while. I’ve been spending January reorganizing my craft room and I came across some papers that inspired this project.

Whenever I see scrapbook papers at thrift stores I pick them up because I never know when I might want to use them. And buying them new can be rather pricey, or the craft store or dollar patterns might not be what I’m looking for.

Easy Scrapbook Paper Hearts Wall Hanging

This easy paper hearts wall hanging is a quick and easy project. It can easily be customized to your own decor style depending on what you use to create it.

scrapbook papers and other supplies

Whenever I see scrapbook papers, in patterns that I like, at thrift stores I pick them up because I never know when I might want to use them. And buying them new can be rather pricey, or the craft store or dollar patterns might not be what I’m looking for.

For this project I’m continuing with my quest to use things that I already have in my stashes, like these four thrifted 12″ x 12″ reddish scrapbook paper sheets. I like the combo of the different patterns. I have a specific place in mind for this wall hanging so I’m creating four hearts in a size that works for me. But this would work with whatever number of hearts, or whatever size of hearts, you want to use.

Supplies needed for easy paper hearts wall hanging

  • scrapbook papers
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • stick glue
  • burlap ribbon
  • jute rope
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • decorative doodads

Creating the paper heart template

pencilling a circle onto scrapbook paper

To create my paper hearts I penciled around an 11″ knitting loom from my thrifted stash. When deciding what to use to create your circle, keep in mind that your heart will be about half the size of the circle you make.

2 inch pencil lines at each side of circle

I want a less rounded heart shape so I measured 2″ in from two sides of the circle. You can also go ahead and just cut out the whole circle, which will give you a more rounded heart. Experiment to see what shape you like.

scrapbook paper cut out

After you’ve cut it out it should look something like this.

Creating easy paper hearts with accordion folding

creating accordion folds with scrapbook paper

Here’s where the fun starts. You fold over one of the flat ends and continue with an accordion fold until you get to the other end. I did folds that were about half an inch. This is a fun technique that I also used for my DIY monopoly money rosette ornaments.

pressing on accordion folds with ruler

It helps to press on the folded paper with a ruler to get nice clean folds.

folding folded paper to create heart shape

Then you press and fold it in half, making sure your inside seams meet up at the top.

using stick glue on the insides of folded paper

Apply some of the glue stick to the insides.

pressing halves of folded paper together to create a heart shape

Press it firmly together, running you fingers up and down to make sure all is adhered. You could clamp it for a bit if you want to. But I found that the glue sticks pretty quick so that wasn’t really necessary.

accordion folded heart from scrapbook paper

And here’s the finished paper heart.

scrapbook paper hearts made with accordion folds

I went ahead and made the other three, using the same process. Two of these papers were a heavier weight and were a little harder to fold, but they still worked.

Using the paper hearts to create a wall hanging

gluing paper hearts onto jute ribbon with lace details

I found some burlap ribbon with a nice lace detail in my stash and hot glued the hearts onto it. Because the lace is running down the middle of the ribbon I made sure to have the points of the hearts lined up accordingly. It just looks nice and neat that way.

gluing a jute tope bow onto top of paper heart wall hanging

I wanted some sort of bow at the top, so I created a super easy one with some braided jute cording. A small satin millinery flower with gold ribbon finishes it off nicely. I also glued a small piece of jute rope onto the back at the top to use for hanging.

gluing large heart pendant on bottom of paper heart wall hanging.

Something was also needed at the bottom. Not just for pretty sake, but also to add some weight to help the wall hanging hang nicely. Burlap ribbon is a little wonky so this really helps.

I glued a large silver tone heart-shaped necklace pendant onto the end of the burlap ribbon. I opted to cover the flower on the pendant with the same millinery flower that’s at the top of the wall hanging. I think this ties it together nicely. The leaves design on the pendant surrounds the millinery flower perfectly.

I just love happy accidents.

Hanging the easy paper hearts wall hanging

Easy DIY scrapbook paper hearts wall hanging with jute ribbon

And here’s my paper hearts wall hanging on the living room feature wall beside my scrapbook paper stairs. It fits the space perfectly, and I like how it looks with my upcycled cake pan and curlers heart. I’m still looking for something to go beneath the oil painting. That’s a someday project still to come.

I hope this easy paper hearts project has inspired you to create some of your own. They’re super fun to make and you can make just about any size you want.

All you have to remember is that whatever size circle you make, your heart will be about half that size. That’s it.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

Easy Scrapbook Paper Hearts Wall Hanging

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Debra Hubbs says:

    These are so cute.

  2. I think I have a nice stash of scrapbook paper packed away! I’ll save this for next year! Really nice…..and pinned…..