Fabulous Finds Friday: This Week is for the Birds

A Most Fabulous Fabulous Find

Every once in a while you find something really special.
Something that some unknown person put their time and talent into, and then one day for whatever reason it ends up in a thrift store for someone else to find.
And I feel very grateful and lucky that for this fabulous find, that someone is me.
Such a lovely combo of birds and flowers that makes my heart very happy.

Really, they are fabulous works of art.

pair of vintage bird and flower needlework pictures in wooden frames

This pair of hand needlework pictures had me at first sight.

How could I resist those pink and yellow flowers, with all those lovely birds?

Well, I couldn’t.

The price was $8 each, which is little rich for this thrifty girl, but I had to have them.

Ever since I was a little girl two of my favorite things have always been flowers and birds.


Close up of yellow and green needlework birds with pink flowers

I’m no needlework expert, but I think this is embroidery rather than needlepoint.

It’s done on what looks like some kind of a cotton fabric.


  close up of blue and burgundy birds with pink flowers needlework

The colors are absolutely amazing.

So gorgeous.


  close up of light blue bird and pink flowers needlework

I have no idea how old these pieces are, but they definitely have some patina.


  close up of colorful birds and pink flowers needlework

The fabric has aged beautifully, if you love that sort of thing… which I do.


  close up of grey and burgundy birds and pink flowers needlework

The details in these works of art are pretty incredible to me.

Like the beautiful feathering, and the eyes, and the leaves.


  close up of burgundy and green birds with pink flowers needlework

I think the pretty pink and yellow flowers might be dogwood flowers.

They certainly do bear a striking resemblance to them shape-wise, and they have four petals.



vintage framed needlework birds and flowers

These must have been in storage somewhere for quite awhile because I don’t think you get age like that when they’re hanging on a wall.


vintage framed needlework flowers and birds

This one has aged less, you can only see it really up close.


backs of vintage bird and flowers needleworkpictures in wooden frames

The right one has a wooden back that’s nailed in, and the left one is backed with a piece of cardboard.

I’m guessing these two pieces were completed at different times.



pair of vintage bird and flower needlework pictures in wooden frames

I can’t think of another reason why they would be framed differently, and they are slightly different sizes as well..

This makes them a bit of a challenge to hang.

When side by side the difference would really stand out, like it does here.


  colorful blue bird with pin flowers needlework

 Needlework pieces like this are definitely works of art, whether embroidery or needlepoint.

This pair of fabulous treasures is a keeper, and I’ll be sharing at a later date where and how I’m hanging them.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. Those are definitely embroidery…not needlepoint & they’re very pretty. I can see why they caught your eye, and I must say, they look like “you” Tuula.

    1. Thanks Florence! I’m glad to confirm that they are embroidery. The detail work is so pretty, and I can’t even imagine creating something so pretty.

  2. Yup! Embroidery! A lot of work went into them. Is it possible to get some of the staining out or are you going to leave them as is? I really appreciate the work that goes into them and I often find myself rescuing pieces that I find in second hand stores. My grandmother used to make a lot of dresser scarves and doilies and I always think of her when I find one! I can’t wait to see where you hang them, nice find!

    1. Thanks Pam! I’m going to leave the staining. I really don’t mind aging on things. For me it becomes a part of their history.

  3. Beautiful. I would have bought them too. I wonder why one is a tad taller or is that just the camera angle.
    I always make up stories about things I find. My thoughts are her husband or son framed the one with wood on the back. She most likely framed the one with cardboard.

    1. Thanks Olivia! It’s always interesting to wonder about the history of things. That’s a good story as to why they’re framed a little differently. 🙂

  4. Yep, Tuula, you did it again! You always manage to find something that is so obviously YOU, and these certainly are! So lovely……like Olivia, I make up stories about things. Hers is a good one!! $16 is NOT too much to pay for something so beautiful and brings you so much pleasure!!

    1. Thanks Dona! I totally agree with you about spending on things are being us joy. That’s really what decorating is all about. 🙂

  5. Carol Sowell says:

    These are beautiful embroidered pieces and a great find. I also don’t mind a bit of age in fabrics but the staining is not necessarily from aging, it is acid from whatever the backing is that is leaching onto the fabric and it will keep getting worse as long as it’s there. If it were me, I would reframe or at least back the fabric with something acid free to prevent further damage.

    1. Thanks Carol! That’s so interesting to know about the backing. I’ll check them out to see if that’s an issue. I don’t mind aging at all, but if it can be halted from continuing to get worse I wouldn’t mine that.

  6. Janet Kynerd says:

    So many people do not appreciate the time and talent necessary to create needle work art. I am glad they were sent to the thrift store instead of the garbage. My bedroom walls are filled with rescued needlework art that I bought at yard sales and thrift stores. I think you are lucky to have found two such lovely pictures.

    1. I totally agree with you Janet! I love handmade things like these pictures, and I’m so grateful to have found them. I hope to collect many more. You bedroom walls sound amazing!