Fabulous Finds Friday

Fabulous Finds Friday

The one thing I really love about thrifting, even more than the fact that you save a lot of money, is that you never know what you’re going to find.

Every visit to a thrift store is a surprise.

And that makes it so much fun.

Some weeks I find nothing, like last week.

And then some weeks, like this week, I find some very cool things.


vintage metal flower-shaped mirror with concave mirror

Like this $3 concave mirror with a sort of floral metal frame.

It’s so hard to take a decent mirror pic so I put it on the floor in my upstairs hallway.

This would be awesome spray painted any color.

  La-Rel black and clear rhinestone bracelet 1

The one thrift store that I go to the most always has $2 bracelets and I often find cool ones to use in projects.

But this bracelet is not one of those.  

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s  very cool.

But it definitely won’t be used in a project.


La-Rel black and clear rhinestone bracelet 4

Items like this are why I always have a mini-magnifying glass in my purse.

On both the clasp and the back of one of the large black rhinestones is the mark La-Rel.  


La-Rel black and clear rhinestone bracelet 2

I did a search on etsy and I found a very similar one for 48.00 U.S. I paid $2 Canadian.

That was a pretty sweet deal, and it’s definitely a keeper.  


thrifted lots of colorful millinery flowers

Sometimes I have projects in mind for certain things, and I collect those things for years until I have enough to get that project done.

I’m super patient like that.

Like these millinery flowers that I got for 5o cents a bag.  


thrifted lot of wooden rulers

And these wooden rulers that I got for 10 cents a piece.

Both of these lots will be added to my collections, waiting for their project day in the sun.


What the Heck Is It?

Speaking of never knowing what you’re going to find, check this out.


What the heck is it 1

It’s brass, and at 16 inches tall it makes quite a unique statement.

I found it for $2, and when something weird has a price like that I can’r resist.

  What the heck is it 3

With the patterns of the cut outs and the colored glass beads it has a Turkish kind of look to me, 


What the heck is it 4

It screws apart into these five pieces, which could all be repurposed in different ways.

But it also looks very cool put back together.


What the heck is it 1

So what do you think?

What the heck is it?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. Karolyn Love says:

    Great find on that bracelet!! I also love that mirror…different. On the brass piece, maybe an incense burner? Whatever it is, it’s pretty cool looking for sure!!

  2. I can never pass up millinery flowers. LOL Gorgeous bracelet!! What a steal.
    OK at first glance, for some reason, I thought of incense for your brass item. But decided quickly that wasn’t the case. I too think it looks Turkish. The hole on the base makes me think it’s some type of a lamp? the hole is for an electric cord maybe. Curious to find out what it actually is 😉
    Have a great weekend!
    Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

    1. Thanks Deb! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! That’s a good point about the hole in the base. I didn’t give that a second thought, but it could be for a cord. If it was a lamp at some point I wonder how it was wired with lights. Interesting!

  3. Love your recent finds! I would guess incense burner too!


  4. Jane Clelland says:

    I sure have missed your ” what is it” posts. Don’t have a clue on this one. Keep up the good work!

  5. Jennifer L Woodward says:

    The brass piece is most DEFINITELY for cone incense. Most likely vintage.

  6. I agree with everyone, an incense burner. Nice finds again this week! I have made a very important decision and I thought it was best to let you know what it is. From this point on, I have decided that I will provide you with a weekly list of all the things I would like to find and buy at thrift stores and since you have such a great selection of shops and are out shopping in them anyway, I will let you find and buy all my items too! You are far better than I am at finding the good stuff and I hope you are just as happy as I am now that I have made this very important decision!
    ( just kidding lol, but I can dream!)
    Good luck shopping next week and I just love your painted rag rugs that I saw for the first time today, You truly amaze me Tuula!

    1. Thanks for letting me in on that decision Pam. lol. I guess I am pretty lucky with the thrift stores around here when it comes to pricing. Then again, I never show over-priced stuff because I don’t buy it unless I fall head over heels in love and totally lose my thrifty senses. lol. Which doesn’t happen often.

  7. Laura Crumm says:

    I think I would leave the brass as is for a conversation piece. I love braceles. I have a gazillion of them that I actually wear.

  8. Well, first, I want to send a list to you, too, like Pam said! I’ve always said you have the best luck! You made some great purchases! And I also believe that your brass….thing….is an incense burner. It’s a great piece, no matter what it is!!

    1. Thanks Dona!I think it’s a keeper, but now I have to figure out what to do with it.