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Faux Chocolate Box DIY Heart Wreath

How to create a DIY Heart Wreath with easy felt roses

I’ve always loved those vintage Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes. You know the fancy ones with flowers and lace and ribbon.

DIY Heart Wreath with Easy Felt Roses

So with this project I really wanted my heart wreath to hearken back to those fun and pretty boxes, but while still doing my own thing.

supplies needed to create jute rope heart wreath frame

Supplies needed to create this DIY Heart Wreath

  • piece of cardboard
  • pencil
  • utility knife
  • glue gun and sticks
  • white craft glue
  • jute twine
  • fabric and lace
  • felt
  • black marker
  • red bead garland

Creating a heart wreath frame with cardboard

outlining heart shape onto cardboard

The first thing you’ll need is a heart shape cut out of cardboard. This metal heart wall pocket was in my stash so I used it as my starting point. I outlined it in pencil and then free handed another outline about two inches out from that. I’m using some cardboard that came with a picture, but any cardboard could be used as long as it’s the size you want.

cutting out cardboard heart with utility knife

To cut out my heart shape I just used a utility knife, with a craft cutting board underneath.

cardboard heart frame to be used for heart wreath

I’ll start creating my faux chocolate box heart wreath with this cardboard heart frame. The cutout heart piece will come into play later.

Covering the heart wreath frame with jute twine

one layer of jute rope around cardboard heart frame

I wrapped the cardboard frame with jute twine, gluing it in place at the back as I went. This is once around.

winding jute rope around cardboard heart frame

Here’s a close up so you can see how I dealt with the bottom of the heart. You’ll see in the next pic how I filled in those spaces when I went around again with the jute twine.

three layers of jute rope around cardboard heart frame

Like so. This is with three layers of the jute twine, which filled in any gaps as I went. For the second and third layers I only used glue at the beginning and the end.

Creating the inner DIY heart

outlining cardboard heart onto red fabric

To create the inner heart piece, I outlined the cardboard heart onto red fabric with a black marker and cut it out.

covering red fabric heart with lace

Then I glued the edges of the red fabric onto the cardboard with some white craft glue. I had a lace curtain with some roses on it in my fabric stash, which I simply laid over the heart to cut it out making sure to have a rose in the middle area.

gluing cardboard heart inside cardboard heart jute rope frame

The inner heart was secured to the outer heart frame with hot glue all around the inside, making sure to get good contact with both. You won’t see the glue when the wreath is done.

gluing back of cardboard heart onto jute rope cardboard heart frame

Then I used hot glue to secure the inner heart at the back as well.

gluing lace edging onto back of jute rope heart frame

I really wanted a ruffle around the outside of the heart and I found a lovely white piece in my stash. The door this wreath will hang on is aqua so I’m using white lace. If my door was white I would probably have used a red lace.

How to make easy DIY felt roses

cutting felt circles and spirals to create roses

The felt roses I’m using are made pretty much the same way as these rolled paper roses that I shared a while back. I have bunches of 6×6 felt squares that I got at the dollar store, and they’re perfect for making these smaller felt roses. You just cut out a circle, and then cut the spiral from the circle. The great thing about making these roses is that the cutting doesn’t have to be perfect. Just go for it.

rolling felt spirals to create rose

Then you simply roll up the felt, following the shape of the spiral as you go.

continuing to roll up felt spiral to create rose

Once I’ve got a good piece that I can hang onto I like to roll it up with my hands, but rolling the whole thing while it’s down works too.

adding white glue onto bottom of felt rose

When you’ve got it all rolled up, add some white glue to the bottom making sure to cover all the layers.

pressing down of felt bottom circle into the white glue

Then press down the middle area and hold for just a bit. Just in case you’re wondering why I didn’t use hot glue for this, it’s because the white glue stays nice and flat. Where as hot glue tends to be lumpy and bumpy.

red, pink and white felt roses

Then put them aside and let the glue dry. I left mine overnight. I actually made my roses before I started the wreath and I wasn’t sure what color combo I was going to use so I made pink, white, and red. They measure about 1 3/4″ to 2″ give or take. These roses were so easy to make that I actually did these while watching TV. What I love about them is that every one is slightly different.

Adding felt roses to DIY heart wreth

red and white felt roses glued into jute rope heart frame with red fabric and lace below

I decided to use just red and white roses on my heart wreath, which I glued on with hot glue. The pink felt roses will be saved for a future project.

At this point I was loving how it was looking, but it was missing something.

dry fit of red beaded garland around jute rope and roses heart frame

So I went into my Christmas crafting stash and found this red bead garland. I did a dry fit to see how it would look, and it was a winner for me.

gluing red beading around outside of jute rope heart frame

To add the bead garland I used my mini cool glue gun because it puts out less glue then my regular sized one. I glued any loose lace ruffle to the underside edge of the jute twine and then glued the beading onto the ruffle. Because the ruffle is white you can’t even see the glue.

DIY Valentine's Day heart wreath with jute rope frame and red and white felt roses

And here’s my finished faux chocolate box DIY heart wreath. It’s not an exact copy of a vintage chocolate box but it’s enough of a nod that it makes me smile.

I love how all the different textures work together. There’s the rustic jute twine, the softness of the felt, the traditional pretty lace, and the shiny red beading.

DIY Valentine's Day heart wreath with red and white felt roses and jute rope frame

And here it is on my front door, which is actually the kitchen door (the door that we use all the time). It’s about 18″ tall and you can see how the white lace ruffle really pops now. And I do think that it really needed that finishing touch of the red beading.

The colors in my kitchen are aqua and red so it really goes with the decor.

To hang my faux chocolate box DIY heart wreath I used a needle to feed through a little piece of jute twine at the top of the back, which I just tied into a simple little knot. This heart wreath is pretty light so that’s all it needed.

I hope this project has inspired you to create a DIY heart wreath of your own. All you need to start is a simple piece of cardboard. From there it’s pretty much full of endless creative possibilities.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pin this project to your favorite Pinterest board, and also share it with your friends.

DIY Faux Chocolate Box Heart Wreath

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

keep on keepin’ on!


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  1. You centered the lace curtain perfect. One rose showing right in the middle. I like that it is not a messy project. I know my cats would love to help with wrapping the jute twine. Thanks for another excellent idea.

    1. Thanks Olivia! It was not a messy project at all, and a lot of fun to create.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    I simply love this wreath. It is easy to make and will last for years. The white lace over the red center adds such a feminine touch, and the lace around the edge. I make felt flowers for a lot of my decorations/crafts, and they are stunning, but easy to make. I just love this piece! Thanks so much for sharing, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. It looks just like one of those old-school candy boxes!! Very pretty Tuula.

  4. Your heart wreath is so pretty Tuula! I’m loving the pretty white lace over the bright red in the center.