Finds of the Week #50

Happy Tuesday friends!

I’m always on the hunt for vintage kitchen goodies, and I found a few this past week at a few yard sales and the thrift stores that I usually visit.

Wear Ever fluted cake pan and loaf pan

You know I love my vintage bakeware, for so many reasons… the very least of which is to bake with. lol.

Here I have a Wear-Ever fluted cake pan, and a Bake King, King of Bakeware, loaf pan.


wooden rolling pins

I found two more wooden rolling pins for my growing collection. I think I have 10 now. The large one was $1, and the small was in the 25 cent bin.


vintage meat mallet or tenderizer

This vintage Modern Industries meat mallet or tenderizer has a lovely distressed red wooden handle. It’s available in my etsy shop here.


Foley stainless steel measuring cups and spoons

I’m always picking up measuring spoons and cups to either resell or repurpose.

The cups and the spoons on the right are both marked Foley and will be listed together in my etsy shop.

I’m keeping the spoon set on the left for myself.


vintage biscuit cutters

Just like cookie cutters I can’t seem to resist biscuit cutters. They will be added to my collection until they get repurposed at some point.

It’s so much fun to be out at yard sales again. Even though I didn’t find a lot this weekend, it’s always fun to look. I did see some fabulous furniture pieces, but I resisted the temptation. Yay me! 🙂

I’m feeling a little bit all over the place these days, and I’ve got so many projects half done. I’m spending so much of my off-work time  in the gardens… weeding and tidying for the most part.  I swear the weeds are gargantuans this year! Do you find that too? Maybe I’m just getting weaker. lol. I think I’ll be at this for weeks.

But after all the nasties will come all the pretties, and I know it’ll all be worth it.

I did get two new wind chimes made and listed in my etsy shop.


garden plate flower and silverware wind chime

This one is available here.


vintage silver creamer and silverware wind chime

And this one is available here.

Thanks so much to you for reading, and until next time… keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. Cute kitchen goodies. Rolling pins have become a bit steep here for some reason. Love the new wind chimes. We have been cutting back the jungle in our yard. As soon as we move to a new section, the jungle creeps back in.

    1. I can relate to that. It was the strangest spring here weather wise so we weren’t out as early as usual and we’re so behind. I only buy rolling pins if they’re $2 or less, unless they’ve got vintage coloured handles… of which I only have one red one.

  2. Great finds! Over Mother’s Day weekend, my daughter and and a friend (the one I gave the wind chime to) too me out of town for the weekend. We hit all the thrift shops we could find. I picked up a few old screw drivers for you, and a really old, little, pointy saw! Will send them off….uh…..soon. I’ll let you know when they are mailed! Dona

    1. Sounds like great fun to me! It’s so sweet of you to think of me Dona, but are you sure you don’t want to keep them for your own projects?

  3. Always interesting to see what you do with your stuff Tuula!

    1. Thanks so much Florence!

  4. You are so creative! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new finds. I love love love your wind chimes– so whimsical.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I really do enjoy making chimes. I find it very relaxing.

  5. Your new finds have inspired me! I love the metal kitchen items and like to bundle them to sell. I really need to get out there thrifting…it has been almost a week! Still getting through all the stuff piled in my back room, and the weeds in my garden.

    1. Oh the weeds this year are something else. I’m quite behind, but an determined to not let them win. I can’t resist kitchen gadgets and bakeware… ever.

  6. Tuula, great finds this week. I can’t believe you found a rolling pin for 25 cents. They are a bit higher around here even at the thrift store. Your wind chimes are so pretty.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I often see wooden ones for $3 or more, but I don’t buy them unless they have coloured handles. I only have one red handled one so far. I find many kitchen gadget thingies in the 25 cent bin at the same thrift store. Sometimes it’s all crap, but every once in a while there’s a treasure.

  7. Your tall handled, sharp biscuit is a chopper, love. Momma always used one like it to chop pecans.

    1. Thanks for the info Carol. That’s makes it even more interesting to me now.

    1. Thanks Cecilia. I have a few ideas for my rolling pin collection, and maybe I’ll actually get to it someday. So many ideas… so little time. lol.

  8. Love the biscuit cutters. Beautiful wind chimes! I’ve been fairly successful keeping the weeds at bay, but we haven’t had a lot of rain this spring, so the weeds haven’t been too bad over here across the border from you. I haven’t been on your site in a while, so you will probably see several comments today, as I gander through your posts. Haha

    1. Hey Sheila! We haven’t had much rain either, but the weeds here seem to flourish this time of year no matter what the weather. We’re determined to beat them, but I must say they’re putting up a very good fight.

    1. Thanks very much Jill!