Finds of the Week #32 & I think My Blog is Haunted

Weird things are happening here at TRV.

A draft post was somehow published on Monday night. What?  I have no idea how that happened. Once I discovered it I had to re-date it so I can publish it when it’s finished, but now it shows up as a 404 error. I’ll have to figure out how to fix that sometime down the road after I’ve published the post.

Then yesterday I noticed I was getting a ton of traffic on my Finds of the Week #29 post from December 10th. That didn’t make sense until I came home and saw that Feedburner had delivered it again today.  What? I have no idea how that happened either.

I’m starting to think that one of my vintage or antique finds came with a mischievous ghost that’s having some fun messing with me and my blog. So on behalf of this spirit I apologize for these shenanigans.

Hopefully when I finish purging my craft room this weekend the find that it came in with will be one of the things to go out. lol. Fingers crossed

But in an effort to keep the purge and thrift cycle rolling along I found some fun things this past week.

wooden pig chef

Check out this fabulous wooden pig chef. He’s about 16″ tall and has moving arms and legs. He’s a very happy looking pig and I think he’s meant to sit on a shelf. He’s a little chippy here and there but that just gives him character.


vintage egg beater

Here’s the little handmade wooden sled that the pig is sitting on, and another vintage egg beater for my collection.

I have no idea why I’m attracted to these old egg beaters, but I can’t pass them up especially for 25 cents. This one makes eight. I’m going to have to figure out a cool way to display them in the kitchen.


vintage hat box

This lovely floral hat box is quite large and marked G.O.G. Once Upon A Rose, New York. Those are the oddest looking roses I’ve ever seen. lol. But they are very pretty irises.

It’s almost 16″ across and will definitely come in handy for craft room storage.


vintage trunk hangers

These vintage trunk hangers are in such excellent condition that they almost look  brand spanking new, but I’m pretty sure they don’t make trunk hangers anymore.


vintage wooden accordion box

And I love this small wooden storage box.


vintage wooden accordion box

It measures about 8 ” across, and opens like this. It’s unmarked, but the florals have a Pennsylvania Dutch look to me.

This storage box, the hangers, and the pig will be in my etsy shop as soon as I do some research on them.

After having a green holiday season we’ve been dumped on with snowfall over the past few days and it’s a winter wonderland here now. It is very pretty, but the older I get the more strange snow seems… especially when I’m shovelling it.

But to look on the bright side it’s good exercise and it keeps these bones of mine moving. I think it’s time to make a snow angel again.

How’s your winter going? Any snow out your way?

Thanks so much for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.



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  1. I got those two posts and was wondering what was going on!! I thought it was my computer acting up because it is new and it does weird things! Glad to have an answer for that! Love the pig! He is such a treasure.

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! Isn’t he though? I love finding things I’ve never seen before.

  2. I only got the post from December and wondered what was up! Great finds! I used to collect pigs….probably had in the thousands….but never saw one like yours! That box is adorable! But snow? Not in Phoenix, AZ, but up north they have plenty!!

    1. Wow! Thousands of pigs! Now that’s a collection! It’s weird that you only got one post, but weird is becoming the norm around here. lol. Me and the snow are slowly coming to an understanding. It keeps coming, and I deal with it. lol.

  3. No snow and hardly any cold. Strange weather (not that we get snow!).
    Love your finds! Cute pig and sleigh and I have my Mom’s egg beater which I think is very cool. I need to figure out the perfect spot for it. Hope you get your blog ghost figured out!

    1. Thanks Cecilia! The weather has been strange here too. Very roller coasterish with the temps. How cool to have one of your mom’s egg beaters. I’ve really got to get mine up on display too. They’re just stored away in a box, and that’s no good. They should be out where we can enjoy them. 🙂

  4. Lots of snow in northern Utah. Snowed in November and been on the ground ever since and we just keep adding to it. Last year we had snow once and only wore a sweater all winter.
    The pig is cute, daughter collects them. I remember seeing the fold out boxes years back. I seem to remember them as sewing boxes but then my rememberer doesn’t always work so well anymore. 🙂

    1. We had a big snow in November that went away within a few days and hadn’t had any since… until recently. That’s very unusual here so I’m not complaining. I’ve been trying to describe what that box is, and it’s a fold out box. Thanks so much Ronny. I kept thinking accordion box, but that just wasn’t right. The pig is one of my favourite finds. He’s so cute.

  5. Great finds! I love the little pig and the storage box is very cool! I have one like it that has singer (I guess the singer sewing machine logo) across the top. I’ve never looked it up, my daughter uses it as a jewelry box.

    1. Thanks Sherry! It would make a cool jewelry box. I’ve never seen one like this before, so I had to grab it.

  6. I am positive you have a blog ghost. I received email alerts for both posts. Plus there was no comment box. It seems your ghost is happy today. Received my alert, the post was there, it was new, and there was my very own comment box with my picture on it. I do have a set of the trunk hangers so I am interested if they sell on Etsy. In love with the pig! No snow but 65F and sunny – perfect day for painting and sanding. It was great to be outside.

    1. I’m happy to hear that my blog ghost is playing nice today. It seems that way from here too. Hopefully it stays that way. I’m so envious of your weather although winter and I are getting along better this year, but I won’t be spraying painting again until March and I have so many things to paint. I tried to do it in the basement once and that is so not a good idea even though it was just a little project. Never seen a pig like this one before. He’s very adorable. I think I have to get outside myself… maybe to make a snowperson or an angel.

  7. Great finds! No snow here in Florida…lol! It has been miserably cold in my opinion though! It got down to 28 one night earlier this week. I am thankful it’s going to warm up a little for the weekend. Weird about your blog ghost…lol! Have a great Friday!

    1. Thanks Vicky! 28 does seem cold for Florida. I hope you have a lovely warm weekend! 🙂

  8. That little piggy is just the cutest, and I love those trunk hangers. Lots of potential there. No snow here in my neck of the woods, just lots of much-needed rain.

    1. He is adorable that’s for sure. I’d love to have some rain to wash our snow away. lol.