Finds of the Week #44: Imagine


Have you ever imagined yourself inside a painting?

You know… when you see a piece that speaks to you, and you just know in your heart of hearts that you could be there… in that painting… living that life.

If you never have… how about trying it now?

I recently found two oil paintings by the same artist, and they let my imagination fly.

vintage country scene with lake and lovely village oil painting /

Since I’m Canadian I imagine this is a small hamlet on the east coast of Canada.

Newfoundland maybe.

Yes, that works for me. I’ve been there and I’m going to let this painting take me back, but this scene could be anywhere you like.


vintage country scene with lake and lovely village oil painting

Imagine this is an inlet of the ocean.

Imagine driving down to the edge of the road and getting out of the car to check out the soul-calming view.


water painting 2a

Imagine taking a  water tour of the area in one of these charming sailboats… feeling the wind in your hair and peace in your heart


lake painting 4

Imagine a lazy waterside picnic while listening to the sounds of the waves and the birds.


lake painting 3

What’s the water that lies beyond this small hamlet?

Imagine it’s the ocean calling to you, and leading you to all the beautiful places in this world.


cottage garden with flower lined pathway oil painting /

Like this cottage garden in the English countryside.


cottage garden painting 4

Imagine taking a stroll along this lovely pathway lined with all these incredible colours.


cottage garden painting 5

Imagine the yellow daffodils and the red jonquil…


cottage garden painting 2

…the blue delphiniums and pink hollyhocks.


cottage garden painting 3

Imagine falling asleep after afternoon tea on a lovely scented blanket of softly fallen blossoms from this gorgeous pink cherry tree.

What a beautiful way to spend an imaginary day.

Thank you so much to the unknown and very talented B. Allen for putting these paintings out into the world for me to discover and enjoy.

And thanks so much to you for reading, and until next time… imagine. Just imagine.

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  1. I actually do that, too. I have a couple of backgrounds for my computer that ‘take me away’. Love these pictures, what a find! I can get lost in the second one. Thanks for this little trip out of my head!! Dona

    1. I never even realized it until you mentioned it Dona, but I do that with my screen saver too. I change it every once in a while for a change of scene. It’s fun, and doesn’t cost a thing.

  2. The paintings are wonderful finds. I find myself doing the same thing with art pieces that I really love and I can see myself walking down the road toward the ocean or down the flowery path to the Tudor house.

    1. I do this all the time. It’s a great alternative to reading a book, which I also love, but we can write our own stories using a painting as a starting point. It’s just good fun.

  3. Hi I live in Toronto, I am constantly going to garage sales and thrift stores (my favorite unfortunately closed down) Im sure you know which one I mean. I never come across such beautiful and interesting paintings that you found! I guess I need to keep looking ( my husband is not happy with my thrift finds!) The garage is full for stuff and no room for the cars! so enjoyed reading you blog.

    1. Hi there almost neighbour. lol. Yes I do know which store you mean and what a shame. Garage sales are a great place to find paintings too. The season is almost here.

  4. I love pictures like these, where you can place your self in them. About a year ago I found one at a thrift store of a couple walking down a hilly road to the water. I could kick myself for not getting it. I debated and debated and then layed it down and left it there. I have thought about it often. It wasn’t a famous artist, some one had just painted it on a canvas board, but I really liked it . Wish I could go back and get it! Next time if I have to debate that much, I’d better buy it cause I know I will be mad at myself later if I don’t.

    1. Ah… thrifters regret… I know it well. 🙂 It happens to all of us. I often pick up a piece and walk around with it while I decide whether or not to buy it. If I can put it back I know I’m OK leaving it behind.

  5. Me again. I just looked at the house with the garden again and I had to laugh at myself as I looked at the path to the left and my first thought was “I wonder where that goes”?

    1. ha! I was wondering the very same thing. 🙂

    1. It is Cecilia! I really wish I could paint like this. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try.

  6. What a fun post, Tuula. I’m glad you found those paintings. I think I’ll go lay under the pink tree myself. 😉

    1. The more the merrier Tina. 🙂

  7. What a lovely post! Yes, I have done that usually when it is a seaside, coastal kind of picture or an English country garden… the two you found! I am no where near either of those lovely places but would love to be.

    1. Me either AnnMarie! It would be fun to live in both these paintings for a little while.

  8. I love your paintings! I too have imagined being inside a painting, it’s an amazing place to visit.

    1. Thanks Kelly! Isn’t it fun to imagine, even for just a little while.

  9. If only we could jump right in and explore, although if I did that I would probably never come back! I, too, love to escape into scenery artwork like this. What fabulous finds, Tuula.

    1. lol. I know what you mean Amy. I have several Paris scene paintings that I’d love to pop into and just stay there. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than paying the airfare. lol.