Fabulous Finds Friday: Vintage Power Sifter Flour Sifter

I grew up in a home that always smelled great because my mother was, and still is, a fabulous baker.

Even though I do bake a bit I certainly didn’t inherit her natural talent for it. But I did inherit my father’s natural talent for eating it and appreciating it. 🙂

I have memories of cookies, pies, cakes, cinnamon buns… just to name a few tasty treats. There’s nothing quite like fresh baking to make you feel at home the minute you walk in the door.

Mmmmm! I can almost smell it right now.

Am I  making you hungry? lol.


vintage metal power sifter flower sifter 3

I guess that’s why when I see vintage baking thingies at the thrift store I feel drawn to them. They remind me of my mom baking in the kitchen when I was a little girl.

I used to think it was such fun to sift the flour using a sifter much like this $2 find.


side view of vintage metal power sifter flower sifter 2

I love it when things have such a great used patina. Love love love the red stripes.

I can only imagine how many wonderful smells this sifter helped to create.

But sifters aren’t just for sifting.


vintage sifter and measuring spoons wind chime

Old sifters can be repurposed into cool projects too… like my vintage sifter and measuring spoon wind chime.


repurposed vintage sifter jack o lantern

Or my very quick and easy Halloween Jack O Lantern.


vintage sifter pen pencil and marker craft room storage

And this well worn beauty holds pens, pencils, and markers in my craft studio.

Even though I love all 3 of those sifters.


front view of vintage metal power sifter flower sifter Toronto Canada

This beauty is my very favorite that I’ve found so far, and will go perfectly in my aqua and red kitchen.

It’s especially sentimental to me because it was made in Toronto, Canada, and that’s where I was born and raised… and my mom still lives there in the same house.

As a girl I could have been sifting flour for my mom’s baking using this very same sifter, and every time I use it I’ll be reminded of those wonderful smells of childhood.

What could be cooler than that?

I can only think of one thing… still getting baking care packages sent home with us every time we visit. Yes!

Thanks Mom! 🙂

Memories never smelled soooo good.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time…

keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    That’s cool that your sifter has markings on it; especially with a Canadian marking, pretty Awesome; most of them don’t. (Pat. Pending….how cool is that; stamped right on the sifter)
    Will be married coming on 50 years come next year, and I still have and use my sifter along with other kitchen items that where given to me as a shower gift way back when. My sifter sits right beside my flour container in my pantry.
    Old kitchen items is the first thing I look for when going to garage sales, thrift shops, antique places, etc. Just something about them old vintage kitchen items that turns me on. I have all my mom’s old cookie cutters of which are a real treasure to me.

    1. Wow Colleen! That’s so awesome that you still have and use things that you received as shower gifts 50 years ago. That’s amazing! I love that you have your mom’s old cookie cutters too. They definitely are treasures. 🙂

  2. Love that old sifter Tuula and hearing of your mom’s great baking. It’s so nice to have warm cozy memories like that 🙂


  3. Ack. We could be twins…..if I hadn’t been born about 20 years sooner! That is a spittin’ image of the sifter my mom used to use!!! I had it forever and can’t find it now. It didn’t say Power Sifter, though, but it DID have red stripes! And I know what you’re remembering about the smells!! Coming home after school there was always something good in the kitchen. I still have her huge bowl she used to make bread in. And to go one step further, there often was a new dress hanging on the door frame that she had made for me that day. Oh, I do miss her so. And I’m 71! She died 30 years ago and I still miss her. Sigh. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Your mom sounds a lot like mine Dona! Coming home from school was the best on a baking day that’s for sure. I love that you have your mom’s bread bowl. My mom still makes Finnish bread, which is one of my favorite things in the world. And we’re not as far apart in age as you think. I’m 57 years young, and getting younger all the time. lol. At least in spirit anyway. 🙂

  4. Your Mom sounds like mine. There was always something baking. Then as an adult always getting sent home with goodies! In today’s crazy hectic world I know I’m also drawn to things that bring back memories. When we had to clear out the farm, after both of my parents passed, I got the real thing ♥ My sister and I shared things that brought back those sweet memories. Since we’re 10 yrs. apart, we had some different memories, we each wanted different things from the kitchen. We shared stories that each hadn’t heard. Yes, we cried, but could have been a free for all (as in my Grandmother’s case) turned into a memorable experience.

    1. What a wonderful story Deb. I’m so glad you and your sister were able to share the memories that some things brought back to you. That’s so wonderful. 🙂

  5. Mary Boger says:

    All four are delightful. Especially like the windchime. I have a white and red plastic sifter just like my mother had. I do remember using it to make it “snow” in the big mixing bowl, over the beautiful soft yellow butter. Thanks for jogging my memory.

    1. Oh yes, making it “snow”. I remember that too. It was such fun. Thanks for reminding me of that Mary. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lora! The older I get the more I want the things that I have in my home to be meaningful, and not just things for things sake.

  6. And that is why I love vintage items, for all the great memories they create from your childhood. I have never seen a Power Sifter though! I am that Mom to my kids because I have always baked something while they were growing up. My girls love to bake now too.

    1. That’s exactly it AnnMarie. I know I need to buy something when it brings back happy memories. How wonderful that your girls love to bake and you can share that with them. That’s a real gift you’re giving them. 🙂