Fabulous Finds Friday

New Life for Old Fabulous Finds

When you’re a thrifter sometimes you find amazing things with perfectly good intentions of using them for something someday.

And what happens? They get put away and forgotten.

This happens to me more than I would care to admit, but I guess I’m admitting it right now. lol.

Let’s face it, there are so many fabulous things to find in this world.

Even in my small neck of the thrifting woods.

So this week I thought I would share what I just recently did with a few (temporarily) forgotten fabulous finds.

Honestly, just because they were forgotten doesn’t make then any less fabulous.


keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Mother Deer says:

    I like the way that the blue jay picture background mirrors the lines of your curtain panels, and the music staff placement is perfect. What a great vignette 🙂

    1. Thanks very much! I didn’t even notice that but now that you mentioned it I see it. 🙂

  2. Hey, that lighter thread in the Blue Jay pic…..isn’t that the outline of his chest? No, maybe not. Oh well…. But then I look again and think it is. The music notes are just fabulous. I didn’t notice the one note missing either, I had to go back and look! Once the whole thing came together I thought of the song: Let’s all Sing like the Birdies Sing. Know that one? You’re probably too young. But I sing it when I go out to feed the birds. Nice work, girl!

    1. Thanks Dona! I don’t think it’s the outline of his chest because it goes right across the picture and is very straight at the edges. I don’t know that song. I’ll have to look it up. 🙂

  3. Debra Hubbs says:

    That looks so nice in that spot and love the pairing of the birds with the scale. Ok I didn’t notice the note missing either until you mentioned it lol. I’m wondering with that block of color you see if possibly that is an area that for some reason didn’t fade and the other background did? Maybe it’s the pictures but I think it looks like you can see an area faintly darker on the cardinal one also? Maybe not, just throwing that out there.

    1. Thanks Debra! I think the sun fading the rest of the pic might be the answer. Maybe something was covering the darker area.

  4. The bird pictures and music notes looks so cute together! Great finds!


  5. This vignette looks fabulous! What I find most amazing though is how you went so long without putting something up on that wall space. I can’t fill my walls up fast enough and have too many temporarily forgotten finds packed away all over. I am jealous of your space lol!

    1. Thanks Pam! I wish I could put stuff up that fast. 🙂 It sometimes takes a long time to find what feels right to me, and walls have been known to stay blank until that happens.