Finds of the Week #47

Happy Monday friends!

Unlike last weekend we didn’t come across any yards sales this past weekend, but I did find a few cool things at the thrift stores.

vintage strainers / / Finds of the Week #47

Like this 3 piece strainer set. The largest one doesn’t exactly match the two smaller ones but that’s fine. I have a project in mind for these.


vintage cherry pitter / thriftyrebelvintvintage / Finds of the Week #47

I had no idea what this was, but I thought it was cool. I love old gadgety thingies. The lady at the cash told me it was an antique cherry or olive pitter, and when I got home I did some research and she was right.

Apparently you pull the middle loop handle out, put a cherry or olive into what’s called the cradle, and then push the centre loop handle through the cherry… and voila… the pit pops out.

I love it when simply ingenious devices like this one stand the test of time by still working. It’s available here.


vintage Louisiana The Creole State plate / / Finds of the Week #47

This vintage Louisiana decorative souvenir plate is so fun and colourful, and according to the mark on the back the decorative edging is 22K gold. It’s available here.


vintage Vernon Silver Plate tea strainer / / Finds of the Week #47

This large vintage tea strainer is marked Vernon Silver Plate on the back of the handle. This type of strainer was placed on a tea cup while the water was being poured through. It’s available here.

The long handle was to protect fingers from coming into contact with the hot water.


vintage wear-ever aluminum juice press / / Finds of the Week #47

I never in my life had seen one of these before now. I had no idea what it was, but again I thought it was cool… and sometimes I just go with my gut on these things. It’s marked Wear-Ever Aluminum AG Ltd. Trademark.

While the lady at the cash and I were discussing it another customer came up and told us it was a vintage juice press and that she had one that she’s been using for decades.


juice press 2

She said you put half an orange in, press down with the lever and then you pour the juice out using the spout.

So here’s another vintage gadget that still works today. I love that! It’s available here.


vintage wear-ever aluminum juice press patent 1936 / / Finds of the Week #47

And underneath the handle is the patent date.


vintage Holt Howard wrought iron trivet / / Finds of the Week #47

This mid-century Hold Howard cast iron trivet has a very 60s vibe.

The mod colours and patterns on the fruit are so fun. It’s available here.


vintage goblets and candle snuffer / / Finds of the Week #47

This set of six etched goblets still have their Made in India labels on their bottoms. They’re quite small and are probably silver plate on brass.

The candle snuffer is silver plate, and because it comes apart the pieces can be used in future repurposing projects

Thanks so much to you for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. Cool finds Tuula! Isn’t it fun to learn about old things like that? I knew what the cherry pitter was but not the juicer!


  2. Wow, great stuff! And you’ve already got them listed! Good for you! I am long overdue for a post about my vintage finds but I ‘ve been too busy with all the sales goin’ on!! The season is finally here!

  3. I knew about the juicier. When we were growing up, in Florida, our job as the kids was to help squeeze fresh orange juice every day…Can’t even tell you how many times I have used one, and I still have my moms!

  4. I’m still using my mom’s juicer which is identical to that one!! But the removable piece goes in first so the juice is strained from seeds! It’s a must-have if you juice pomegranates!! Love the cherry pitter, too! Great finds, as usual!! Dona

  5. I know I have a souvenir plate like that! I acquired it free from somewhere. I think mine may be Florida. I will have to hunt it up!