Finds of the Week #48: More Metallic Love

A while back I shared some metallic love finds, and this week I found more. I seem to be finding a lot of metal treasures these days.

Either there’s a lot more out there or I’m just noticing it more. Whichever it is… I’m liking it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Vintage Silver Gravy Boat / Finds of the Week #48 /

I’ve been looking for a silver plate gravy boat ever since I made this gravy boat wind chime a few years ago, and I finally found one for $3. It’s all one piece, which makes it perfect for a wind chime.


group shot

I found a $1 flat tin grater, a metal mesh screen for fifty cents, and the aluminum tea strainer came free with the screen.

Why I don’t know, but who argues with free? Certainly not me. ๐Ÿ™‚


Vintage cookie cutters / Finds of the Week #48 /

I can’t resist vintage cookie cutters and I always pick them up if they’re a good price. Usually, like in this case, I find them for $1 a bag.

My collection is probably getting a little out of hand so I’m going to have to repurpose them into a project one of these days.

I have a lot of ideas, too many actually. lol. And I can’t decide. Hopefully I will one day. ๐Ÿ™‚


vintage candle wick scissors / Finds of the Week #48 /

I love vintage gadgety type thingies and I’ve never seen a pair of scissors like this in person before. According to my research they’re mid-century candle wick scissors/trimmers.

I found this pair in a 25 cent bin at a thrift store and I’ve seen similar ones priced anywhere from $8 -$15, and more for fancier versions.

Vintage knife and blade sharpener / Finds of the Week #48 /

Here’s another vintage gadget thingy that came from that same 25 cent bin.

I’ve never seen this before… in person or otherwise. It’s marked Mower Scissors, and my research tells me that it’s used for sharpening scissors, tool blades, lawn mower blades etc.

It still has its sharpening blades, and I’ve seen it priced anywhere from $8 to $12.


Brass Butterfly Set / Finds of the Week #48 /

I found these brass butterflies at a garage sale and immediately thought they had great wind chime potential. But then again I think most things have wind chime potential. ๐Ÿ™‚

They were $3, which I thought was a little dear.

Normally I would have tried to barter down to $2, but the elderly lady was feeling a little down because the weather was so bad so I thought it was certainly worth the extra $1 to make her smile.


Vintage Metal Strainer with Wood Handle / Finds of the Week #48 /

And last but not least I found this strainer at a thrift store for $2.


Vintage Metal Strainer with Wood Handle / Finds of the Week #48 /

The handle is wood, and underneath a bunch of caked-on black stuff the metal appears to be brass.


Vintage Metal Strainer with Wood Handle / Finds of the Week #48 /

I’m not sure what that black stuff is, but I’m also not sure if I should go ahead and clean it off.

I’m pretty sure this strainer is old, but how old I don’t know. I’ve tried to do some research, but can’t find anything quite like it when I google.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

Silverware Wind Chimes by

It’s been quite cold here. Yesterday was the first time since last Friday that I didn’t wear my winter coat. So I’ve been pretty  much hibernating and busily making wind chimes for my etsy shop. The two chimes on the right sold before I could get them into a post. The one on the left is still available.

Right now I’m having fun working on a new line of chimes that I hope to share soon.

Thanks so much to you for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. I love your latest finds and your wind chimes are always so interesting.

  2. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Wonderful finds at such great prices.
    Vintage Chinese Asian Spider Strainer, (fryer/wok ladle) Basket is metal/wire combination, most made of stainless steel with bamboo handle . Not sure how old it is as you can buy new ones just like this but from the looks of it, it has used a lot.

  3. Oh those are some awesome finds!! I can’t wait to see the new life you give them.

  4. Great finds, girl!! My fave this week is the Mower Sharpener things. Too unusual!!! And I’d like to see how the wick scissors work….can’t figure those out. Looks to me like you’ve got enough of the cookie cutters to try out ALL your ideas!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Dona

  5. Yes those are fun and unusual finds. I recognized the wick trimmer right off…..used to have one of those in silverplate that was a beauty.
    It was nice of you to give the lady what she was asking for the butterflies. I do that too, when I feel sorry for someone…just give them what they are asking. Elderly folks tend to overprice, I’ve noticed.
    That last strainer with the wooden handle is a mystery, but looks like you got a tip.
    Love your windchimes!

  6. Cool finds, Tuula! I love the candle wick trimmer. New line of chimes? I can’t wait to see them!
    Xo, T.

  7. Great finds! Live the mower sharpener thing, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

  8. Those silver and bling wind chimes are gorgeous! And I had that silver mesh thingy in my cart at Salvation Army a few weeks ago but I didn’t get it. Now I wish I had! xoKathleen

  9. Donna Wilkes says:

    Great finds. My favorite is the pair of candle wick scissors.

  10. Valerie Zagami says:

    You find the coolest things! Seldom do I see these kind of things in a thrift store around Massachusetts anymore! I have one of those strainer things, called a tempura strainer or a Chinese wok strainer. Luckily mine looks much nicer, but yours looks much more loved! I bought mine in Chinatown in Boston about 18 years ago and I love it for so many things. Great talent in your brain!! Love your windchimes!

  11. I’m with you on the vintage cookie cutters. I can never pass them up. Is that the kind of cookie cutter you used growing up? That’s my excuse .. they remind me of my mother. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  12. You can send some of those extra ideas in your head to me!! I keep finding things to re-purpose but then have so many fails that I think I need to just buy and resell most things! Looking forward to seeing your new wind chimes!

  13. Love your chimes. The cookie cutters are the kind we used to have. Brings back memories!
    How do your drill holes come out so smooth when drilling metal. Sometimes mine are jagged. One side is ok but the back side isn’t.
    The metal sticks out. Is their a trick to this?!
    Thanks. Love your imagination.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Debra. Sometimes I have that problem too, with the metal sticking out a bit on the other side after drilling. When this happens I usually just go over that area with a flat head screwdriver to smooth it out, making sure to do it over a garbage can so any metal bits fall into it. I hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. You make gorgeous wind chimes Tuula. I have an out of control cookie cutter collection too. I am hoping for some inspiration!!!And I really don’t like making cookie cutter cookies.