Fabulous Finds Friday: A Mix of Treasures

For the most part I’ve been staying out of the thrift stores because I’ve been busy purging and donating stuff myself, and I don’t want to start bringing in new stuff right away.

Also, I have to say that lately this thrifty girl has been finding some of the prices a little too dear.

But when dropping stuff off it’s hard to resist doing a once around to see if there’s anything that catches my fancy,.

Ant I did manage to find a mix of thrifty treasures.


silver teapot creamer and sugar bowl

Like this silver teapot cream and sugar.

It was sold as a set for $5, but it’s actually not a set. The teapot doesn’t match the cream and sugar, but that’s perfectly fine with me.

There’s no more room in my hot pink china cabinet where I display my silver, so these pieces are now in my kitchen china cabinet.

I think I’m on a mission to rescue every silver tea set piece that I can.

If it’s a good price anyway, which for me means it has to be cheap cheap cheap…. and this mismatched set was definitely that.


vintage clown salt & pepper set

I usually don’t buy clown stuff, but this vintage salt and pepper set is so fun and colourful… and totally not scary, but since I don’t collect clowns they’re still not keepers.

They’ll be listed in my etsy shop at some point.


vintage aluminum baking molds

You know I can never resist vintage tin molds.

The smaller set of 6 was $2, and the mini bundt looking set of 2 was $1.


vintage punched tin Christmas tree light reflectors

At one thrift store that I only go to every once in a while I found some Christmas stuff in a box under a pile of other stuff.

At Christmas time I didn’t find any vintage Christmas treasures, so I guess I was destined to find this lot of 30 vintage punched tin Christmas light reflectors.

They were $3, and well worth that price.


vintage wooden Christmas ornaments

I love vintage hand painted wooden Christmas ornaments, which are usually pretty cheap when I find them.

I found this lot in the same box as the light reflectors, and they gave it all to me for $2.

The colours and the naively painted faces remind me of a simpler time.

So how are the prices in your neck of the thrifting woods? Have you found any treasures lately?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Great finds! I once found a box of wooden Christmas ornaments–in the original box– in a free box at a garage sale. I couldn’t believe my luck! They are fun to add to the tree every year.

    1. Tuula McPhee says:

      I totally agree Audra! These vintage wooden ornaments are so cute, and add a lot of charm to a tree. You certainly lucked out finding some in a freebie box. Can’t get any thriftier than that! 🙂

  2. Hi Tuula.
    Was going to donate my tin molds until i saw yours .now im keeping them !going to make a 3d wall art for my kitchen wall ,will probably paint a few to add a pop of color! Was thinking and visualizing what the graters could possibly hold turned upside down and hooked onto a towel rod. ? Im seventy and my mind is still creating!just wish my body had the same energy!

    1. Wow Pam! That sounds like an awesome idea. I really think staying creative helps to keep us young in spirit. 🙂