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Fabulous Finds Friday: Mini Flower Paintings on Glass

Mini Flower Paintings on Glass

In this world of super sizing everything, I’m being drawn in the completely opposite direction.

I guess it’s the rebel in me that doesn’t want to conform to the norm.

These days I find myself inspired by tiny house TV shows , and while I don’t plan on tinyfying my living arrangements any time soon they have reconfirmed two things that I already knew.

It’s all in the details, and small things can be amazing.

When you have to pay really close attention to notice the details it slows you down and lets you breathe.

Whether it’s touring a tiny house, or enjoying a tiny find.

Last weekend John and I were on our way into town for our weekly Saturday breakfast. We passed a local church that was having an indoor craft/garage sale, and what do you think?

Of course we had to stop and check it out.

I had a strong feeling that there was a treasure in the church that needed me to rescue it, and I was right.


Pair of mini flower paintings on glass

But even better, there were two treasures… this lovely pair of 4″ mini flower paintings.

Even though they were small the pretty colors against the blue/green background pulled me in from across the room.

Nothing at this vendor’s table was priced, and I don’t tend to like that very much. There’s no starting point to haggle from.

But I’m a girl who can’t resist colorful flowers and it was love at first sight, so I had to investigate further.


close up of small flower in vase oil painting on front of glass

When I picked them up I thought they were prints under glass, which would have been fine with me because they were already pulling at my heart strings.

So I thought to myself that offering a dollar a piece would be fair.

Then the vendor, a nice older man with a beard and a smile, told me that they were oil paintings done by the same artist.

You can see the initials P.S. in the bottom corner of the picture above.


close up of small flower in vase oil painting on glass

The initials have aged a bit on this painting.

I’m calling the pair Flowers In Blue Vases.

Their overall look has a 50s/60s vibe to me so I’m guessing they’re from that era, but I don’t know for sure.

Since they’re keepers it doesn’t really  matter all that much.


close up of small flower in vase oil painting on glass to see the brush strokes

The really interesting thing is that they’re painted on the outside right on the glass.

Well when I heard that I knew I was a goner. lol.

I asked him what he wanted for them, and he answered quickly and I happily handed over a five dollar bill for the pair.

Considering what I thought they were, and what they actually were, I thought that was a fair price. At least it was to me.

I know I would have regretted leaving them behind.


close up of small flower in vase oil painting on glass to see the brush strokes 2

You can really see the brush strokes here.

You can feel them too, if you run a finger oh so carefully over an area, which I only did the once when the vendor suggested it to me to prove what they were.

The details are unbelievable.


Paper covered backs of pair of small framed flower oil paintings on glass

The paper backs have some damage, but that’s to be expected and doesn’t bother me a bit.


Pair of miniature framed flower oil paintings on glass

Finding treasures like this always makes me a little sad.  I just think works of art that people has poured their heart and talent into deserve more than to end up in a church garage sale.

Why didn’t someone in P.S’s family cherish these fabulous mini flower paintings?

How sad it is that nobody wanted them, but how happy it makes me that I was the lucky one to rescue them.

Whoever you are or were P.S. you are or were very gifted… and just know that your paintings have found the right someone to cherish them.

Now I’m going to show you how I’m displaying these pretty little paintings.

How To Display Mini Flower Paintings

supplies for hanging pair of small flower oil paintings inlcude wicker plates and a belt

Because they’re so small they would get lost on a big wall all by themselves so I hunted through my stashes to see what I could find to help display them.

To do this I’m using some natural wicker plates and a pink belt.


sewing command strip onto back of wicker plate

I’m using command strips to attached the plates to the belt. I wasn’t really sure how they would stick to the wicker so I sewed them on. They stuck to the belt no problem.


close up of small floral oil painting framed by a wicker plate

To hang the pictures I strung invisible thread through the little hangers and through the wicker plate before sewing on the command strip.


close up of small floral oil painting framed with a wicker plate

I did this because I didn’t want the pictures to be permanently attached.

This hangs them very nicely.

I love how the natural wicker plates let the paintings be the stars.


pair of small floral oil paintings framed with wicker plates and hung on a belt

Here it is hanging in my living room beside the window with my pretty green spray painted lace blind makeover. You can see that I’ve left enough room for a third wicker plate at the bottom.

I certainly don’t expect to find a perfect match for these two pictures, but I might just find something that goes with them.

When that happens, thinking positively here, I’ll put the new find in a wicker plate in the middle and move the second picture down.


pair of mini flower paintings framed with wicker plates and hung on a belt

For now I just rolled the end up and it’s held in place with velcro.

Now my little floral beauties have a little more impact than they would all by themselves. That background green in the painting really goes nicely with my thrifted living room chairs.

I have a collection of thrifted belts that I find for 50 cents or less and I love that I was able to use one of them in a project. I didn’t buy them to wear after all. Now that would be silly. lol.

So the next time you’re in a thrift store or sifting through things at a garage sale don’t overlook the small stuff. With a little help they can really add something to your home’s decor.

Small things can most definitely be amazing.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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How to display vintage mini flower paintings to give them more impact


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  1. LINDA N. SCHRADER says:

    Cute idea…..

  2. Amy Torres says:

    Very cute! Beautifil paintings, and what a clever way to display them!! Well done! 🙂

  3. Karolyn Love says:

    These paintings are just too sweet! I, too, feel sad when I see photos of people or art pieces painted, drawn or made by a person and no one in the family (if there was one) wanted to keep them. But, another way to look at it is hopefully whatever the piece is, will make someone, like us, give it a good home!!!

    1. Thanks Karolyn! I totally agree with you, but I always wonder about the previous lives of the treasures that I find. But I am glad that I was able to rescue these beauties.

  4. OMG, what a find, I love them! It’s so unique that they are painted on the glass! I also really love how you displayed them!


  5. mary scott says:

    Love the colors in the paintings. I would have bought them too.

  6. Those are absolutely lovely! Perfect way to hang them, too! I do know what you mean by finding things that others have discarded, when so much work was put into it! I found a beautiful bookmark done in that oh-so-tiny cross stitch. For 10 cents!! I felt sad about it, too. So I snatched it up and actually use it. Beautiful find, Tuula!! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! Your bookmark sounds wonderful. I definitely would have snapped it up too.

  7. mary bernard says:

    I love those paintings, and how you displayed them. I have the same sentiment about preserving things like that that someone put so much time into. I bought something similar at a shop Texas, beautiful blue bonnets. I love my little painting. Really enjoy your posts!

  8. I love these, Tuula! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!