Finds of the Week #41: One Dollar Treasures

This was another inexpensive thrifting week for me. It seems that everything I wanted to buy was just $1.

Either I’m becoming cheaper thriftier than I’ve ever been or it’s just one big coincidence that everything I see lately that’s more than $1 seems overpriced to me.

It’s probably the former, but I ‘ll just keep telling myself it’s the latter. 🙂


metal skeleton keys

I’m collecting skeleton keys… for guess what? A wind chime!  I bet you didn’t see that coming. 🙂

Except for the hot pink key this lot of skeleton keys cost me one dandy of a dollar.

I found the hot pink key years ago, but I don’t believe I’ve showed it before. Now only I could find a hot pink key… right? lol.


miniature brass clock

Here it is strutting its hot pink stuff with a few vintage doll house brass miniatures… a stein, a candelabra, a clock… on my.


miniature brass telephone

A watering can, a telephone, and an iron… oh why?

Why? Because this lot of six only cost me one beautiful buckeroo.

I’ve seen some of these on etsy for $8-$9 each so this was a great deal.


metal filigree heart box

This little metal heart box is so sweet with its rose on top with adjustable metal petals. I have a thing for filigree work… whether it’s metal, wood, or fabric.

I don’t think this little box is worth much but it’s pretty, and it only cost me one lovely loonie!


pair of silver goblets

I also have a rather unexplainable love for metal goblets… silver, copper, brass, pewter…. it doesn’t seem to matter what they’re made of I have to have them, when they’re a good price that is.

Like these two Viking plate goblets that cost me one puny twonie.

But they still count because they were $1 each. 🙂


vintage wrought iron plant hanger

And this crudely made wrought iron plant hanger is my fave. Its curlicues grabbed me by the heart strings and wouldn’t let go.


wrough iron plant hanger

The wrought pieces appear to have been threaded through holes in the main rod before being bent into the curlicues.


wrough iron plant hanger

You can see it a little better here… and look at all that lovely rust. It looks very old to me.

I absolutely love it… and it cost me what? Just a dollar… and a smile to get the price down from two dollars to one… and it worked! lol.

Never underestimate the power of a smile. 🙂

Have you found any $1 treasures lately?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. Those brass miniatures are adorable! I can just imagine what you will do with those. Love the rusty ironwork too. I have not found any $1 items. It seems I am spending more on unique things but buying less. Does that mean it evens out?!

    1. I see a lot of $1 items, but some of it is real junk. I only pick up what I think is the good junk. I couldn’t resist the miniatures and the plant hanger will be used this summer. I think it definitely evens out.

  2. deana rogers says:

    I bought an old metal Measuring Cup and it comes with a Lid for a 1.00 from one of my Vendors.

    1. Thanks sounds like a good deal Deana! I love metal measuring cups!

  3. You are a crafty shopper! Love them all

    1. Thanks Marie! I’ve been trying to spend less at the thrift stores these days. It seems to make me look harder for good junk.

  4. Great finds Tuula! I like that plant hanger the best :o)


    1. Me too Tania! It’ll be put to use when gardening season arrives.

  5. Oh, those miniatures! That rose box! You found some amazing things for one stinkin’ buckeroo!!!! That plant holder is the winner this week, though. Perfect! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona! I love it too.

    1. Thanks Cecilia! Now I have to decide whether to keep or sell those miniatures. They are sweet.

  6. Great deals. Love your key idea for the wind chime. The pink one is precious. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Pam! I’ve made some key chimes before but with regular keys. I really like the look of skeleton keys, so some day when I have enough keys it’ll happen.

  7. Dollar treasures! My favorite! Love those little brassy miniatures. They look like they could be in “Beauty and the Beast” … the Lumiere candlestick, the clock, etc. !
    Fun finds… I’ll be on the lookout for things that are just “a buckaroo.”

    1. Hmmm… that didn’t occur to me Jill, but they kinda do have that look. Thanks for mentioning that. 🙂

  8. Wow, all those skeleton keys for only one dollar! You can’t find that in these parts, keys can be expensive at the local flea market. I’d be in heaven, I use them for my jewelry. You’re a great bargain shopper, that’s for sure.
    xo Kathleen

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I do have to look past a lot of not so great junk to find the good junk. I’m trying to be a little more frugal in my finds lately. One of the thrift stores I go to often bags little things for $1. I got the miniatures at the same store as the keys.

    1. Thanks Sharon! The miniatures are very sweet. It’s fun finding little bags of things for $1, like the keys too.

  9. I actually got to the Salvation Army thrift store last week and found a muffin tin for 3.99. I was like what???? I need to come to your thrift stores cuz ours are a little overpriced. I actually found a new one for the same price so I decided to go to the dollar store and buy some plastic containers which were 3 for a buck. I love your deals you score Tuula. Seems Alberta’s used goods are for the rich…lol. I did find some pyrex mugs though and a big bag of yarn for my sister. You definitely found a treasure chest there.

    1. Thanks Karen! In the cities here the thrift stores are much pricier and when we visit them I don’t often find very much because I’m so used to the prices in my neck of the thrifting woods. I’d love to find some pink pyrex, but I rarely see pyrex of any kind around here.