Finds of the Week #29

This week was a real mixed bag for thrifting, but I did find some interesting things.

pewter goblets

If  you’ve been following me for a while you probably know I have a thing about goblets. I shared my goblet collection a while back.

These vintage German pewter goblets are so cool. They have a lovely aged patina, and the engraving is absolutely beautiful and so detailed.

Can you believe I got these for $1 each? It’s crazy!

I need to do more research before I decide if these are a keep or a sell.


wooden Christmas ornaments

In a little shop that I only go to once in a blue moon I found a bunch of vintage wooden Christmas ornaments. These are in lots in my etsy shop.


silver plate knives

This particular shop has all cutlery priced at 10 cents a piece, even silver plate. I found these SP handled knives there and I took all they had.

I’ve been collecting SP knives for a while now for a few someday projects.


Scottish Tea Towel

This Scottish tea towel caught my eye with its vibrant colours and traditional Scottish recipes. This will be going in my etsy shop.


NOEL dishes

I’m always looking for vintage necklaces to use in wind chime projects, and others.

And the ceramic NOEL dish set will be getting a makeover.


copper pan and ladder

I have a love for pink hued copper, and I pretty well can’t resist it… especially when it’s only 25 cents.

And the cute little ladder stole my heart for 10 cents.  What can I say? My heart loves what it loves. I have a Christmas project idea for it, but I’m not sure I have all the elements to put it together. We’ll see.


bottle cap trivets

And last, but not least, this vintage pair of handmade grape cluster bottle cap trivets. I love the bright green. So fun and cheerful.

bottle cap trivets

In case you’ve never seen one, here’s what the bottom looks like. A while ago I sold a vintage crocheted grape cluster bottle cap trivet in my etsy shop and a guy bought it for his bottle cap collection.

He shared with me that some of these have vintage bottle caps with advertising logos and such on them. The thing is you don’t know for sure until you take it apart so it’s a bit of a gamble. He let me know that he did get his value and a little more out of his purchase, and it was fun for me to learn something new.

I don’t have the heart to take these apart to see so they’ll be going into my etsy shop. Maybe he’ll try his luck again.

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.


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  1. Those goblets are amazing…for $1??? I’d say you made out like a bandit this week! Love the bottlecap story! Isn’t it interesting the things we learn? Have a great weekend! Dona

    1. It certainly is Dona! That’s one of the things that makes thrifting fun for me. You find something cool, do some research, and find out it’s even cooler than you thought in the first place. That’s cool. lol.

  2. Kris@Junkchiccottage says:

    Love those goblets. You got some great treasures Tuula. I see some creative things coming out of these things found. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Kris! My little local thrift shops do have some neat things sometimes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I’ve never seen a bottlecap trivet! Very cool. I’m in love with the tiny ladder and can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    1. That ladder is so adorable I couldn’t not take it home. I’ve never seen one before and I had to have it.

  4. What fun finds for you! I know you are going to make something cool out of those knives. Never saw a bottle cap trivet. Someone took a lot of time to cover them all in fabric

    1. I can’t even imagine the time AnnMarie. That’s why I don’t have the heart to take them apart. I’ll let a buyer do that if they choose. Or I may hang on to them for a while by hanging them up. I really love the green.

  5. I can’t believe you found those knives for 10 cents a piece. What a score. All of your treasures are wonderful and a trivet from bottle caps? That is pretty cool!! Have a great weekend.

    1. That little thrift stores is pretty crazy. I don’t always find things there, but their prices are extremely reasonable. I’d go there more often, but I don’t go to that town very much. Bottle cap trivets are pretty neat. So much work!

  6. My daughter has a thing about goblets, too! I just posted about two pottery ones she’ll be getting for Christmas. Love the little wooden ornaments 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up your finds at Vintage Charm–

    1. Thanks Diana! I have a weakness for vintage wooden ornaments. Even though I don’t keep them for long. I kind of feel like I’m their keeper until they can find a new and loving home.