Finds of the Week #23

I’m so excited to be bringing my Finds of the Week posts back to Wednesdays again.

Even though I’m not thrifting as much as I used to I’m still bringing home some pretty cool finds. Actually it’s not that I’m thrifting less it’s just that I’m a lot more picky about what I’m bringing home these days… whether it’s for my etsy shop or a keeper for me.

Vintage Vanity Mirror and Brush Set

Like this vintage petit point embroidery vanity mirror and brush set.

It’s so pretty and in very good condition.


Vintage Vanity Mirror and Brush Set

I love the ornate handles. This set will be in my Etsy Shop when it reopens on November 3rd.


Vintage Dr. Oetker Round Baking Pan

I can’t resist vintage baking pans. They can be repurposed in so many fun ways.


Shabby Chic Sugar and Creamer set

This shabby chic bone china sugar, creamer, salt and pepper set has lovely painted and raised pink roses. This set will also be in my Etsy Shop when it reopens on November 3rd.


Vintage Canadian Dictionaries

I’ve started collecting vintage Canadian dictionaries for a project. These two are from the 1960s.


Vintage Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Book

This vintage book, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy by Mary Van Rensselaer Thayer, was published in 1961.


Vintage Jackie Kennedy Book

Here’s just one of many the black and white pictures of the lovely Jacqueline. This book will be in my etsy shop when it reopens on November 3rd


Vintage Cookie Cutters

And I always buy vintage cookie cutters and aluminum measuring spoons whenever I see them… when they’re a good price that is.

I also found some kind of press thingy. I must admit it has me puzzled. I have no idea what it is, but it has a hand forged look to it so I had to have it.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on!



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  1. That mirror and brush are beautiful….and the china set is exquisite! Actually, everything is wonderful! Love the “Canadian English” dictionary! Is your English different than ours? I know my friends from England have a bit (a big bit!) different vocabulary than we do……”we” being those of us who speak “American English”!! Whatever it is, at least we all understand each other….especially when I say, your finds are fabulous!! Dona

    1. Thanks so much Dona! Canadian English is a little different than American, mostly in spelling… such as color, which we spell colour, favor and favour. The whole ou thing is the only example I can think of right now. I’ve just come home from a vacation road trip and my brain is still on the road. lol.

  2. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    What wonderful and beautiful finds. That vanity set is gorgeous as well as that salt and pepper China set.
    With them cookie cutters and spoons; I see more wind chimes in the future.
    That press thing you didn’t know what it was; I do believe it’s an older model of the lemon and/or lime press.
    You put in either a half lemon or lime and squeeze out the juice.

    1. Thanks Colleen! I honestly had no idea what it was.

  3. I love the mirror and brush set. Those are such treasures to find. I am partial to vintage bake ware and always grab a tart pan when I see them.

    1. Me too AnnMarie. I can’t resist vintage bakeware at all. It’s my weakness. lol.

  4. You found some great things. I always buy the cookie cutters and aluminum kitchen items if they are good prices. They sell well for me or can be used in crafting.

    1. Thanks Dianne! They can be repurposed in so many ways. I can’t resist them.

  5. You found some beautiful items! The Jackie book looks like a great read. Very cool!

    1. It’s a very interesting book with some great black and white photos.

  6. I love cookie cutters! I have a huge Ziplock bag full and another old popcorn tin full too. I guess I am a cookie cutter hoarder but the sad thing is I barely ever use them…lol. Happy Halloween Tuula!

    1. You and me both Karen! I’m a cookie cutter hoarder too, and I don’t use them to make cookies. lol. Mostly for projects.

  7. Love to see your ‘finds’. See that tree cookie cutter with the handle and scalloped edges, I have that and several others like it in my cookie cutter box. Still use them. Had them for many years, can’t remember if they were my mothers or I got them when I got married. Which ever they are vintage and so am I. 🙂 I still have a little box that has cookie cutter patterns that my mother made out of thick cardboard when she didn’t have any cookie cutters when she was first married. Ah, the memories!

    1. What lovely memories Ronny! I think the reason I’m so attracted to vintage bakeware is because of my childhood memories too.

    2. Well if any of you ever decide to get rid of a few here or there let me know. I am just starting out getting them, I keep getting asked by several of my friends and family to start making cookies and decorate them. LOL..
      I recognize the Christmas Tree and the Star.. My mom had them when I was growing up and then passed on to me but we were broken into our house 5 years ago while moving and everything was taken. I was not a happy momma.

  8. distresseddonna says:

    Love the tiny dictionaries. Will you add any to Etsy? I am a sucker for cutters too. I cannot pass them by.

    1. I just found a few more cookie cutters. What is is about them? I’m collecting dictionaries for a some day project. I don’t see vintage ones around here too often.

  9. Tuula, what great finds! I adore that gorgeous vanity set and I always love old cookie cutters! Thanks so much for sharing @Vintage Charm! Blessings, Cecilia

    1. Thanks Cecilia! It’s always fun to join the party.